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  1. So i have plans to settle the mun. The current idea for the modules i would use would be the KPBS (Kerbal planetary base systems) Would these 2 settlement systems be compatible?
  2. Wasn't that a idea for a rocket in the 50s or something?
  3. During the mission many a great picture was taken. The crew tested the new satellite connection by beaming their findings back to kerbin. And live streaming kerbalgeo and a few popular game shows. Then the missions final day arrived. They had spent 6 kerbin days on the Mun and now it was time to return. Stccia kerman went out for the final EVA. As she walked out she gave the flag one last glance. And she took her final pictures. Not long after Staccia finished her EVA the balaris engines ignited. And the SSTO lept from the surface of the mun. They soon procured the SSTO with a orbit and prepared for the important manuvers for a kerbin transfer. The maneuvers were a success. Now with a orbit around kerbin the final and most dangerous part of the mission began. Re-entry. It was only a couple of minutes after the De-orbit burn that the SSTOs hull began to glow white hot. The aircraft shook violently as the aircraft rapidly descended. Jeb held on to the controls. Determined not to let the craft get the better of him. The heat of re-entry went away. Now all that was left was the landing. Jeb smiled he flipped on the air burning engines and listened to that sweet sound of a sonic boom. It wasn't long before land was in sight. As Jeb handled the craft for a landing Bill deployed the landing gear. Bill deployed the aerobrakes as the craft hit the ground. Speeding along until the venting of the air brakes was too much. And thus it stopped. The crew deployed the boarding ramp and stepped out. It was good to feel the wet grass under their feet. Jeb took in a whiff of the fresh air and remarked. "Theirs no ball of dirt drifting through space like home" (PS: This is a actual report i got)
  4. It was a dark night at the KSC. And preperations were being made for the first SSTO to the mun. As ground crews scurred around the craft Jeb tested the flaps and engine systems. Dells kerman helped Bob with his suit. Ground crews checked the wheels. And Virrie taught Bill how to use the new screw driver systems. Eventually it came time for the final checks. The ground crews headed for a safe distance. Soon the area around the pad went silent. Nothing but the whrrr of the engines and radio chatter could be heard. Jeb and BIll sat in their seats silently. The crew checked their computers. The weather? perfect for flight. Everything was in line and ready to go. Soon the engines egnited and the Balari raced down the runway. The heat of the engines clearly showing. The SSTO quickly pulled upwards into the starry night above itself. Slowly climbing. Jeb grinned as the aircraft gained altitude. Its speed its grace were simply unparalleled. Meanwhile the rest of the crew held on tightly as they there pushed back into their seats. The engines glowed hot as the aircraft pulled skyward. Soon the air based engines were switched off and the SSTO broke the atmosphere. As the SSTO broke the atmosphere. The crew saw the bright sun breaking the atmosphere. Its rays of light bathed across the hull of the SSTO. When the sun finally came over the nose. Jeb and Bill had to quickly cover their eyes from the suns blinding light. (Jeb wrote this down in "100 reasons why epic aviator sunglasses should be standard issue for KSP astronauts.") The SSTO soon got itself a orbit around kerbin. But then as the SSTO orbited around their ultimate target floated into view. The mun. As the required orbital maneuvers were preformed by Jeb and Bill. Stccia kerman decided to keep herself busy with some Kerbtube to blow the time. Whilst Dou and Bob played zero G cards. The SSTO drifted gracefully through space. Its dagger shape cutting through the vacuum. Soon the SSTO achived its orbit. And preparations were made to deploy its payload. Their was currently no communication satellites in orbit. But this mission was to fix that. Soon the payload doors were open and the decpoupler activated. Soon the satellite drifted away. Not long later the De-orbit burn was preformed. And the craft started its decent. Now came the most dangerous part. The deceleration and landing flip. If not done correctly the end results would be disastrous. As the craft got closer and closer to the ground the crew and mission controls hearts began to beat harder and harder. Jeb held onto the controls hard as he quickly throttled the engines up and down from time to time. But all of the kerbals hard work were not to be in vain. Jeb preformed the flip maneuver without a hitch and the craft landed. Jeb and Bill got suited up and stepped out the airlock for the munwalk. As Jeb stood at the edge of the ramp he took a deep breath as he stepped onto the munar sand. As Jeb stepped down he could feel the mun dust crunching under his feet. Jeb took his surroundings in before turning around. "Come on in the mun dusts great!" Said Jeb happily. Soon all of the crew came out for the flag planting ceremony. And as millions of kerbals watched. Jeb deployed the programs flag proudly. The crew then scattered across the landing site. Dowus kerman went to the science instruments to preform the important readings. Staccia and Bob went over to study the local rocks. And Bill went to read the instruction booklet to Jeb for engine maintenance.
