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  1. Just stay with 1.2.2 for now, like me. 1.3 doesn't really add that many new things except new languages.
  2. Try running 1.2.2.
  3. What version are you running?
  4. Can you give me a screenshot of your KSP folder?
  5. In the crash folder, named whatever date you crashed on, it has two text files. One named, "error", and one named, "output_log" The output_log is the one we need.
  6. Could I see your output log then?
  7. How do I check how much my VM is being used at a certain time? Task Manager only shows Physical Memory, and the performance monitor only shows Physical Memory as well.
  8. I think the thing that's happening is KSP is trying to load the wrong thing. I would recommend reinstalling KSP, because in the setup you can choose where KSP installs to and loads from, and there might be some other problem as well that I didn't see.
  9. Well, I'm in Dell mode. (I have a dell computer) The description of it says high performance with power saving.
  10. I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, so it's not my graphics card.
  11. I currently have a intel i5-4460 CPU currently. I can run lots of mods very well, but sometimes when switching scenes, the game might not respond, then come back, and load, within two minutes. The CPU can't really use anything else when KSP is running. (no google chrome, no notepad, etc) The programs will run slow for about 3 minutes, and come back to a regular good FPS. But while that is happening, KSP isn't responding. My CPU usage is about 60-70% when I'm playing KSP, and sometimes a bit more when using other things alongside KSP. Two questions, One, is this big enough a issue to replace my CPU? And if yes, what would be a good i7 core to buy?
  12. Thanks for the information! It really helped me out! Thanks!
  13. I literally cannot load 1.2.9 with all my mods, it keeps crashing sometime when I load. I download KSP via Steam, so, how would I go about downgrading to 1.2.2?
  14. Do you have a download link for it? The download is down.
  15. I just read everything so far, and I'm hooked. I've already bookmarked the page. Best KSP story I've read. 10/10