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  1. When we left Kerbin: EPISODE 5 “Launch and effect” The engine's exhaust roared as the rocket rises off the pad at a rapid rate. The effects were feelable immediately with Jeb being shoved down into his seat. “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAA” Jeb yelled with excitement. Meanwhile the kerbals in the command center were hearing all of this. “Is….he okay?” Asked a engineer. “I think so….That or all his vital organs are getting smushed” Answered Wernher who simply stood there calmly. As this happend the external oxygen meter went down as the altitude meter went up. Jeb slowly got used to the forces of the rocket. As he got higher he noticed the sky was getting dark. Just then “PFFFT” The engine ran out of fuel. But the rocket continued to rise thanks to its force. Wernher soon flipped on the radio. “Jeb can you read us?” “Roger that. I was wondering how long have i been up here?” Jeb asked. “You have only been up there for a few minutes.” Wernher returned. “Then why is it getting dark?” Jeb asked. “Its getting dark around the capsule eyy?” Wernher said as he wrote the finding down in his notebook. “That's a interesting report Jeb. We never got a first hand account on what high altitudes are like.” Wernher completed. “Well enjoy your new kobel prize.” Jeb joked. Seconds later the capsule started losing altitude. “Sir Jebs reached the return side of the mission.” Alerted a engineer. “Good..make preparations for stage separation.” Wernher returned. “Sir decoupler bolts primed and readied!” A engineer reported. “Alright decouple in 3..2...1...now” Wernher said. Seconds later a engineer put in the commands. Out of nowhere another voice broke in. “Sir we cannot confirm stage separation.” The technician said with worried tone. “What?” Wernher sighed “I knew that wire erosion was gonna cause more issues.” Wernher said before immediately floating off to thought. “Sir we could deploy the chute with the booster still attached.” A engineer suggested. “Yes but we don't know if that chute could support the weight of the capsule and the booster.” Wernher answered. “As much as i hate to say this but….I think we're gonna have to use the main power wire.” Wernher said “Yes it's slightly eroded but the secondary wire cant handle enough power to activate the bolts.” The kerbals in the room began to talk amongst themselves about Wernher's idea. “Alright let's go with the main wire idea.” One of the Techs piped up. “Sure it could fry the system but we could get a smushed kerbal ither way” After a few moments of button pressing they were ready. “Decoupling in 3...2...1” Wernher announced. Within seconds the booster was separated and a sigh of relief flooded the command room. Just then Jeb's voiced radioed in. “Mind if i ask what all that spinning was about?” Jeb asked “Spinning? No no that must have just been the stage decoupler.” Wernher said. Just then another tech broke in. “Sir he's got a point. According to this data the capsule is facing downwards. The decoupling must have caused the craft to spin.” The Technician completed. “Well...can we flip him around?” Wernher asked. “Negative the on board batteries don't have enough power to flip it and deploy the chute. We're gonna have to deploy it upside down.” The Technician stated. “Alright then..You have clearance to deploy the chute when at the designated altitude.” Wernher returned. Meanwhile in the capsule Jeb had been keeping track of the time. According to the official mission timeline the chute would be deployed soon. But to Jeb it felt like hours. Just then Jeb heard a “CLICK SHOOSH” The sound of a chute unraveling. “Finally!” Jeb said in excitement. Just then the capsule twisted around. Causing Jeb to get thrown about abit. At that point he could tell that he was falling slower. Not long later a voice came in over the radio. “Jeb are you still alive in there?” Asked Wernher on the other end. “Yeah i'm fine.” Jeb answered. Jeb could hear cheering on the other end. After what felt like hours Jeb finally heard a slight thud and the sound of the chute hitting the ground. Jeb waited patiently in the capsule for about 30 minutes before he heard helicopter rotors. Then he saw someone looking in via the small window in the capsule. Then the door opened. There stood a pararescue private and a sgt. “See he's alive.” The private said. “I told you. For a brick he flew pretty good. Now let's get him outta there.” The sgt returned. They soon unstrapped Jeb and helped him out. Jeb took off his helmet almost immediately and took a breath of air in “Ahhhhh...Finally some air that hasn't been stored in a canister.” Jeb said relieved. The sgt and private helped Jeb into a waiting armored car. As Jeb got in he could see some kerbals standing around the capsule trying to connect cables from a Kihnook cargo transport heli to the capsule for a flight back to base. Jebs asked the driver to turn the radio on. It was nice to be back on solid ground. Jeb thought back to the flight. Back to the dark skies he saw when he was at the apex of the mission. It was beautiful yes. But Jeb couldn't shake the feeling that this wouldn't be the only time he saw it. PS: I have decided to keep using google docs because it lets me work and then go onto something else. If i wrote on the forums i would have to do it all at ounce. And i dont have that sort of time.
