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  1. Hey, I might be retarded But I couldn't find the 64bit version, on the link it says it's compiled for 32 bit
  2. Having the same problem, still no solution
  3. It works, but I cannot find it anywhere in RPM IVA, just the toolbar one... Oh, I'm dumb
  4. Any news here guys?
  5. The small ballast tank is not appearing anywhere for some reason
  6. I searched around before, and the "solution" was removing the RealChute mod This is what I found Might also have to do with Ferram, but it appears even when just RealChute is added
  7. Parachute parts disappearing from the game when RealChute or FAR is installed, or just the RealChute module of FAR, and the one remaining parachute (Mk26) not working at all
  8. Any news on the case of parachutes? I do remember it being a problem in far past, but I had the newest version. Thank you
  9. Well, the problem goes away when I get rid of them... So I'm really not sure what could be causing it. KSP, 64bit, on Windows 7 64-bit And yea, sorry for a totally head-over-heels approach to troubleshooting, sorta doing this late. Here is the output log, been a pain to upload
  10. Hello! I've searched a lot but couldn't find a solution, so I'm asking here. I've been setting up a bunch of mods (mainly part packs), and I've been having problems with RealChute, both standalone and included in FAR. Mainly what happens is that as soon as anything "realchutey" is installed, I either lose all parachute parts, or they don't show up in staging when placed and cannot be activated or anything, or both. It seems to be a problem that popped up from time to time, but I still am not able to find a solution anywhere. Any ideas what can I do? It works fine when I get rid of RealChute or FAR. Breaks as soon as any of them is installed. It's the final thingy to stability of the 120 mods I have Which is much more stable than anything that I achieved in skyrim, so I hope I can actually stabilize this. Thank you in advance.
  11. Well, really like the mod. And seems the bug I tried to report was not caused by this mod in the end... At least I think it wasn't, my god, debugging...