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  1. I did forget to mention it needs a set o' electric modules to clip on to it.
  2. Thank you very much @Cunjo Carl! Is there a way to +rep accounts? If so you would be #1 for a +rep!
  3. Doubt it, give it a go however
  4. Pretty darn spicy actually, Would love to see this implemented, While it's not huge it's also really useful Cya
  5. Updated the save file repository, now you can enjoy the: New Dawns Space Station UNSAV Hyperion XIII Juraxxus SSTO, Got from Kerbal X for a build comparison and didn't remove it. Save for a strange man called Dave - Get your copy. You will need @Jeb federation's files found here in the link - Jeb's Craft, Enjoy. Peace! @Cunjo Carl You've got your work cut out for you, UNSAV Hyperion XIII is the thing I pm'd you about. Is a colossus. Enjoy
  6. I am uploading tonight
  7. Good news everyone! *no that's not a Futurama quote xD* The UNSAV Hyperion is ready to set sail! I don't have the foggiest on how to get it to Laythe, but here's it on Kerbin just outside KSC PICS and GIFS! Stationed at KSC - "Deployed" - One for Good Luck -
  8. I will leave it then
  9. I have a mate who has been a SPH pilot from Version 0.6 so he's well experienced in the flight of large craft A real flying ace, And SSTO's are easy to fly xD Edit: I regret bringing the Ragnarok up now due to the decision to pull it from LKO and destroy it, its completely useless as we need Liquid+Oxidizer fuels not mono-prop
  10. I will do it tomorrow, should be able to kill all the birds with a 600 tonne's of SSTO right? Who needs a stone? xD 100% sure it is for the size What happened to the Ragnarok????? @Rath as @Cunjo Carl said, hope that your date was killer
  11. I will check it out later
  12. Here is your save, three new crafts. Add them to your VAB part of the .craft folder "EkkoStar XXIII SatCom" - You can guess what that is. "TeleStar XII ScanSat" - Again feel free to guess. "Ragnarok" - Orbital Refuel Station over Kerbin. Edit: I stopped being a lazy love and uploaded a whole folder.
  13. Oh, sweet saves me time I can take it under my wing Send it to me
  14. UPDATE! Your Refuel Center is now in a SO (Stable Orbit) here are the results, I set out to impress, and therefore would be appropriate to give the honest reviews and opinions ! Pics&GIFS! In Orbit : More Orbit : Realizing How Crap I Am At Rocketry :
  15. Ok so I have reserved two spaces today, and one for next Monday