  2. What if they had projectile weapons?
  3. Okay so a long time ago i docked a ship with a station so i could put kerbals on it. I left it there for awhile and when i came back for another crew transfer the docking port was broken. I cannot undock. There is no "Undock" button anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. If the kerbals were smart they would pack suits.
  5. i feel so guilty
  6. Well the craft is the RT-11. (or the "jumping flea" from the game) I dont think it can leave the atmosphere. (Though it can go pretty high) As for anything going wrong well.....Jeb could get abit crispy round the edges....but i dont wanna give too much away
  7. exactly
  8. When we left kerbin: EPISODE 4 “0 days 0 hour” Jeb spit into the sink. Putting his toothbrush down he headed for the door. Today would a busy day at North rock. Today was launch day. As Jeb walked down the hall he thought about all the things he had went through the month before. All the preparation. All of the training. All of the examination was culminating in this. As Jeb walked out he was met by a officer in a KLKV. (koint light kactical vehicle) As Jeb jumped in the officer spoke “Today's the big day ey sir?” The officer asked with a smile “Yup” Jeb answered. “You know…..if this all works out..you're gonna be the first kerbal to use a rocket as a modem of transportation right?” The officer asked again “Well if you spend a lot of time in the testing division. You get to know that breaking barriers is part of the job” Jeb said looking at the sky with a slight smile as car soon pulled up at the preparation building. “Good luck sir” The officer yelled as Jeb hopped out. When Jeb entered he was greeted by the suit engineers. Not long later Jeb was suited up in his jumpsuit. His pressurized gloves were put on. His “Neck dish” was then applied. Soon his helmet was on and the techs were making their last minute suit environment checks. After everything down to the wire was looked through thoroughly. Jeb went to go catch his ride to the launch pad. When Jeb got outside he was met by a shower of applause. Everyone was there. From mechanics to pilots. Right before Jeb got on van that would take him to the pad. Jeb was stopped by a familiar voice. “Jeb it was a honor working with you” Wernher said “Dont worry ill be back. Yeesh i get on a rocket and everyone is missing me already.” Jeb replied. Wernher rolled his eyes. The ride over to the pad was silent. When the van stopped Jeb stepped out and looked over at the rocket. “Looks like a jumping flea to me” Jeb said eyeing it over “Well it flies so…”Answered a engineer who was performing a last minute engine check over. Jeb was helped into the capsule by the techs and was soon buckled in. “Everything okay sir?” Asked a engineer. “Yeah” Answered Jeb. The Engineers saluted Jeb then closed the hatch. The light in the capsule was dim. Only supplied by two small lights. Jeb took a deep breath and prepared himself for the inevitable. Meanwhile in the MKS (Mobile kommand center) Wernher came in. “Status?” He asked. “We got green across the board.” Answered one of the engineers. “Astronaut readout?” Asked Wernher. “BIOs is lookin good” Returned another engineer. “Sir we are ready to make the final checks. Awaiting your go.” Stated a engineer. “Hmmm” Wernher thought. He then switched on the radio. “Jeb we got everything ready to go. Just wanna know if you're ready.” Asked Wernher. “Well if it looks good on your end it should look good on mine.” Jeb Answered. “Well i'll take that as a yes.” Answered Wernher as he nodded to a engineer. The engineer grabbed a intercom transmitter and spoke. “All personnel clear the launch area. All personnel clear launch area now” “Sir Checklist is ready for rundown” Broke in one of the others. “Right let's do it” Said Wernher. “SAS?” “Check” “Decoupler primeage?” “Check” “Chute operability?” “100%” “Solid fuel stability?” “Check” “System connection?” “Triple check” “Electrical systems?” “Uhhhhh sir you may wanna see this” Wernher came over to see the problem. Some of the electrical systems were having issues. Now Wernher would have to find a way to fix it. If he couldn't? The launch would have to be delayed. Jeb had been listening to the command room thanks to his radio the entire time. He