  5. I got abit of a glitch where i cant use the escape key to bring up the menu. This seems to happens after i use the fuel line system from KAS.
  6. MIG-15s?
  7. When we left kerbin: EPISODE 8 “The recruits” Bill walked up to the security booth. Luggage in hand “Uhhh is this the correct entry point?” Bill asked. “Well are you part of staff?” The security guard asked. “No but….Does this ring any bells?” Bill said as he pulled out the ID he was mailed. The guard looked it over. “Alright hangar 9. Tarmaq area 3. Have a great day at the kerman lake airport.” The guard said. After getting his ID back Bill walked off to his destination. He soon rounded a corner to see a velociteze with a flight officer standing out front. “uhhh...Is this flight bound for star cap bay?” Bill asked as he walked up. “It is, but it's a private flight.” The flight officer stated. Bill sighed and pulled out his ID again. “Alright, But we can't go until the other guy gets here.” The officer said checking his watch. After 12 minutes a rather frantic kerbal ran out from one of the hangers. “Wait wait don't leave yet!” The kerbal yelled frantically as he ran at them. “Are you Bob kerman?” The flight officer asked. “Yes sorry i am late. I had a problem with my electric toothbrush.” Answered Bob as he caught his breath. “Well follow me” The flight officer said as he climbed in. With Bill and Bob in toe. They soon found the passenger cabin and stowed their carry ons. After plumping down onto one of the comfy seats. Bill looked out the window to see the plane taxiing to the runway. Bill sat there silently before asking. “So who are you?” Bill asked as he looked out the window. “Bob Bob kerman pleased to meet you. Are you here for this crazy program too?” Bob asked “You mean the space program? Yeah.” Bill answered. “I can't believe they got another guy on for this idea.” Bob muttered. “If you think it's so crazy then why are you here?” Bill asked. “Well i did not want to sign up. I had my heart set on going on a arctic expedition. I'm just here because some coworkers of mine at the Kerbin geological institute thought it would be a funny idea to submit myself to the program. Of course i thought i would never be picked. But noooo they just so happen to pick me.” Bob ranted “So why didn't you just say you couldn't come?” Bill asked as he opened a bag of kingles. “Well i'm thinking it could be a shortcut to my arctic expedition….I hope. I'm just happy those coworkers of mine are on desk jobs. Someone managed to prove they were the ones rigging the snack machine….....why are you even here?” Bob completed. “Uh i just signed up for the adventure. Heck i didn't even think i would get accepted but now….I guess i'm gonna get that adventure…” Bill said still staring out of the window. Then a hour later Bill was looking at the view when all the sudden Thunderbird pulled up next to the aircraft. “WOHA” Bill exclaimed surprised. Seconds later the Thunderbird pulled away. “Who in the name was piloting that?” Bob asked quite alarmed. “I don't know. Whoever it was they outta be a pretty good pilot to get that thing so close” Bill said amazed. “Well i dont care! Whoever it was needs to get there flying licence or whatever revoked!” Bob said upset. “Well you'll have your chance to voice your concern soon. Look over there” Bill said as he pointed to the VAB which was quite visible as the velocitezelined up for a landing. Soon the landing gear was deployed and the aircraft on a approach vector. And after a bump or two the aircraft settled down on the ground. Bob and Bill quickly grabbed their luggage and exited the craft to see Gene kerman waiting for them. “It's good to meet you two in person. I wanted Jeb to meet you here on the spot but i think he will be along shortly.” Gene said as he shook their hands. Just then the thunderbird buzzed the tarmac. Shaking all the kerbals there and nearby. “That pilot! Gene i must say that you need to fire whoever is flying that thing! He's as reckless as a keagull trying to steal a sandwich!” Bob complained. “Calm down Bob.” Bill said rolling his eyes. “So Gene how is that Jeb fellow?” Bill asked “He's...a interesting character. But you'll get used to him.” Gene said. Not long later the Thunderbird came in and pulled up to the tarmac. The hanger engineers quickly pulled a boarding ladder up to the cockpit as the engines powered down. When the cockpit opened out popped Jeb. “You know i'm really happy the air force is lending me this thing. Most thunderbirds have been scrapped or worse.” Jeb said wiping the sweat off of his face. Bob's jaw dropped. “You must be the new guys nice to me-That's jebediah kerman!?” Bob broke in. “How in the kraken did he become a national hero?!” Bob said very upset. “With that type of flying he could have killed us!” Bob said upset. “Sir the rooms are ready.” An officer broke in. “Good you can take them over there now” Gene said rolling his eyes as Bob was still ranting. As we were lead away Bill got a good look at the complex. It was busy. Small yellow trucks zipped back and forth. And everything from hardhats to lab coats could be seen. “Here we are” The officer said. The building the officer pointed to looked nice. Kinda like a hotel in its looks. As Bill was lead inside he could see its true luxury. The walls were done up nicely. There was a large relaxation and exercise area. And a canteen. After going up to the second floor the officer showed Bill his room. He could still hear Bobs ranting as he stepped in. As he set his luggage down he saw a book with a note on it on his bed. The book was plain looking but with a large lettering in the middle. “KSPedia” It read. Bill then looked at the note. “Dear Bill kerman. Thank you for accepting your entry into the program. I can't wait to work with you-yadayadayada. See you at tomorrows briefing at the admin building. Can't wait to meet you. Hope this helps.~ Wernher von kerman.” Wernher von kerman. Bill thought to himself. He was a legend in the engineering community. He had already met Jeb and soon Wernher. Two famous people in one spot? Something major was gonna be going on here. As Bill walked over to his room's window he looked out over the KSC. Tomorrow he was to be briefed on the goings on here. And then onto training. And then onto preperation and then….He stopped not wanting to stress himself out by thinking to far ahead. Besides it had been a long flight. And Bill was definitely in the mood for some food.
