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  1. I think we may have another contender. Night Vale.
  2. Kerbin is round, but the KSP is still LYING! Kerbin's "magical density" is just a way to raise funds. They launch rockets that release hallucinogenic fumes so the horizon curves much lower than it should. In fact, Kerbin is 10 times bigger than we are told.
  3. Moral Kombat-Who has the best morals?
  4. Maybe...those look like they're just crystal, but it's possible.
  5. Could there be life in the Jool System? I know Squad has said "no aliens", but if there were, what might they look like? How would they survive? You can say what you think it would be like, but here are my ideas. Jool-Complex chemical reactions in the atmosphere, but no life...yet. Laythe-Extremely complex multi-celled and unicellular biosphere. Most life is in the oceans, as radiation from Jool makes it hard to live on land. Despite this, life thrives under the surface, as the sand and rock protects from radiation. Vall-Life thrives deep underground in a vast subsurface ocean as well as subsurface lakes in the ice sheet. Tylo-Simple unicellular life in lava tubes. Bop-No life..what do you mean by "kraken"? Pol-No life
  6. Well done! Can't wait to see how this turns out!
  7. Yep. I'm creeped out.
  8. Wow. Eve and Gilly are gone. Who's next? Probably Moho.
  9. Oh! Asteroid Mining!