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  1. Would it be possible to add an interface element such that if updates are found, I could cancel the game loading? Bit annoying getting the notification that one of the mods can be updated, and have to wait for the entire game load process so I can exit and do it all over again once updated.
  2. Oh, oops. I was drinking when I read voicey99's reply, and I took what he wrote to mean he had put that report into a github ticket. Seeing it again now, it looks more like they were instructions to me to do that. My bad. I'll do it now, though I have very little clue about using github, so this will be a learning experience. EDIT: Well I did something, so hopefully that's what's required...
  3. Ah yes, while I was trying to track down the what turned out to be a non issue, I was just selecting the Mk1 Command pod in the VAB and checking the LS status. With only LS installed, the hab time was listed as indefinite, but once MKS was installed as well, the hab time showed as 7.5 days. Interesting enough, with only LS and MKS installed, selecting only a Mk1 Command module in the VAB and launching it still shows 7.5 days hab time just sitting on the launch pad. Based on your quote, shouldn't this display indefinite until it launches?
  4. Ah ok, so there is probably no problem then. Was supposed to be hab time was listed as indefinite, but don't worry about that as it was just a quick test game I set up so it likely wasn't set up correctly As an additional question, what's the earliest part that can increase hab time? One of the early SETI Unmanned before Manned contracts requires a 12 day orbit, but I don't see anything suitable to get the Mk1 to stretch that far. If I can't stretch that module, I'll just have to wait until I have unlocked more parts.
  5. Hey there I'm trying to figure out habitation (first time using USI), and I think I might have a conflict somewhere. Playing a career game with USI-MKS and LS, but I also have almost 70 mods. Don't worry, I'm going to try myself and nut out what's going on by trimming mods before I continue playing, so I'm not asking for anyone to try and sort through the mod minefield. When in the VAB, if I select the Mk1 Command part, it only shows a hab time of 7days 3hrs. My understanding was that a command seat should offer a had time of one Kerbin month? From my searching I found the 7.5 days is the number of Earth days in a Kerbin month, but I definitely have the game set to show Kerbin time. I quickly set up a vanilla base game and installed only USI-LS, and the Mk1 Command part listed the had time as indefinite, so maybe I'm just really confused by hab time, and not understanding how the system works? Thought I'd ask here before I do too much mod stripping in case my understanding of the system is flawed and there really isn't anything to look for. Thanks.
  6. Hmmm, ok. Could I have a mod conflict then? This is what I get when I mouse over each of the relevant items. The item called the KEES Passive Experiment Carrier looks to have the image and description of the Payload Carrier (only just noticed the image text when I did the screenshot)
  7. I'm a bit confused, first time using this package. In the research nodes, I see the KEES-Payload Carrier, the KEES-Passive Experiment Carrier, and multiple experiments. The in game description of the Passive Experiment Carrier says "Transport container for KEES-PEC and KEES Experiments", but isn't the Passive Experiment Carrier the PEC? The quick tutorial in the OP also says "In VAB, add KEES parts to containers (either the KEES-PC, a command-capsule "Seat", or a generic KIS Container). You need the KEES-PEC and one or more experiments.", and that the PEC should be attached to the outside of the craft, and experiments get loaded onto it? Unless my understanding of how these things are supposed to work is wrong, I'd say the PEC and PC have been used interchangeably both in the OP and in the in game description?
  8. Is it safe to update from -3 to -4 if I don't have any craft in flight with deployable solar panels?
  9. Hey there I've not played a lot of KSP, so not used much of the stock scanning system. I've downloaded the 1.3 dev version of this mod (since I'm playing 1.3). Should I just use the "disable stock scanning" option since I won't miss it, or does it offer something worth leaving in the game? My instinct suggests to just disable it and use this mods features exclusively. It's not like I'll be wishing I could do such and such that I could do in stock, since I don't know how stock works. I realise this is pretty subjective, but I figure you guys have likely played both scan systems a great deal, so your insight would be useful. Thanks
  10. Cool, thanks for the information.
  11. Kopernicus is up to 1.3.0-4 now. Is it generally safe to update Kopernicus without breaking this mod, or best to wait until you've taken a look at the changes?
  12. That's cool, thanks for the info. I have Kopernicus already for Realistic Atmospheres, so I'll probably back up and see how it goes when it's 1.3 ready.
  13. This isn't showing on CKAN for some reason. It was there the other day I thought, but doesn't seem to be there now?
  14. Hey there I just want to clarify. When installing from CKAN, there are three additional options for Custom Astroids (inner, outer, stockalike). Are these mutually exclusive, or can I select as many or few as I want in my game? Thanks
  15. Hey there Just thought I'd let you know that the link to USI MKS in the OP points to an invalid thread. Correct link is