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  1. Well I have a fleet, sort of. Here is KSN 39, (BB39) Jool 870 tons of floating death makes 28 knots
  2. Well I figured the KSN Kraken worked out ok, so why not try a surface ship. I present KSN 120 Moho. She's a 400 ton destroyer.
  3. Having concluded sea trials the KSS Karen and her 12 man crew depart at dusk for a patrol
  4. And just how does one get the mighty Hercules in the air quickly? JTOL
  5. Down she goes...
  6. I hope this works. The Kraken (KSS 501) undergoing sea trials. Dove to 677 meters, top speed 25 knots. No armorment as of yet.
  7. Thank you I have always enjoyed looking in here from time to time.
  8. Stinkyace, can't remember any details of previous account info
  9. Not to sure if this is where I do this, but.... HELLO! I am the Man behind the SkunkWorks Planes. I finally got back up and running.