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  1. Good tidings, fellow Kerbonauts. My beloved laptop has returned from California; unscathed, completely repaired, and (seemingly) better than ever. I always set graphic levels to "ultra" or whatever is highest, and KSP usually has my crotch cookin' within about 20 minutes. I have to kick the fans on high and leave them there. For some reason, it's not doing that anymore. Not sure why, but it's a good thing, so I'm not gonna dwell on it. Anyway, trying to pick up where I left off, but I had a lot of missions going so I'm feeling a little off balance. This one in particular, I'm not sure what I was thinkin' about. It's a mission to Moho for an "explore Moho" contract. Also have a contract to mine ore and, because I'm greedy, I took a satellite contract for extra cash. Threw it all on one rocket, but I guess I miscalculated. Didn't have enough fuel for the capture, so I just detached the satellite to complete the contract. The ship I had to let fly by and back into a solar orbit roughly the equivalent of Moho's. I wasn't happy, but what can you do? I launched a refueling mission and moved on to other things. The refueler finally arrived, and the mission was back under way. Captured at Moho and made my landing. I was extremely pleased to get this disaster cleaned up. Figured I'd just drill to complete my contract and then go home. So I've got my laptop back, and maybe it really has been improved, but me? I haven't changed a bit. There are no ore canisters on this vessel. How could anybody be this boneheaded? This is actually starting to become my signature move. I wonder if I could patent it? That way, anytime someone forgets to put ore canisters on a driller I could get paid for it. Think I'll look into that. I actually remember now that this ship was intended for Eeloo. I diverted when the window to Eve opened first (used Eve to lower orbit for Moho transfer). That, at least, explains the huge solar panels. What a disaster. God, I love this game.
  2. Welcome to the forums. I would say career mode is also a good place to start, because you will have very few parts available to you at the beginning of the game. You will be building very small, simple rockets. You already have knowledge of the basics from the training missions. You just need to get a feel for actually building your own rockets. I think fewer parts is actually beneficial for a newer player, so that you're not overwhelmed by the sheer number of parts available and the complexity of more advanced rockets. I think learning to fly will be a bit easier that way as well.
  3. Really cool video. I especially like the close flyby of Jupiter. However, I'm with you on the reentry. I don't know enough about RSS to say it can't be done, so I can just compare it to what I do know. On my first attempt to rescue Burbarry, I tried a direct return at 18km/s. I set Pe at 60km, figuring I'd go for the "dip a toe" method. At that altitude, Kerbin's atmosphere is so thin, I figured I'd be safe and, even though it wouldn't slow me down a whole lot, it would at least slow me down a bit. I was dead wrong. I don't think I even hit 65km. About 2 seconds after entry, my ship just completely exploded. I know he basically had nothing but a heat-shield and a Kerbal, but I'm not sure that's survivable. Still looked cool, though.
  4. Agree with @EpicSpaceTroll139. Also, when you reload, you can right-click the probe and turn on hibernation mode. This way it won't be using power on the way to the Mun. You'll just have to turn hibernation off when you're ready to control it again.
  5. It's true. The release said they received 77,000 signatures. With threats of boycotts of other T2 games (whether upheld or not), this apparently had an effect. That's a lot of money on the line.
  6. You're all gonna be sorry you picked on Dres when he starts workin' out. I've seen it before.
  7. Looks like Take Two backed off a bit on their modding stance. Stuck at work, as usual, and my phone's a piece of crap, so I can't provide a link, but I just read a release that said, in essence, that single-player games won't be affected. You know everything's on a case by case basis, but they basically said any mods operating within basic code-protection guidelines would be left alone. I don't use mods myself, so this doesn't really impact me personally, but I know how important modding is to this game and this community, so anything that impacts it negatively definitely matters to me. Hopefully now everyone can breathe a little easier.
  8. I've really been looking forward to the Making History stuff and, of course, the new parts, but the more I hear about the Mission Builder the cooler it sounds. Challenges are already a blast, but I think this thing is going to make the entire challenge system better. From the sound of it, creating challenges is going to be almost as much fun as completing them. Can't wait.
  9. Hope you don't take offense, cuz I dig your plane, but it sorta looks like a P-40 that grew up too close to a nuclear power plant. Any chance we could see the Flying Tigers' decals on there?
  10. Yo, @RoverDude: hope you're gonna give us a sneak-peek pic with the new weekly later today. If this weekly was a test to see what would happen if you didn't include a pic, I think we have an answer: not much interest and a conversation that took a couple of strange turns. One of your pics is sure to get the conversation back on track. Like whether or not the new parts have the proper amount of rivets and grease stains.
  11. Success! Sort of. I totally cheated. Went with a "jump jet" style. Put a couple of Darts on the bottom of the plane for VTOL. Worked pretty well. Beginning forward thrust. I don't really use planes, so I was takin' in the scenery. Looked pretty cool. Movin' along. Top speed reached. Coasting in for a "landing". If you're wondering about the little engines up front, those are actually Juno's turned around backward to act as braking engines during the landing. Told ya I cheated. And here it is sitting proudly on the ground. Full disclosure: it took about a dozen tries. The landing was easy, but I kept destroying the Dart's when I hit the ground. You can see they just barely clear the surface. Knew it would be a problem, and I was right. Anyway, I crossed the sea and I landed, so I guess I'll count it. And the plane's in one piece. That's a "World's First" for me.
  12. @modybird As most would say, this game is all about individualism; so just do whatever you want. But since you asked, I'll give my opinion. Thus far, I've only played career, and it's been a blast. I like the added incentive of money and contracts. It can make things tough early on, but that's part of the fun. There was a time when I actually couldn't afford to launch a rocket. Missions to Duna/Ike and Eve/Gilly cashed in at about the same time and I was rollin' in dough. As others have said, you'll also get ideas for things you might not have thought of. I'll take a contract at Dres just cuz I haven't been there in a while. And then I remember that it's fun to go to Dres. You'll get the Ike 3 Course early on, but as your reputation goes up you'll keep getting better contracts for more money. Some I've gotten are the Ultimate Jool 6, The Eeloo 6, The Eeloo 4 Journey, and The Bop 4 Rally. Just cool things to do. And even though I've got about 90 million bucks, I still try to make things as cheap as I can and stick to my "no rockets without profits" rule (superseded only by the "no Kerbal left behind" rule and the ultimate Kerbal reason, "just because"). If you're already in a career, then just keep playing until you get bored. Then remember (like me), that you haven't really messed with planes or spaceplanes, shuttles and SSTO's, and who knows how many mods are out there. This is a game that simply has no end. Whatever you choose to do, I'm just glad you're on board. The more the merrier.
  13. The reward for the survey is that you'll get to mine the target body for ore. Pretty much it's only purpose, as far as I know.
  14. If we're playin' multi-player, you guys better finish what you're doin', cuz I'm about to hit timewarp.
  15. Just hit the R button to switch from radial to mirrored symmetry. That should do it.