  8. Okay so on texture replacer when ever i have a kerbal skin mod installed i do the usual. I pick what skins i want for my kerbals. Then go on a mission. But after going back to the KSC and going to the texture replacer GUI all the skins are set to a random skin from the skin pack i have installed. So i just use suit packs for texture replacer because they don't reset after missions. Does anyone know how to fix this auto revert glitch? Is it a issue in installation?
  9. Hello! I have a new batch of pictures to show off today! This picture looks like its one of those space shuttle pictures that were taken from a nearby fighter jet. This is a kannan SSTO from the OPT aerospace mod coming down after a successful satellite deployment! Another fact is that the mountains you see are the hills from the massive kerbin crater. And the middle crater island can be seen in the distance. The end result. I wanted to land it at green coast. However i missed the runway. But hey its close enough. Here we see a skyhawk VTOL fighter of the UKSAF 106th heavy fighter squadron being fueled up for a quick sun down patrol at the north rock AFB. (The buffalo fueling the aircraft up i based off of a oshkosh PLS with fuel tank. As a matter of fact the oshkosh and buffalo systems look similar. Especially in the cab area.) A picture of the VTOL with mininus in the skies. This one reminds me of a SR-71 startup at sundown. Sundown from the cabin. A view of the crew This is just a plain ripoff of that famous SR-71 picture. Another picture with a celestial body. So that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed
  10. So i messed around with the ravenspear mk4 for abit in the SPH. And this was the end result. So here it is! the YF-X. Ever wondered what would happen if a SR-71 and a F-22 got married? This is most likely it. The YF-X is pretty fast. And i have gotten it up to 100.0m/s+ Just look at all the white areas of air going over the craft. (Is that the indicator that the aircraft has broken the sound barrier? Or what?) Another shot of all the air that the craft seems to pickup. So basically this craft is 90% stock. Only thing modded is the OPT intake. But! Did this craft have abit to much 71 for your 22? Than we have a fix for you! Say hello to the YF-X2! Its basicly a YF-X but with a fighter cockpit. The craft can get around to the same speeds as the normal YF-X A look inside the cockpit. I could easily see this thing getting BDarmory weapons mounted on it. Another picture of all the air this thing picks up. And here are the two YF-Xs side by side. I have just realized that none of em have ladders They are some interesting craft. And are pretty easy to put together. Just take a ravenspear mk3. Rip the mark 1 cockpit and mk3 to mk1 adapter out. And replace them with a mk3 inline cockpit and a OPT mk3 inline intake. As for the YF-X2 i forgot what cockpit i used there. Just compare the pictured cockpit to what you are looking at in game. It should be easy to find. I hope you enjoyed this showcase. More to come PS: If your gonna recreate these 2 than you need the OPT aerospace mod.
  11. Thanks for the help! I have gotten imgur all set up and can now post pictures. To celebrate i have decided to upload some things from my screenshot folder. "I scoff at Hawaiian sunset pictures" This was a hard one. I had to land it on the slope via pointing its nose all the way up and firing its engines to slow its descent(I believe there's a name for that. Suicide burn i think?). Then at the last second i had to turn it so it would land on its landing gear. Then it started to wheel down the slope. Requiring a few more minutes of strategic engine burning so it could slowly wheel down to a place where the brakes would work. A hard landing but well worth it. "Onward into the fiery yellow yonder" The right takeoff at the right sunrise can make all the difference in the world. So those are two pictures from my screenshot library. I will upload more over time of course. Thank you for the help.
  12. Have we gotten any official konframation from squad that they are related? Also i believe the correct wording is "brother and sister"
  13. Oh come on your 238,900 miles from earth! Cant you just get along?
  14. So i have some pictures i would like to upload here. Issue is i don't know how. Are there any threads where there are instructions? thanks!