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  1. Sweet. How many Kerbals ya got? You should get a moshpit goin'.
  2. Is that a Kerbal DJ with giant neon speakers?
  3. Took my little Tylo rover for a spin. Dubbed the Ty-Lowrider. Here, Aniella stares mournfully up at the gas giant, contemplating her place in the universe. You can just see Laythe there, looking very small. Aniella can relate. The rover is complete with drills and converter, which is why it's packed with solar panels and thermal control systems. And why Aniella (an engineer) was assigned this most lonely of missions. The drills were necessary because engines are placed fore and aft to act as brakes (Ants and Spiders). Though, if I knew then what I know now, I would've put a Terrier on each end. I have to take hills at a serious angle. Once you really get rolling on Tylo, it takes an awful lot to stop you. Or just a rollover. So why put a rover on Tylo in a career game with nothing to gain? Who knows? Kerbals have their own motivations.
  4. Ike and Tylo are known to be neighborhood bullies. Best to steer clear of them.
  5. Hey, @Ellegon, I know you're problem's already solved, but just as an FYI, in the settings you can change the default takeoff thrust if you want. You should give it a look at least. There might be some other things you'll wanna change. Like moving the navball if it keeps getting in your during landings (I default navball open on the map screen like it was before 1.2). I'd also recommend advanced tweakables. It gives you a bit more control with more options in your PAW's. P.S. for the rest of you, when you fly for three years to land on another world with drills but no ore tanks, then you can officially join the ranks of the stupid.
  6. They say the quicksave is your best friend, and I certainly won't dispute that, but the strut connector has long been my second best friend. I use it to hold things together that should simply fall apart on the launchpad. I know the autostrut is now pushing it aside a bit, but not for me. I do my own flyin' and my own struttin', thank you very much.
  7. Finally, real life is over for the day and I can get back to KSP. @Razorforce7 All the info I can get is appreciated. My experience with pretty much everything in the aerodynamics section is nonexistent. Just nosecones, fins, and winglets and whatnot. In other words, rocket-type parts. And my op was probably a bit misleading. I was at work and thinking about airbrakes and wondering how they worked, to know if I could use them on Eve, and just posted a quick question. The goal all along was Eve, though. Probably should've put it as one of the tags at least. Sorry about that. I was just a lowly Bottle Rocketeer at the time. I have since been promoted to full Rocketeer, so I am thus more knowledgeable. @Foxster For whatever reason, the moment I saw one of the airbrake panels swing out for a course correction, I immediately thought it might be helpful on an Eve descent. I like your idea of putting more of them and keeping them out of the "line of fire", so to speak. I only want to put a shield on the nose this time, because of the difficulty of getting rid of the inflatable shield in the gravy Eve calls an atmosphere. I've actually landed a two-Kerbal craft there once before. My go-to method when landing on any planet\moon for the first time is to bring drills along. That way, I only need to get there and I'm assured of getting home. A bit different on Eve, obviously, but I had heard enough about it that I thought I could do it. Took a few tries, but I made it. Couldn't shake the inflatable shield with losing part of my ship with it. Ended up landing on it. Through some glitch I was actually able to drill through the shield and refuel. Left the drills and shield on the surface and took off. Was able to make orbit, but just barely. Had no docking ports or RCS, so I had to EVA my Kerbals to a rescue ship. It feels like I cheated and it still irks me. Technically, I've never "returned a ship from the surface of Eve". Not this time. Not only am I going to land a two-Kerbal craft, I'm going to make orbit without drilling, and bring them home to Kerbin without refueling. I'll update with my triumphant (or disastrous) results and screenshots as soon as I have them.
