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  1. @cratercracker intersnyj vybor....
  2. I think you all are a lill missed This zitat i have from Cavin Costners "Robin Hood"
  3. ...cracker? Actualy maybe If you trait a traitor, you will be a hero and get a pie! Big Brother
  4. For our actual world politics situation i have a permanent backflash for a Zitat but don't ask where it is from: "Who is the bigger fool, the fool himself or the one who follows him?" -....
  5. Like i understand it, the price for the art isn't defined by the artists but by the Gallery owners. The Artist see nothing from this money.
  6. As a hint. Some of modes. Like USI for example reuse the M700 after primary scan. USI enables you to scan for lodes aftrewards. Or for stock i tend to use them as secondary ComSat in highly excentrical polar orbit after the first use for scan. Funny Kabooms Urses
  7. Like VaultTeck-Boy thumb up... the cloud is bigger.... "Well...steel beams do melt in nuke fire..."
  8. If you build a Scanship with around 2-3k onboard deltaV you have a realistic permanent Hopper for vanila. You can use asteroids for refuel or land on a small moons for this task. A scan/transfer engine/ refining section for orbital use and a mobile mining lander and you can stay permanent in space. Funny Kabooms Urses
  9. Ninjaed... 134217728 Somebody realy need a calculator for this?
  10. Wise words! We don't look for internet Pride we look for who is the most MadSciencist one Funny Kabooms Urses
  11. Realy intersting book about cloning and pros and contras is: War of Clones by J. Scalci I hope i get it right, did read it in german. If you will be pleasantly surprised dont spoil the fun for you self! Funny Kabooms Urses
  12. 32768
  13. Looks realy good! And for the tread mentioned by me here is the actual link: Have fun!
  14. Yes point for @NSEP Maybe @cratercracker will attend too?
  15. Nice drawings @ProtoJeb21 Interested to see more! Urses