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  1. Hmm... an Excel spreadsheet. I'll try to take a look at it, as I've been known to do stupid things in Excel. Like pull the part data from craft files to analyze.
  2. I have 3 or 4 decent aviation only planes; or at least so I think? You can maybe take a look at how I set them up if you like. Just follow the "My Designs" link in my signature below. I generally follow these rules... I display the center of balance and center of lift gadgets and basically try to keep COB slightly ahead of COL. If these two get reversed at any point during your flight the plane is gonna be difficult to control. When you let off the throttle, the plane needs to fall nose first to the ground. If I'm looking for performance or a VTOL jet, then thrust to weight ratios are also of interest and I like the Engineering Redux mod for this info, TWR of 1.0 or higher tends to be a funner plane to fly. For runway tracking I'm looking to maintain pretty close to a center track until the recommended rotation speed. I find that I can usually fix and/or improve runway tracking by: First and foremost make sure all of your gear are attached at a perfect 90° before moving them around. ...and some of the Mk2 fuselages seems to be notoriously bad as anchor points in this respect. ...and let's not even discuss a Mk2 fuselage radially attached to another Mk2 fuselage, you have to attach these things where the wings mount at perfect 180° and use the offset gadget to move them carefully into their final position or they compound error and translate it into what you think are well placed landing gear. Somtimes to shore up the tracking, I might attach the gear where you might attach a wing, and then rotate it 90° and carefully move it around with the offset gadget. Many times, this solves the problem. Sometimes I allow some rotation on the main gear, but usually not more than a 10° to 15° camber. Next I would look to increase the distance from forward gear to main gear. Move your forward gear all the way out to the nose; maybe past the nose even. If it still won't track, I have to maybe consider a redesign at this point. If it does track, then I start moving the forward gear back to see how far I can go before it gets loose again. Mechanical Intervention - Dual vertical stabilizers, and maybe a couple small ventral fins get added as design modifications first. I've used split flaps in some of my designs (the FE-03 for instance) to create additional drag toward the rear of the aircraft to help stabilize it during takeoff and landing. ...or even forward split flaps to help increase lift. Speed brakes may be another option in this respect, and can also be used for additional yaw control. But typically, it's more related to the first and second bullet above.
  3. Without going into too much detail... some people might not be able to access certain "social media" sites during certain hours of the day. I'm sure this evening, I'll be able to see the pics just fine.
  4. The conversation seems to be turning from "How can I swap crew members?" into "Why can't I swap them the way I want?" ...which is of far less interest to me.
  5. I've been tinkering with a "Prospector" probe that basically serves no other purpose than scanning a planet for ore resource deposits. If you'd like to take a crack at it; wouldn't hurt to see how someone else might approach it. I don't like driving larger craft into polar orbits so it would maybe need to have these characteristics: Retrievable Able to reposition itself from equatorial to polar orbit (and back again) Carry appropriate scanning and comms gear for the mission Can be refueled One thing I'm not entirely clear on is whether or not I would need one of these for each celestial body? From my limited tinkering with these around Kerbin, the Mun, and Minmus, it seems that I need to keep one in polar orbit all the time if I want to access the associated resource heat map. I haven't stumbled upon a way to see the ore resource map when I restart a saved game without first going to the probe and rescanning the planet? Ideally, I'd like to have a single "Prospector" probe to carry along in an Orbital Command Vessel that I can dispatch to scan each planet as needed; stow the heatmap info, retrieve the probe and move on to the next planet. I have a suspicion that I might need to leave a Prospector at each planet but would prefer not to.
  6. Can't see the pics ATM, but will be interested to see how you set up your base. I would like to do something similar for a Minmus refueling outpost and was thinking along the lines of something modular to start with for a simple planet-side refuel station. ...but maybe expand it later with an orbital fuel depot and dedicated lander to ferry the fuel.
  7. There may be times when you might want to tune thrusters to deal with offset thrust situations.
  8. Weirdest thing about Kerbals is they all live underground.
  9. Is there actually any gameplay or performance benefit to doing this? I'm inclined to just leave them open all the time.
  10. On initial load, I get 370 m/s ASL Revert to launch, it drops to like 310 m/s ASL Revert to SPH and reload to runway, and it's back up to 370 m/s ASL So yeah, it seems odd. ...and I'm using Win 10 64-bit, so something magical about the wax they apply in the SPH before takeoff. ...and not your Linux install. Edit: note to self, never revert to takeoff again!
  11. For me, it struggles right there at the sound barrier 330-350 range... and does not maintain acceleration on a 10° trajectory. So no, it wouldn't make the cut for an SSTO that I would fly. Doesn't necessarily mean that someone else with more patience couldn't finesse it into orbit.
  12. I'll try it later tonight... dropbox is a blocked website for me during the day (KerbalX isn't though).
  13. I'd be content if I could just find my own posts...
  14. My general opinion of this forum software is... well... ...let's just say forums are very apparently not their 'thing' and leave it at that.
  15. ...for me, when I try to follow your link it wants a squad bug checker login. So, guess I'm out... not gonna create a login just to see if someone's craft flies on Windows 10. If you want to put the .craft file somewhere accessible (like KerbalX) lemme know.