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  1. @The White Guardian thanks for those, can you give them ratings (e.g. 1 = easy to 10 = 'very' expert) and a short description, if you have any Templates as well would be useful (think I have your Gas Giant one already. . If you can know of and can add/suggest any other tutorials that you feel are good too, that would be excellent. What I am trying to do is create a new System, mainly for myself to explore as I will be using the KSP-I mod, and need some where to go. however it is based on a SciFi series that I like (don't want to give the name yet as it might spoil the surprise), and if I can get it to a suitable standard (e.g. OPM, Cyran/Cerillion, Valentine Dwarf star, etc...) I might release it to everyone. . It will include Suns, rocky (Kerbin), ocean (Laythe) and Gas Giants (Jool) types, there is also an Asteroid belt or two but not sure how to do those at all (or if it is worth it). As I am very new to Kopernicus, I wanted a thread that gave a list of tutorials similar to the Community Mod list, this way not only can I benefit from the raft of knowledge available from the Forum this thread could form the basis for other new to System Building to begin, also as a repository for all who need/want it. So any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello, Can anyone here help with: - Any help would be appreciated.
  3. @Vanamonde Thank you.
  4. Hello All, Ok, I am very, very new to the forum, mostly lurked and read various threads. Had to start commenting on some very good content however, so needed an account. I have also thought about the Mods out there and especially Kopernicus, I have looked at the various Star Systems available and have been very surprises that something I have not seen available. So I would like to learn how to use Kopernicus to create this Star Systems and once complete share it with everyone. But first I need help, can any who can or are willing point me in the direction of tutorials (on or off the Forum) that will allow be to understand and learn how to use Kopernicus to fulfil my goal. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I would also update this post with a list of the recommended tutorial as well. [If this is in the wrong place, again any advice would be appreciated]
  5. @adsii1970 ok, I shall just refer to this: - Hey a hattrick....
  6. @Just Jim S'ok, I like how you both have built believable characters and situations, so if you ported the story out of KSP in to a real-world SciFi setting they would still work (allowing for a few tweeks of course). @Cydonian Monk was not too serious, as noted by others, don't rush on my account, quality verses quantity and all that.
  7. WHAT, no... nnoo... nnnnoooo... SSSCCCCHHHHRRRREEEEECCCCCCHHHHHH [run's into brick wall at end of chapter] [wakes up half hour later] what was that. [Dawning realisation] NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO................ OUT OF CHAPTERSSSSS... Where's my precious????!!!!!!!....... [Snaps back to reality] @Cydonian Monk ok just crammed all this in about 4 days, I must say between you and @Just Jim I have been on the edge of my seat for the last couple of weeks, in an enjoyable way though. Both of your series' have really brought the game to life, really wish there was a real story based Campaign. Oh and..... MOAR PLEASE, MOAR PLEASE, MOAR PLEASE, MOAR PLEASE, MOAR PLEASE, MOAR PLEASE [ok that's enough]
  8. Hi,

    Can I request that you create a thread showing your Kopernicus Tutorials in ascending order of difficulty (and any relevant Video links).

    I am just starting to look at adding a System to KSP and would like to have a step by step guide on what to do.

    Oh, just thought if you wanted to do a general (including other forum members tutorials too) list similar to the Communities Mod and Add-on List? Mainly asking this as there are a lot of Kopernicus Tutorials but I have no real idea which one to start with.

    Thanks in advance.


  9. @Gaarst, I would like to suggest: - as maintained by @TMarkos, The ESLD Beacon network will get your Kerbals from point A to points B through Z in no time at all, presuming you've positioned and fueled them, read the warning manual and installed all necessary safeguards. Similar idea to the Mass Effect – Mass Relays.
  10. @Geschosskopf any chance of having this updated after 1.3 arrives? This is a very useful guide, as I really was not sure how I was going to organise inter-planetary missions once I got to them. This has given me a very good picture of what and how to do them, thank you, also having any additional information the update (of this thread) might add would be helpful. Considering what I know about KSP since the last update (adding MJ's ATTAP), I'm not aware of any changes that would affect this too much? However at only 450Hrs played I think I have a long way to go yet. Either way thanks for this v. helpful guide.
  11. You should probably not give Jim ideas, it is dangerous for the Kerbals. @Just Jim I must admit I have found this a very interesting story, I have been trying not to laugh too much at some of the references too. Most enjoyable. Eagerly awaiting MOAR Chapters!!!!!!!!
  12. Not sure if you are aware but the spreadsheet might help a lot. If you set it up with the text required to cause the formating once loaded into a Web page. Should save you a lot of time, to then concatenate the text and copy paste in. Hope this helps