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  1. I had accidently misread sts-2a for commander level as having two in geosync I have the shuttle equipped now to set up the proper constellation, while I'm at it here is sts-2b:
  2. Well, this is actually my first post, but I figured since I've had a likely excessive amount of experience with rockets and practically none with shuttles that I'd go ahead and make some submissions; shuttle name: Icarus STS-1a: I did lose track of my altitude a little when waiting for circularization so jebs play time did cause me a minor panic... I also forgot I shut down the main fuel tanks at first to prevent accidently burning that fuel with the booster. my reentry was sloppy but I did manage to land at the KSC so I guess I can't complain. I have a decent amount of excess fuel in both the booster and shuttle so carrying some payloads shouldn't cause me too many problems. STS-1b I'll add spoilers for future submissions now; sts-2a