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  1. Here's some pixel art :) 

    Please leave comments and maybe even a request! :D 

    Chichiro / Sen - - I kinda messed it up and colored over the lines :/ 

    No-Face - - Not the best but it was done in 15 mins :P 

    Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9 - - My third pixel art :) 

    Random German WW2 plane -

    Chinese IS-6 -

    Stürmpanzer II -

    Overwatch soon, Yes i'm cashing in on that xD 

    1. NSEP


      Looks nice!

    2. Urses


      Chichiro is cute and recognasible as pixel art. Nice one:D

  2. I have got some new pixel art coming tonight!

    Keep a eye out for them if you like planes and Spirited Away :sticktongue:

    1. NSEP


      Cool cant wait!

  3. Looks pretty neat
  4. I sure did
  5. Yeah we are I may just write a story though
  6. AHA! Good Luck to him then Done
  7. I just mentioned the main "Leaders"
  8. I did message Dark asking if he was still part of Kerthenia, he hasn't got back yet. OH! Yeah I remember now, Sounds Good to me Night
  9. All the launch sites that are a base of the KC/KK mod, and yes lets go back to the root of the topic Maybe add a few ports for boats that's it I do see a point, I would say that six would be a headache too, as their crafts are very regulated as such It's up to you guys as I am not the best of memories and I can't remember most of Kollabrative Warfare
  10. Of course! Well, it all started because we're following the "Fall of Kerbin" series which if you haven't seen, pits two Kerbalnaughts TAPE and BeardyPenguin against each other, in this thread we decided as we liked either sides we'd replicate the series, and now it seems we are putting our own flare on the situation Thereon its just evolved into a 125 message DM and also a 8 page thread, gaining more foes such as @Brent Kerman or Allies such as @Triop
  11. I think we where going to use the whole globe anyway xD I was originally but this does sound more creative and fun
  12. Not a problem mate We're having a war
  13. Yeah sorry I got confused xD
  14. Yeah just Krimson (Black) (Triop) & The Vexol Emirates(me) (Blue) - We are in coalitions to remove Beardy I recommend you make a equal size faction of your own
  15. So is Kerthenia now just dead weight? I will join the Krimson as I am not ready to part with my secret Panzer Information you have just the yet! plus it just makes it all easy to follow : P