was becoming fed up with all the regulations. Minutes passed. It had been a hour since the delay by the time Jeb snapped. “Well….i think we're gonna have to delay this.” Wernher said disappointed. Just then Jebs voice crackled in over the radio. “Why don't you fix the little problem and light this jumping flea!” Jeb yelled over the comms being very fed up. The command room went silent. “Alright well…...if he wants to launch lets launch” Wernher said. “But sir the problem?” Asked a engineer. “We can just re-route it” Wernher returned. “Alright...well we are ready to start the countdown” Stated another engineer. Wernher looked over and nodded at him. “Countdown start” “20” “19” “18” “17” “16” “15” “14” “13” “12” “11” “10” “9” “8” “7” “6” “5” “4” “3” “2” “1” “Ignition” With that a fiery exhaust blew out of the “jumping fleas” engine. With that moment Wernher thought to himself. “This is it….fly or die.” ANNOUNCEMENT: There are issues with how i create the story on google docs and then port it to the forums. When i port them it creates 3 empty lines where i wanted one. I cannot modify font. From here on out my stories will be made on the forums. Thank you for your patience.
  9. So picture this. Your sitting on your couch reading. When all the sudden you hear a thud in your backyard. You walk into the back only to see 3 green humanoids and a white capsule. what do you do? I would probably hug em and give them snacks.
  10. The contrast issue is due to me writing in google docs. The formatting issue? Could be the same thing. As for capitalization i try to clean that up as best as possible. Gotta be more thorough next time. PS: Gonna try to get EP-4 out today.
  11. When we left kerbin: EPISODE 3 “preparation” “Okay is this good?” The engineer said as he adjusted the suits oxygen systems. “Yeah yeah” Jeb answered. The suit felt odd. It was fully sealed with a massive helmet. It was comfortable yes. But if jeb got a itch? It was really hard to scratch it. Just then the kerbal access door to the VAB opened and in walked wernher. “Another early start today sir?” The engineer asked. Wernher just grumbled as he walked over to where the RT-10 for the flight was being kept. Just then two more engineers walked in. Jeb had decided to get a early start today so the VAB filling with kerbals was to be expected. “Alright lets help you up and get this thing outside” The engineer said. He then helped Jeb up out of the chair where he was getting his suit fitted for the last couple of minutes. “Hey Darls you wanna help me get this thing outside?” The engineer asked. The other engineer nodded then came over. They then began to push the mk1 command pod outside. (Which was sitting on rollers) As Jeb followed them out the door he began to take in the early morning activities of the North rock AFB. Some patrol aircraft were sitting out by the hangers in the morning sun. The VABs grey and red paint was quite in contrast with the colorful grass and the shine of the sun off the snow that was sitting atop High rock mountain that was just behind the base. Eventually they pushed it to a good point near the VAB. “Remind me agine why we are doing this?” Jeb asked. “Well the plan is that you will land in the farmlands not far from here. So it may take awhile to find you. We need to know what's gonna happen when your left in there for long periods of time. Especially when on hot days like this with a suit…….Darl you wouldn't mind going over and getting a water kanteen do you? Jeb might get…..a little dehydrated.” The engineer completed. It wasn't long before jeb was helped into the capsule and the door was closed. Just then jeb noticed the lack of flight controls. “Ummm where are my flight instruments?” Jeb asked puzzled. “Most of the flight will be controlled from the ground. Heck the window on the capsule is just there so we can check on you before and after the flight. You're only really here to test the survivability of rocket flight. But you will be given a emergency parachute, Some SREs, Some water, And a complementary safety belt.” The engineer completed. “Ha ha very funny” Jeb said worried. He was uncomfortable with a craft he had no control over. But with a sigh he accepted his fate. Arguing wouldn't work. Especially with how dead set all the engineers