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  1. Hello, This question might have been asked before (sorry for my ignorance), but I can't seem to land the apollo CM. It touche down at around 30m/s, and the CM only has an impact tolerance of 12m/s Thanks in advance
  2. Ok.
  3. Heh. This is turning into a rant.
  4. Ahem. (Joolian System so destructive),(moon on perfect inclination), (no axial tilt), (KSC on equator, making stuff easier) ahem
  5. Ahem. (N-Body Physics) ahem
  6. WOW, this thread is getting more attention than i thought!
  7. Hello, I would just like to let you guys know that I feel very offended when someone says, "it's not rocket science"? Why? Because KSP TAUGHT ME ROCKET SCIENCE. Do you feel the same?
  8. Hello, What do you guys think about my shuttle? How does it fly? How efficient? How easy to land? CRAFT FILE
  9. I'm done here
  10. Banned for banning someone who banned something about their signature
  11. GKO/TMI no return. AFAIK Mun landing with no return takes 5700m/s. However, as per request, I will make a shuttle capable of landing on the moon and returning, all while still retaining the original compactness and stability of the original craft.
  12. INTRODUCING... Mabdi's Convenient Tourist Shuttle, by MASA AEROSPACE. [1.3.0] Ahem. This is a shuttle, used for tourism. It has 6 Crew cabins for holding tourists/crew (Duh!). It has 2 Kickbacks, A Mainsail and a Swivel as it's engines. It weighs 138T and has 4,739 m/s of Vac. Delta V. NO PICS, NO CLICKS CRAFT FILE Technical Specifications: Gravity Turn: Like any other craft Shuttle flip: 35km alt. Reentry and landing instructions: Turn on RCS. Burn Retrograde above Crater, until on impact course to peninsula east to KSC. Point Prograde. Turn off prograde and lift nose by 30-40 degrees above hori(s)zon. Turn on bake to open airbrake. No heating problems. KSC Continent @ 35km. KSC/Grassland Terminator at 1km alt. Touchdown at 50km. Turn on Parachute and brakes 2 seconds after touchdown.
  13. @TheRagingIrishman
  14. Ok, i'll use filedropper