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  1. Here's the problem I was referring to earlier Clearly, that hasn't tracked to the orbital retrograde marker, which can be seen at the top border of the nav ball. This happens with both manned crafts and probes. And it also happens with manoeuvre nodes. This is a problem when programming the flight computer for out of contact commands. If I'm in comms range, I can manually move the craft to the correct attitude, if not, then the mission is pretty much a bust. I'm not going to say it's Remote Tech causing this though, as if I turn the flight computer off and use the standard SAS, it will point to the same spot, missing the node by a long shot. The only reason I mention it here is that I didn't observe this behaviour before playing with Remote Tech. I'm more hoping that someone else has seen a similar behaviour in their games and can tell me what's going on. Whether it's some mod conflict or what I have no idea. I'm using almost 80 mods according to KSP-AVC, so a conflict is certainly possible, but it just seems so random. Sometimes it will track correctly, other times it's out like this. Any thoughts? Thanks. EDIT: It should be noted that I have RCS on the top of this craft only, and RCS is enabled. I also use a custom MM patch to set reaction wheel pitch and yaw to 0, so only roll remains, and I scale the roll torque down by a factor of 5, so it's not very strong. Pitch and Yaw from reaction wheels just seems too outlandish for me. Could it be that Remote Tech isn't handling the unexpected zero valued pitch and yaw ability of the reaction wheels? Guess there is only one way to find out....
  2. My concern is if there will be any negative effects on existing craft. It does seem unlikely, but doesn't hurt to ask.
  3. Great news! Would you anticipate any problems going from the unofficial one we've been using to yours? Or is it just too variable to predict?
  4. Sometimes it suits the burn exactly, others it does as you describe. Haven't really tried to see what the differences are between the two though. I have better luck with a craft that has engine gimble though, so figured it was something like moving off the node during the burn, and not having enough control to correct properly. Something I have noticed though is sometimes the track maneuver node function misses the node by a long way. Like half a hemisphere on the nav ball. Dunno why, but that obviously stuffs things up unless I manually correct.
  5. Don't know if this is a bug or limitation of RT/KSP. I have a probe I sent to an early RemoteTech based mission to get science from the Mun. I have no comms network anywhere near the Mun, so I've done nearly all of the mission using the flight computer to gather data. Since I want to collect both high and low science data, I have included a science box. Using the manual delay system, I have scheduled my experiments to run once they enter the Muns SOI. I was intending to schedule collecting the science in the science box so I could use the experiments again near the low space peri. The problem arises because unless there is a collected science experiment on the vessel, the option to collect science doesn't show. It's easy enough to work around by just collecting some dummy science to click the button, but it would be nice if this wasn't required. This is my first attempt at this so I don't even know if it will work as I think it does.
  6. Yeah, I know SVT is terrain only. Currently I'm only running a 2Gb 7870HD, so can't load the system too much. I just tried the high res SVE package through CKAN, but that didn't go well as expected. Might try the low res, or just wait for a new gfx card (hopefully not too far away) On a side note, I did just realise I was using SVT without Kopernicus, so I was in fact using sweet F A. So at least that's fixed now.
  7. Is there scope to include a deployment velocity option, in addition to altitude and pressure? It would seem possible that a real chute system might be linked to trigger on a certain velocity. I'd also make the suggestion of moving the chute material selection to the calculation area. Where it currently is near the texture selection area I think has caused a few posts I've seen here where people don't realise that the chute material selection is anything more than a visual. Moving it to the calculation area might make the distinction a bit clearer.
  8. Can't say to be honest. Due to my inability to decide of a final set of mods, I'm always restarting my career before I get to stations. I have been playing with learning some MM to customise my game, and noticed those error when looking at the log to see if my own (unrelated) changes were throwing anything. Chances are if no one else is complaining, it's probably fine in game.
  9. Could this be extended to add an option for "Arm All" for RealChute parachutes?
  10. Noticed this in my ksp.log [LOG 12:10:37.031] Load(Texture): StationScience/Parts/NewCyclo [LOG 12:10:37.044] Load(Texture): StationScience/Parts/NewCycloEm [LOG 12:10:37.054] Load(Texture): StationScience/Parts/NewCycloN [LOG 12:10:37.083] Cannot create texture: No header created [WRN 12:10:37.083] Texture load error in 'C:\Apps\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\StationScience\Parts\NewCycloN.tga' Dunno if it's important or not. The specified file exists and is loadable in EDIT: This appears later in the log [LOG 12:10:41.506] Load(Model): StationScience/Parts/StnSciCyclo [ERR 12:10:41.527] Texture 'StationScience/Parts/NewCycloN' not found! Full ksp.log
  11. It doesn't look like he's coming back based on his previous post
  12. Also, could you liaise with the author of [x] Science, and have your experiments excluded from the here and now notifications? The author is currently working on a new release so timing is perfect. I suspect you'd only need to supply the experiment ID's for the ones that need to be excluded.
  13. Hate to state the obvious, but you are pressing "r" to enable the RCS system yeah?
  14. Currently I use only SVT for visuals. What I'd the most straight forward and trouble free setup for visuals at the moment? Just scattered? SVE? EVE? I don't really know much about the differences between the packages, and I want something that I can just set up and look at without too much mucking about. Mostly I install a with CKAN but happy to do manual installs. Thanks. P.s. Should mention I'm planning on using kopernicus.