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  1. Mods Please Lock this thread.
  2. Hi guys, So I saw this contract and it would gave me a lot of money, so i accepted it. The agency wanted me to make a satellite and send into a specific orbit around the mun. I am now orbiting the mun but the inclination is terrible. How can I change it? I tried Normal and Antinormal maneuver nodes but none of them worked. Delta V=2251m/s Bye for now. EDIT: Lol nope i figured it out.
  3. Banned for thinking that Dres is nice, because it's a dwarf planet.
  4. Tru dat.
  5. Banned for using formal language.
  6. I use DOE and yes, it was a fast moving object.
  7. Hi guys, so I was flying my plane when i had something (a satellite) in orbit at 80 km. I believe I saw that satellite from my plane, as a fast moving object. Is this possible in KSP mechanics?
  8. You're Welcome. Anytime!
  9. totm

    Can I use tweakscale?
  10. Posted my first successful plane to "Post Your Engineering Marvels Here For The World To See" in The Spacecraft Exchange.
  11. Well then, the best idea is a 4790K. eBay has good new deals.
  12. 4960Xs are getting pretty cheap too.
  13. Oh, ok. Does it have to be 4 series
  14. Why not Ryzen 5?
  15. I came from US^2 videos by Anton Petrov.