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  1. You see it's not a collision that's the issue, the craft rips itself to bits due to heat At about half way it hits Mach 4 at this point its gone I can't stop it after that, the Aerobrakes rip off due to velocity upon deployment, it goes from 5-8G's to 15 in like 0.6 seconds. The craft is the current contender for the land speed record, it can hit over 1600 M/S, infact the fastest I have ever got it was 2264M/S I will have to revise the heat system as the braking system gets in the way, sorry for inconvenience as I did say I would make a video last Thursday Happy Flying, Kenji
  2. Thank you very much it has clarified that, Would my Plane be allowed 6 OLD cannons???
  3. I have put my plane into the hangar, the turbo lasers are pivot-able so would this be a problem when engaging because aerial combat is really just who can turn on who faster, so swivelling turrets would just shoot during the turn cycles, I would not also just remove BDA either. Sidenote : How many weapons does future weapons add because I only got four and the powersupply? Either way again it's there now armed with four old fixed turrets, 15T btw
  4. Thanks! I don't exactly understand What I mean is that I think this would be a decent mission so you could make this its own thread, so a idea would to be to place all six flags on Laythe, and the quickest time wins, completion via sea, land or air would be ok and you wouldn't have to stop at laythe either
  5. 100% joining, I'm a enthusiast irl so KSP is 100% xD
  6. 1)Good Work! 2) Additionaly that challange should be of its own, go ahead and make it!
  7. I will post my entry later, need to make a GIF/Video Also does it count if I explode before the end of the runway? xD
  8. Thank god! Thought it had died off again @Ultimate Steve that station is glorious! Good Work I Have a new Battle Cruiser to go up tomorrow! UUSR "Winter Star" no pirates can withstand it's assault!
  9. Sure thing buddy I will add to KerbalX and put a link in a pm to you Don't want to unveil it yet that's all
  10. SpaceY has some large SRB's to use, here - Below - But then it's not the recreation build s/he wants, would work otherwise though.
  11. The flagship lifter the Signus XVIII is under beta testing, it is showing positive results, estimated to be a medium to heavy lifter in its class. Logs Day One - Signus is launched for the first time, SRB Stage failure, RUD of Clamps due to weight. Day Two - Signus is launched again without a hitch until 30,000M RCS is unable to hold aditquite control and lifter undergoes RUD due to Aero-forces. Day Three - Signus is launched again with more RCS and fins, SRB stage retrieved, Stage Two is in LKO for 90 hours before re-entry, Stage destroyed. Day Four - All is well as all is complete, Engine tweaks are required however Signus looks to arrive on the expected date.