  8. Took two contracts at the same time for a "rescue so and so and his craft" around Jool. One at Vall and one at Bop. Decided to do something a little different this time. Built this two-headed monster (dubbed the Twin Turbo) to do the job in one go. It's a bit pricey at 460,000 and some change, but the two contracts are worth 2.2 million, so it was definitely worth the money. What was really different about this ship from what I would normally do, is that I didn't use docking ports. I just built the ship with two command pods, both with their own ship obviously, and just connected them with decouplers and strut connectors. It worked great, but the game didn't seem too sure what to make of it. Each ship was ready to go, the green staging light was already lit (not blinking), but the engines weren't active. Just had to engage each engine manually, and everything was fine. All went well at Vall... And Bop as well. Now they'll just hang out and wait for a window home.
  9. Good post. Lot of info there. I probably wasn't as clear as I should've been in my op. It's a rocket I'm using. I only mentioned spaceplanes to highlight my inexperience with all things plane-related. I was trying different things, and when I saw the airbrake panel swing out on its own, I thought it was cool and wondered if it could help keep a rocket upright on the Eve descent. I didn't check the heat tolerance, though. Which I should've, obviously. Pretty much everything burns up on Eve. I'm intrigued by your idea of elevons, though. I know you meant on a spaceplane, but I think maybe their control ability and higher heat tolerance might help me. Last time, no matter which end I put the inflatable shield, it would flip the other way (and regular shields just blew up). I finally changed my design and staged outwards instead of upward. The ship was short and fat, so there was nothing to catch the air above the shield to create drag. It worked, but I don't wanna give in this time. I'll keep trying.
  10. This is my favorite orbital achievement thus far, and one of my biggest "aha" moments in KSP. Everybody probably does this, but the first time was a complete surprise (it was a lucky accident), and now it's something that I take for granted. You can see that I'm about 2 years away from a Jool encounter. This is right after I made a slight correction at the node to set up a Tylo encounter. I have the standard number of conics set (3 I believe), so in this next pic, I added an empty maneuver node (because it will add the extra conic to show your orbital path). Now you can see, even though my Tylo encounter is 2 years away, I already have an orbit around Jool. If I want to, I can adjust the orbit anywhere along the way, depending on what I wanna do when I get there. But no matter what, I'll capture at Jool without needed a single drop of fuel. No dangerous aerobraking or lugging shields along. Just a nice, easy gravity brake that was set up 2 years earlier. And it works every single time. It's probably an ordinary accomplishment, but I'm extremely proud that I discovered it on my own.
  11. Sounds about right. The trial and error method is my go-to approach anyway. Thought I hit send on this a few hours ago. I guess not. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Welcome to the forums! Had something similar with a satellite contract that wouldn't complete. Try to quicksave then reload and see if it completes. Don't know if that'll work for you, but it did for me. Was thinking about it and I'm not sure if I 've ever seen an ore contract say "near" somewhere. It's usually "deliver to" or "land at". Is that a mod?
  13. Ha. I was just being funny. Or maybe I should say "trying to".
  14. Only just started doing it myself, but it's not too difficult. You can use apps like Dropbox or imgur, but I've just used postimage. You Don't need an account or anything. Hit upload image and choose which folder to grab it from. You'll have a KSP folder, which will have a screenshot folder (you probably already know you can take screenshots by just hitting F1). Pick the one you want and upload it. Then on your reply here, hit insert other media and insert image from URL. Copy the link with control c and paste it with control v and it'll show up in your post.
  15. Never used airbrakes really, because I've thus far stuck to rockets and only dabble a bit with aircraft (my ssto is just that; it goes to orbit and comes back cuz it's out of fuel). However, I'm going back to Eve, and this time I wanna do it without needing to drill and refuel. I also refuse to send a one-Kerbal ship anywhere, so it's going to be larger than it needs to be. I'll go with understatement and say that atmospheric entry on Eve is tough. Big ships tend to flip. Been working on my lander (shield placement and whatnot), but I wanna try to make use of airbrakes. Was messing around and noticed that once the controls are engaged, the individual panel will extend when needed to adjust course. I had no idea (as I said, I haven't used them). I thought you deployed them and they twisted and turned to adjust course. So, is this the proper way to use them? Just engage the controls and let them work? Guess I could just test it and see, but I'm testing a lot of different landers, and it's taking up a ton of time. Thanks.