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  1. Just my opinion, but I'm more impressed with stock. You can also share your craft and it's guaranteed anyone will be able to verify your design and play your mission.
  2. Curse is up, but it's a total cluster right now... at least that's been my experience. The login for new mod devs is totally screwed up. ...all twisted in with Twitch, who maybe has taken them over. The next time I waste a half-hour of my life trying to defeat their login system, I'm taking my mod down. Wish I never posted it there!
  3. It's a bit hidden and not entirely intuitive... but you need to edit your signature. You'll find "Edit Signature" under "Account Settings" (look at your username dropdown upper right of screen) Save the picture of the badge somewhere like IMGUR, then you can add the URL to your signature to make it appear.
  4. I meant you're first step was too far ahead... keep looking ahead to flying the space shuttle, but in the mean time, your focus is get my drivers license. Then when you do get it, and you will, celebrate that as a step completed toward your goal and feel good about it! ...and look for the next box you need to check off. Hint: it's not going to be finish flight school. Think about it... Have a good night!
  5. Too far ahead... what's your first step toward getting into flight school? From what you've said, your first step toward flying the concorde is going to be getting your drivers license, correct?
  6. Well the trainer you'll start out in is more likely going to be a 152 or 172... the 747, ya know... they might save that one for your 4th or 5th lesson. You don't know what real is yet for the 172, much less the 747 Boeing that flies and lands itself. Keep the passion, explore the options, learn a bit, be patient... so what's going to be your first step?
  7. Alright... so dad's RC pilot friend was offered an airline pilot job, no wait... it was the air force... well... and now we get to the part that makes sense... they wanted him as a drone pilot. Yes, as I said, they are looking for drone pilots and I would think now is a much cooler time to fly drones than back in the 90's. So maybe think about it. Most of the time I flew, it was without ATC, and I had no co-pilot. ...it felt realistic at the time.
  8. Mmmm hmmm... an Air Force recruiter approached him... Well that at least makes sense now. Recruiters will do/say about anything to get you to sign-up. I have the MS simulator and the C-172 in that game is actually very good, and flies much like the real one, except for one thing... it's harder! I commend anyone who can get their "Private Pilot" achievement in that game, I gave up on it. I imagine the other planes are modelled to similar accuracy, so probably a very good proxy for you. Before you let yourself get too in love with the notion... fly a real plane, get your private pilot license and then re-evaluate.
  9. I knew that... just needed you to say it. You don't know the "feeling" you're talking about, unless the feeling is really more about what you think is cool. Top Gun, Hollywood, stuff... the reality is quite different. RC planes and flying in video games is a lot more fun than commercial/general aviation. I would be curious to know what idiot airline offered an RC pilot a job as an airline pilot, that's just absurd. More likely, someone approached him about a flight school... maybe. Either way, I would NOT equate RC pilot skills to flying a real plane.
  10. Have you flown a real plane?
  11. Computer Science is an excellent choice! ...and don't rule out aviation just yet. There is one aviation related area where the military actually has a pilot shortage and I don't think they are particularly picky about officers flying them... Drone Pilots! Frankly, I see drones as the future of military fighters anyway, it just makes sense. They will outfly any manned vehicle simply because they will not be limited by G-forces. Now is the perfect time to get into drones before the REALLY cool ones start to appear! ...also ATC controllers, the radar operators... those are pretty cool roles! Computer Games... well... I'm sure you can find plenty of video game developers that will let you know you can literally make HUNDREDS of dollars with that career. Get your computer science degree if you want, but keep the game programming as a hobby. You can always do that in your spare time.
  12. Color-blindness and/or non-20/20 vision is going to rule out flying Stealth Bombers... For now, focus on the drivers license, and stop creating your own barriers. Get up and walk out the door. Goto the Uber website setup an account. "But I don't have any money..." ya know what, figure out what the first step is that's going to put you on the path, fix your eyes on it, set a date in your mind to achieve it, and just do it. ...and stop inventing reasons to pull the covers over your head. Your first step may be a stint in the military... and you may do something there that you find far more interesting than being a bus driver for a totally dysfunctional airline industry.
  13. Pretty sure, it's officers in both Air Force and Navy flying the cool jets... Marines, maybe a warrant officer, for helos, but it's been a long time since I looked into that.
  14. Don't fall into that trap! ...never judge yourself by the accomplishments of others. You will always focus on the people who have done more and the depression can creep back in. Just keep your blinders on and focus on what's important to you.