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  1. OK I don't see what is actually the hard part, don't spoil me Working on some KAL9000 cube. But it would be great to adjust or correct code. Like the littlebugs I see on most mods.
  2. Sure, as far as I can tell, too. But maybe somewhere... It could be cool to have such a thing, making easy DLL development/generation/deployement/update/sharing specifically for KSP. Btw I did install Monodevelop using the (nearly...) vanilla Mint way, it works just fine. is really usable for devs.
  4. Because I need 2 AG for that and I can't turn off the lights, as said on the video. Strange question. "You can do that with two hammers so why do you need a screwdriver?"
  5. Thank you, I'm gonna clean up the room and try this (so used to WIn I never can figure out how linux is simple). Writing this window would be for a better screen surface use & begin KSP mod programming without the need of 3D (I'm "working" on it too... Some fun control boxes ideas...)
  6. Found the GPS, but well, speeds are quantic (sometimes to nm/s, maybe the speed of individual air molecules? Or nanoseismicity?) By rounding it to 6 digits for the computing, turbulence would be more realistic... ("Pitch" if you want... "Elevation in the navy, and well, "inclination" in the air, it seems. Pitch refers to me to the angle of the plane regarding his movement)... I'll find a way... This comes from a plane on the runway. Still have to understand what means the relative velocity to the (unmoving) target...
  7. Hi, I'd like to write ONE small mod : a compact display of main flight/target variables. The idea is to add one or two windows integrating graphically with the navball, and displaying numerically : - Vessel elevation / radar altitude / vertical speed - Mouse cursor heading/elevation - Target heading/elevation/distance/altitude/ETA Telling details in the case someone searches a simple mod idea and would love to make that But I could have other ideas. So I tried to get some C# IDE for my Mint install, but that took already too much time. I see there are C# online compilers. Is one of them suitable to make DLLs for KSP ? If not, wouldn't it be a cool server...?
  8. (quiet strange I can remotely pilot a unmanned probe but can't ask it to deploy an antenna... Is there an option like "view only if no connection" or event "no connection no view"--> only automatized probes would work then, which is fully coherent with "smarts parts" and some generalizd AG system & mission room in the track station full of cathodic green-on-black 320x200 logging screens... ).
  9. (BTW, why does the navball display numerically the heading but not the elevation? Anti-verticalism? ) (what about a massively multiplayer/multi[planetary]sytems server with sync time and management of multimissions (pysics in the Cloud...)? something with that : - Kerbal Ramification Artifical Simulation Hub (simulation mod for KSP) ) and some You could have VIP non-free status (like for the price of half the game/year), giving rigths to events, this model is (has been?) used with success, with less players by for example. They have something like 3-5% VIPs ("members of the club").
  10. This mod is just vital if you want a plane pilotage technologically superior to a SPAD's one. Thanks.
  11. You are gods.
  12. Found HUD & decent navigation there :
  13. Sure, cm/s is quiet enough dm/s is totally coherent. Could be chozen too... The blinkbox is there : "Since right now the parts only fire when on the active vessel, the clock won't work for multiple vessels. But new issue will be opened " I can't event fire a good old chinese traditionnal firework...? Naaaaaaa without working on multiple vessels we're in the Late Neolithic (Just ran a test, while you're explaining why it fails )
  14. Nope, for detection.
  15. speedometer has a subquantic precision: speed is never nul for it: BTW thanks for what you do, I confess I'm quiet not sure about what you're talking with what i DO know. I don't. I'm testing and asking not complaining. I'm a programmer, I like this kind of feedback. I think it's a stock of ideas... Anyone can use it or not.