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  1. Are you a martian? But i agree with your Statement. Day count is right and it will be more stock problem with adding a day. And aktuali we don't have seasons to catchup. Funny Kabooms Urses
  2. A moment of silence for everything we would to do but didn't done...


  3. Welcome in "C to old"-Club. RD would change something on the Time code. The USI year is 1 day to short maybe the UI scalling will be added? And as he upgrade to USI-Team it may be that more eyes see more? Who knows. Urses
  4. Sorry for misinformation But as you describe it it looks like the daylenght is hardcoded in USI-Tools. May be worth a pull request for next USI update? Urses
  5. If i may Insist. For USI-LS you can Change all stats (ticks) ingame in settings on KSC, you only need to switch all second timers for 6 hours/day with your 11h/days. The bigger Problem is more USI-MKS, for catchup mechaniks you will probably add storage for 11h ciclus. Funny Kabooms Urses
  6. 4,3km on Iota is absolutely healthy. The only problem is if you aproach from higher orbit. If you have some crafts on Iota already a Monoprop Hopper is more as enough. Or a Automated loworbit grabber in equatorial.... but if i control this beast i go every time realy dizzy... you see every stone on the surface. But the sight is spectacular! Funny Kabooms Urses
  7. Now i am a little upset.... Nah is fine but i found a nice WIP that will be a realy cool addon for GPP In contrakt, but like i see the dev need a hand by someone with good C-Fu to implement GPP in. If somebody will help? Funny Kabooms Urses
  8. Like Archgeek i am halfway sciencist engineer. Purpose builds will be tweacked around till they shine for this one specific challenge. Mostly with background idea how to reach the same performance in my play install and in Vanilla version. The funny thing at this is i have mostly around 70-80 vehicles in VAB/SPH more per game year and need routinely to erase absolete builds. Funny Kabooms Urses
  9. As discripted the problem with the wearing on runway may be to weak undercarriage. For pure Stock a good indicator for this is the moment after physics kick in. If the prograde indicator jumps in this moment your undercariage is to weak and needs some support. You go for a higher tier or double the actual wheels. Like beewing mentioned above your wheels generate drag and if they are to weak to hold the mass you have a drunken balerina on the runway. Funny Kabooms Urses PS: for airborn the Chummers above are the guys with the knowledge
  10. My realy maybe dumb rescue mission was at around 400 playhours in KSP. Pure stock i managed to blew a manned MK-1 from surface of the Mün in straight solar orbit. Decoupler in false way, full trust and you have a realy fine catapult for a Kerbal to see the world outside. Interplanetary encounters... by a noob like me, who think he has "mastered" orbital encounters and docking... first try pure chemical probe space craft.... after loosing of contact this one managed a impact on Jool after 40 years orbit... full trust at comunication lose... Second try after building a stable communication grid... to low on dv but shortend the orbit of MK-1 for a Kerbin near Orbit at around 1.2 years.... 3rd try an ion powerd craft that brough the craft with MK-1 on a beatiful gravitational assisted slingshot by Kerbin and Mün for Eve, Gilli, Kerbol and back to Kerbin... TWR was to low for slow down... 4th was a manned craft designed for brutforce aerobrake in Kerbin atmosphere... After somewhere 7 years 4star Bill returned with a lithobrake home... First manned Münlanding was worth something around 2m kerbacks and brough me Crew and EVA reports of all inner planets but NO Mün because the Science Container participated as part of solar catapult... Funny Kabooms Urses
  11. @AWESOMEPIEMAN Look at astronaut Complex. Direktly below the class fields is a Slider for bulkhire from 1 to 10 kerbals. You get up to 10 of one class. And realy dumb+Cowardly kerbals give you money and dont cost you anything at the moment. Bit this is more likely a miscalculation and will maybe be corrected in next upgrade. Have fun. Urses
  12. @AWESOMEPIEMAN Not a Problem This mode integrates 10 new kerbal klasses anf adopts a old mode for Kerbal hiring. For a small bug workaround dont scale UI below 100%. You can hire Kerbals up to lvl 3 with your change for sex anf stats and have a bulkhire option. MKS and Tools must be up to date. Have fun Urses
  13. Install USI buy Kerballs in 10x packs. Faster way? I don't think it is one there. Because you can buy them without recovery time. Funny Kabooms Urses
  14. Go for it If you have the money to load this Beauty with enough Karb she will go up like a feather... but without... GC or EL are the only way to bring her up. She is GIANT!!! And i don't know if there is a KIS Container that is big enough to build her parts with OSE. Maybe next projekt for dboi88, a orbital dock? Funny Kabooms Urses
  15. I have better used this emoticon (no offense was Intended!) For realy hard science playthrough zry to use combination of Strategia and Kerbal R&D with 20%... i'm through all inner planets and on my way to Tellumo (GPP) and reached hardly T8 by now... You can't have to much science... Funny Kabooms Urses