were. Jeb thought back to what had happend in the last few weeks. It had been interesting to say the least. Upon hearing Wernhers offer Jeb took it up almost immediately. And after a volley of medical tests and flight tests he could now call himself a kerbalnaut. Well more like a Kerbalnaut in training seeing as his first rocket flight was still upcoming. Most base personal were worried about a horrific explosion. But jeb dident really care. As long as he could get the thrills it was worth the risk for him. Elsewhere at the base Gerdon was heading into the VAB. “Mornin Wernher” He said. “If you have a moment i need to talk to you about the engine thats gonna be used for the rocket.” Wernher requested “You mean the RT-10?” Gerdon said. “Yes i was wondering about swapping it out for the RT-5.” Wernher asked. “You mean that little flea of a engine? We stopped using that a long time ago. Besides we can go higher with the RT-10.” Stated Gerdon “Yes but my team hasn't gotten done working all the kinks out yet. The RT-10 still has some time to go before it's developed completely. We have been using the RT-10 for unkerbaled launches and many have been successful. But it has a…..interesting safety record. Me and my team have more experience with the older RT models. With the RT-5 we wont go higher but atleast we wont have a death on our hands.” Wernher completed. Gerdon considerd what Wernher had said. He had a point. But the Kerbal launch had been delayed far to many times. “Okay so how long would it take?” Asked Gerdon “Well we would have to remove the wings from the current rocket and remove the decoupler so we could put them on the new engine.” Answered Wernher. “Alright i will give the greenlight. But if the higher ups put my job on the line because of this. I will be sure mine will not be the only one.” Gerdon said in a serious manner. “Well i'll go make arrangements” Wernher said as he headed for the door. Relieved that for once, the kerbal mission would go ahead smoothly. All the while the heat in Jebs capsule was going up. And subsequently the heat in jebs suit went up as well. Soon he was burning hot inside the pod. “Uh...Can i…….Get out now?” Jeb said panting. “You got 4 more minutes” Answered the engineer. Soon the 4 minutes were up and the engineer opened the capsule. Jeb quickly got out and took his helmet off then grabbed the Kanteen from Darls hands. After gluging the thing down a now very sweaty jeb Yelled “FINALLY SOME FLUIDS” Before promptly face planting. The two engineers looked down at him for some time before one spoke up. “Darl could you get the the on site medics?” Darl then walked away grumbling to himself. “Join the rocketry program they said. You won't be treated like a intern there they said.” As Darl walked passed the VAB he ran into wernher. “Whats going on?” Wernher asked. “Oh Jeb just got overheated because some genius thought we needed to test long term stays in the capsule.” He said with a upset tone. He then continued his walk to the bases infirmary. “Hmmmmmm” Wernher thought to himself. He then pulled out a notepad and wrote: “Add AC unit to next capsule design.”
  12. when i found them in the editor i tried to manipulate it to show me the locations of them. However this broke my KSP. The desert temple and stargate looked like they could be in the desert due to there texture base.
  13. I found a large desert temple, a stargate, and a satellite dish, all in the editor.
  14. Okay so awhile back i got kerbalconstructs and kerbinside. However i got a new computer so i was left to re-download my mods. However when i got konsturcts and kerbinside. Something was missing. I remeber there being a runway and launch site at jebs retreat but they are gone. I remember there being another runway that used areas 110011s runway model. Its not there. There were also aircraft carrier runways and naval launch sites. They are gone. And i have noticed there are less launch sites. (Also theirs pictures of launch sites on the official page that are not there.) Because konstructs was not operable with the new ver of KSP i got a fan made updated version. Sooooo? Were those launch sites only included in the official version? Also why was konstructs not updated? Thanks for answering this if you did.
  15. ill see if i can