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  1. Might enter the Lockhead U-2 Kerman Lady into this
  2. Ki-100 is a sweet jap plane, just depends on what side you're on, shooting or being shot at
  3. @Krog34 after some extensive research the SRB cart is nearly ready
  4. God, I got hammered, idk why the HEI-45 didn't use it's full maneuverability? It can pull 32G turns and do a 180 without stalling, but there it was like a slug, i'll make an new fighter
  5. Here is the HEI-45 a super agile and nimble interceptor, it's kitted out with two 30mm GAU Cannons, and 4 AARM missiles to back that up! It's Flare and Chaff equip and comes with two EMF jammers to break those pesky locks.
  6. @Triop Is my interceptor welcome here??
  7. What's the engine rules?? I will have it done for tonight
  8. I've made many a rocket myself, just bottle rockets, I used the classic Sugar SRB'S and on one occasion I made and installed a HRM (Hybrid Rocket Motor) and holy crap you could hear it for at least two miles, I launched it in a field, I even named it too, the "TTN "Voyage" HRM" sadly is gone now, it was destroyed in the same flight, the SRB'S melted into the aluminum rocket and got so hot the oxygen canister blew up, destroying everything to do with the rocket, I have still got the nosecone somewhere though.
  9. I play jap and they suck so bad 50% of the time, the Ho-Ro is the only tank to fight the T-50 head on for the Japs but then again, that is 150mm
  10. Rare and armed to the teeth with APHE rockets
  11. @Wildcat111 Did you get your BM13-N?
  12. I'll fix it later, for some reason it has only posted a link not the text to
  13. Signus IV "PulseFire" @ 2,075m/s - Stock fastest airspeed in atmosphere Just hover-over the links, it will show some pics and one gif Ready for launch - It's Crew - Nearing the periphrasis of 51,000 M - Wobbles last minute - We're ok now - AirSpeed -