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  1. With Thanks to @Nexus24680 for the PDF version of the original thread. I will ask for this to be closed if there are no further posts to the thread, within the next 2-3 weeks.
  2. Hi TCIS, sorry need to correct that again: - 32-bit means that a program can only access 2^32 bits of RAM, so about 4 GigaBytes. 64-bit means that a program can access up to 2^48 bits of ram, so up to 256 TeraBytes. see: 3GB Limit, Ram Limits (although it refers to Vista its still Relevant) gives an example calculation for address space.
  3. Thanks, That's good, but I noticed that if you are too far away then it is not displayed, figures that it would not be worth showing it from too far as it would merge into the Body. What I was thinking/hoping of is a shell around the planet itself (which is kind of what this does), that can be toggled (I like how it colours based on the orbit track colour too). Can this have a HotKey?
  4. I have a question, is there a Mod that allows you to see the SOI of a Body? I'm thinking as a highlighted area/bubble around the Body, although it is a simple thing I have 2 reasons for it. First, it would help with interplanetary transfers. Second, for modding I would like to see the SOI to make sure they are not too big/small etc.. [a problem I had making TheVerse]. I would not be able to do this myself as I have no programming skills, but expect/hope it would be simply enough? So is there a Mod already or is someone willing to make one?
  5. This sounds interesting, awaiting update/next chapter.
  6. These are good, nice and simply. Will you be doing more advanced ones?
  7. @The_Cat_In_Space regarding the Memory section: - 32-bit Software can only use 232 bits for Memory not 32GB (GigaBytes) as stated, this equals approx. 4GB. 64-bit Software can use up to 248 bits for Memory approx. 256TB (TeraBytes) [if anyone has a PC with that much please let me know] this is the problem with KSP and RAM, as in 32-bit it could cause Memory Leaks.
  8. Speak for yourself, I'm imperfectly Sane, it's every one else that is in doubt......... and there was me thinking Invasion of the Body Snatchers et al. Ok time to stop trying to guess and get back to enjoying the story.
  9. S'ok I know how that feels.
  10. You were going to have a look at the updated version? Not to worry, sounds like you got busy, so when you have time. But you are the only one giving feedback so sorry for hounding you.
  11. Ah that's a point. How did you get on?
  12. Hi, couple of questions for you. The G5 Star, why do you say it is a dwarf star? as the system is Stock scale. So they are scaled against the Sun (Kerbol), so the White Sun is 2.5 times the diameter of Kerbol. I have updated the colours in the latest release and not sure they look right or I like them. What do you think? or do you have any alternative suggestions?
  13. Ok, so tested this last night, and all the 'Main' bodies show up. However, and I hate however's, the CommStation Textures do not look like the Moon [Earth's] like they should. I didn't get to looking at the Planets or Moons, because of the CommStation problem, but not sure why, anybody come across this before? The Rings failed, with MM errors, name problem, should be fixed in next release. Also I'm not impressed with the Star Type based colours? I will be sorting pics for the OP with the next update [I keep remembering the 'no pic, no clicks' that pops up around the forum [surprised its not been mentioned here yet] ]. I have a few aesthetic issues that I want to sort, but we will have to sort those as we go.
  14. Thank you very much.
  15. Ok, so 0.30, is now up, this should have the Main bodies looking better, still need tweaks. 0.30 Planetary Rings Added Asteroid Belt Rings Added [if they work] Stars and Gas Giants 'art' pass Stars colour corrected to Class Type Fixed a Typo [odd character] in the Planet & Moon cfg's [which caused them all to fail to load] ***Again I can't test till later, so let me know if any issues.***