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  1. I am known for my gifted debate tactics... and speedy docking ability. ...and apparent ability to hear things even beyond my "LA LA LA"
  2. Totally coincidental... no, really! Edit: I need a way to add a kerbal graphic with rolling eyes...
  3. Is there a thread where I can offer to pay? ...if I bought it before the deadline? Although, doubt if that would mean squat to Squad now. ...ah well, what's the next Squad game going to be?
  4. Pretty sure I can dock faster with my RCS than you can without it... nuff said. ...putting fingers back in my ears and continuing "LA LA LA LA" now so I don't have to listen to silly arguments to the contrary.
  5. Yay, back home now...  always happy to leave for a long RV trip.  But then...  always happy to return!   Would you believe the neighbors house went up in flames while we were gone!   ...yeah, it happens.  They are in shock a bit; and who wouldn't be?  We have offered to do anything they need in the interim.  Me thinkst it will be a year or more before their house gets rebuilt.  Electrical fire in the garage; could've happened to anyone.

  6. It was a vote, so yeah I voted No... but I have a hard time in general, using Kerbal and War in the same sentence... But there do seem to be folks who are interested, so I would encourage you to proceed as you see fit!
  7. Hey ya know... props to people with the patience to try to dock without RCS... I've never tried it... I have no interest in it. I dock a LOT, it's kinda pivotal to my gameplay style... I like to operate from orbital hubs, so it's my thing. LOL...I would not even attempt docking with what must be a very aggravating barrage of keystrokes required for uni-directional thrusters. In fact, if you try to convince me otherwise, I am now covering my ears and yelling "LA LA LA LA LA" as loud as I can, cuz I don't even want to hear it.
  8. Do not hold your breath... the next time I waste a half-hour of my life trying to defeat the Curse/Twitch logon fiasco, I am taking my one mod off of Curse and never returning. Although in hindsight, "Curse" is probably the most accurately named website of anything I've ever tried to post a file to. Hmmm... I have an hour of my life to waste and a few beers available, maybe I'll try to login as an author again? Edit: I should mention Curse was "acquired" by Twitch and their author login is sooooo broked-ed that I blush in embarrassment for them every time Curse is mentioned. ...and if you are a mod author, get use to seeing this message if you are misfortunate enough to follow their instructions to create a Twitch login: {"error":"Bad Request","status":400,"message":null}
  9. Traversing North Carolina today... and into Virginia.  Hoping to find some nice camping grounds along the way.

  10. I suspect when we see the EULA for 1.3 we will have our answer...
  11. I notice a repetitive lag/pause in gameplay of 1-3 seconds that I do find annoying, but I have not experienced the long delays that you seem to have. I'd maybe start looking into device drivers, graphic card settings, and RAM...
  12. I suspect the answer is no, but it gives me the idea that I might want to create a hangar to hold craft that I've commented on. ...a nice feature might be to automatically add craft to this hangar similar to downloads?
  13. Currently at FSU orientation in Tallahassee.  ...and then cruising around southeast US in the RV for a couple weeks.

  14. Strange thing is... I bought it in 2013; but didn't play it until 2017. I kinda buy games on my Steam wishlist when they're cheap and then let em sit around until I'm bored with the other games I'm playing. I think I was like a September purchase? ...so yeah, a month or two late to get the freebie. If it's a good game I don't mind giving them a few bucks for the next version. S'pose I could always wait a few months til it goes on sale too... they always do. Nearly 100 games still on the wishlist (probably 20-30 that are under $10) and I haven't really started playing the last one that I bought on a sale: Motorsports Manager I may step out of character and buy this one right at release for full price. Gonna wait til I read a review or demo of the Mission Editor though. That's really the only thing of significance that I've seen so far that has me interested in the update.