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  1. In the works from Skunk Works. The E2C Hawkeye. Model by Tess Miller.
  2. In the works from Skunk Works. The E2C Hawkeye. Model by Tess Miller. View 2 with animations applied.
  3. Well they are on Spacedock, Have fun
  4. Well I do understand aerodynamics sort of. Have ya tried any of the planes that Skunk Works does? I put the A6e intruder up on spacedock. As well as the eagle. I am Work in on making it very aerodynamic, not sure if the game physics will allow an underwater launch. One of the biggest issues with the game is the realism factor. Now a sci fi object in reality has to look awesome, who cares if it can really work . So working with the physics model at hand, it can be a challenge to get "as close to tv effect" as possible. Lol.
  5. Which mod used, at the moment it's a hard model, I am using maritime pack so the sub can dive, of course firespitter, it's good to be a stand alone. How they reattach the plane was simple, land it in water surface and re dock.
  6. Thank you good sir, I shall tinker with this to see what happens. Again thanks.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how Module kerbalSeat and seatPivot works? Been trying several things to get a kerbal to "board" a model but not sure how these work in unity. Thanks.
  8. Dive testing has commenced on SkyDiver 1
  9. And yes Just Jim... Why make anything from UFO if your not going to do Skydiver.
  10. Just wishing I knew how to do iva stuff or seatPivots as for now no have a dummy kerbal that i use as a place holder.
  11. Well I have the meshes converted, the interceptor flies nice, working on the mobile , got it scaled, the ufo is done, an obscene amount of handling and it runs on fluketons. Never runs outta fuel being alien technology and all. The Shado mobil uses the tracks system from another mod, working on seatpivots for mobile and interceptor. Skydiver has not yet been converted.
  12. Well the eagle is done and on the spacedock. Coming soon...
  13. They are scratch built shops. Kinda got bored. Maritime pack, firespitter. Fun but dull, (No sea challenges in game)
  14. Having issues with the modules. Docking node related. I can release then but not reconnect.
  15. They are in beta testing and fine tuning, then off to the paintshop final cleaning, then ready for delivery