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  1. Something like this, I guess There also was once a green TKS texture, which I'm really, really looking forward to see. And speaking of old things, the black Soyuz texture from much, much earlier also looks super nice. Any chance it will be introduced again, as an option at least? Would be great for a Kerbal Soyuz-TMA.
  2. Yay, a full-sized Soyuz! The two-man pod, however, is still worth keeping - if my memory's right, the (supposed) lunar version of the Soyuz carried two.
  3. Oh. So it should be updated by overwriting the mod folder, not deleting the old version and putting the new one in? Good to know
  4. Ow. Ow. Eridani_Crew 1 and 2 gone. Right in the middle of them being in orbit as a starting space station. With kerbals inside. OW. Please, can there be a word of warning for such things in the future?