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  1. I'm sorry to ask, but where's the KN-2 now? In the current download the only relevant file seems to be VintageKN2.cfg, which doesn't do anything to the IVA.
  2. Today this nice little spyplane finally stopped acting up on the strip. Woohoo, let's set out for a grand journey around all anomalies! But do we have enough fuel for a journey that long? Worry not, we bring no stupid fuel that is so painfully finite and shifts your CoM as it depletes. We're better than that - we've got nuclear power! Aren't those Osprey engines super nice. No exhaust, no deafening roar - what an eco-friendly plane! (Jeb, if you crash THAT, you are so dead. And so are we all, at the hands of furious ecologists.) The maiden flight was perfect, the plane was almost flying itself. The maiden landing, aaaaaaalmost. Well, at least we didn't miss the island. This plane totally radiates happiness. Jeb's smile positively glows in the dark after this flight.
  3. If you mean the ship's main engines which look like this in the mod then no, they aren't supposed to be multidirectional (how do you imagine this, I really wonder...). I mean, the model picture (which is among the first things to come up when you google TKS) shows quite clearly which way the nozzles are, or so I thought... As for the smaller, silver-colored bunch of thrusters on the model - they are RCS thrusters, and, IIRC, @Beale wanted to make those TKS-specific pieces at one point at least.
  4. Ahem. Could you please pack the original, SI units textures for us lowly continentals? You know, just to avoid the fuss of copying the textures from the original ASET pack one by one and to give some people a chance to just unzip them over the imperial thing with no worries about messing up some configs and be happy. By the way, this will make all the sense in the world for the KN-2, since this cockpit's original inspiration never saw any imperial scales in its long, long service life Other than that, cool mod, can't wait to try it out!
  5. No idea, honestly. I've noticed the station starts to cool down slowly when I turn its radiator side away from the sun and heats up when the radiator faces the sun, but honestly, I have no idea what may be causing it.
  6. The tanker I got to use while the Progress monoprop core is, well, in progress
  7. I have a question about the station. Is it actually supposed to be hot like a furnace?
  8. On the stock Mun, yes But without a base with a big fuel tank it's not really useful (the middle screenshot sort of gives you the idea) and with an added fuel tank the engines are too weak to stop that mass in time... Which totally needs more testing
  9. Kerbals doing kerbal things. Like trying to make a Munar lander out of a VA. Yes, it can land. No, Jeb, it can't take off. No, it's not your "house on da Mun", it's a simulator!
  10. @Beale thanks for the tip! I've checked out both, and they're nice, but, well, this super functional IVA (and somewhat challenging, yes) for the FASA version has definitely spoiled me. Actually, I'm even starting to think about how hard it can be to learn some Unity and put some ASET thingies in your pods
  11. Remember that station module I called Raskat? The one that carried the funny multisystem node? Well, time has come for it to remember that old Mir concept of everything FGB-based being a spaceship. Long story short, there's a Gemini in a 9° inclined orbit around Kerbin. That Gemini is carrying Valentina Kerman and a crapload of data from the Mun. A few novelties would be appreciated on the ground, but most of that data is repeats for processing in a science module. Val was actually supposed to pick the data up from a returning Munar mission and deliver it to Zarya station. Well...
  12. Number 1 looks best, I'd say. Easier to distinguish than 3 and not as weird as 2.
  13. Would be very cool And the two-man pod size as well.
  14. I haven't seen this diagram here, so here it is. Special note to the lower right corner. And that's why the TKS needs a window in the wide section - it's actually the front one, and the ship's actual command pod! The crampled VA is actually just the takeoff and reentry pod.