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  1. Could I have my name changed to Quarkz? (don't put the question mark in the name)
  2. Is there any way besides a new account?
  3. Good, I was just looking at the specs for mine and saw it was a lot smaller than the big one, thought the big one might not fit. Thanks for your help!
  4. I assume it's my graphics card then, time to get my ruler to see if it will fit in my system! Wait, if that 6GB one can't fit in my system, can this still run all the visual mods well?
  5. Should a Intel Core i5 3.20GHz processor be good enough to run all the visual mods?
  6. Would it still be able to handle EVE and scatterer, and many more visually intense mods?
  7. Okay, so, before I say anything else, I have a FAST computer. So, I got this computer about 2 years ago and everything is good n' such. But I found KSP, and I like mods that are very high quality, that use a lot of my graphics card. I'm thinking about buying a new one, but I'm worried I might be accidentally downgrading. I currently have this in my computer, got it when I bought the computer: I'm hoping to possibly buy this: Would that be a good idea, or am I not doing the right thing?
  8. I have multiple types of mods, new engines, visual enhancements, etc. It'd be helpful if I could put them into folders in GameData. Will it mess up the mods, or just load everything normally?
  9. What would happen if I was past the event horizon of a black hole, but I could go faster then the speed of light? Would I be able to escape the gravitational force of the singularity, or is it 100% guaranteed that once you go past the event horizon of a black hole you cannot escape no matter what?
  10. Notify me if you can fix it.
  11. Okay, I got it on Duna, but I can't turn on the wheels. It says locked, but there's no button to unlock them.
  12. Like this? name = DSL_Pod module = Part author = Yogui (model) || The Stinger (textures)
  13. The part, "DSL.Pod" isn't there, and the other ones don't show up.
  14. I really like the rover, and would like to install the mod, but the two download links don't work.. Does anybody have a link to a download link rather than the curse page and the download? If there's no download, if somebody has it, could you create a download link for me? Thanks.
  15. They take the regular amount of time, just wondering what they are. Thanks!