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  1. Add to your Signature By the way they all looks great... Favs at moment Earth and the giants... Stay on it! And for exoplanets i would realy see the Kraken mentioned by @ProtoJeb21... this is a hella Kraken boy up the skys.... Funny Kabooms Urses
  2. +1 Like at Jim... And they are at least 1 in 10 asteroids Magic Boulders by now... Sadly Funny Kabooms Urses
  3. Good eye! The installation looks like done manualy and is a little messed up. As personal expirience advice. Try a install for best in a as high as possible subdirectory order. Best C:\KSP?\ if you mode then you have a much easier job to controll your install. And if the Kraken was summoned once is best to make a fresh install. Some data may be corrupted now. Funny Kabooms Urses
  4. A skill tree for the Kerbals. Like for engineers 2 ways. One way enables repairing of struktures as example solar or cooling panels insitu. And the other way is support for stat upgrades of crafts. Like fuel efficiency or ec output. For pilots one for orbital mechaniks and other for atmospheric flight. SAS improvements or semi automatic modes. As example docking or landing. And for sienciest a field sciencist mode or stationary worker. Urses
  5. For most ingame problems there is a solution. As a guidehelp this Thread is realy big help: Take a look in and don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure. Funny Kabooms Urses
  6. Moded is the USI-Konstruction the way to go. Construktion Docking rings have the ability to dock on precise angles. Vanilla .... swearing, sweating and trying... and more time as the most will invest in.... Funny Kabooms Urses
  7. I can't realy say i am a StarTrek fan. But i like to look in from time to time. My way in was realy crazy by the way. It begun with the german "Spaceship Orion" and the old british "UFO Organization SHADOW"... But my personal favorite in StarTrek universum is Enterprise with Com. Archer.... I have somehow twisted Taste.... Funny Kabooms Urses
  8. For me it looks like you have a heavy vehicle on a slope. And if you run upwards you will get slover. After you turn to side you get a smaller slope to work with and you can go faster this way. Funny Kabooms Urses
  9. Known for not know what a train 1983WP is
  10. In means of full teraforming we need to rebuild a atmosphere completly in a nitrooxy version to make it habiatable for common human and a ecosphere he need to survive. For this you need as one of needs a stable magnetic field, bc humans and Cosmic radiation don't play well along. We lack at the moment the ability to generate this one as artifically started "natural phenomenon" or fully artificaly generated field (somehow it tingles in the mind like forcefield). This means actually every colonisation will be a prozess to build habitats as domes or underground facilities. Because it is a realy expensive peojekt we need efforts that are global and i am not realy sure that "humanity" is able to say let bring our animosities to side and work together... Thus said we have to look on science fields where work of some countries get a profitable outwork. And i think the genetics and prostetics would enable the colonisation efforts. Something like Human MK2 with symbiothical skin bakterias which generates oxygen and hydrocarbonates from sunlight and atmospheric CO2 for brain to work in a cybernetic body to reduce needed enviromental adaptions, but enable for a cognitive being to interact with the new world. Just my 2 pens Funny Kabooms Urses
  11. The interesting and main point for play KSP is IMPO mostly not why i go somewhere, more how i get there. We have many games with prebuilded ships and then it sounds like "go for it flight ass kill x enemys at point y to progress..." why? Why i have to kill somebody to have fun in space? Privateer, Elite, Master of Orion.... go up, kill, rule... a lill more comes with X... build and explore... but kill everything unfriendly again.... why somebody decide who is enemy or friend, why i can't explore build and expand... and KSP give it to me... and if i have the urge to kill somebody i build a small base with pirates and can hunt them down, but i am never pushed the way to make the rivers red...to florish. Maybe this is one argument more for KSP? I play a sandbox realm which is absolutely under my control. Urses
  12. If it may help try to reinstall/update your video card drivers and DirectX/OpenGL. It could be the graphic settings that are messed up? Funny Kabooms Urses
  13. The Tricky way provoke them: Don't bother to play. It is complicated and a indie game. You don't have shiny crafts to fly. It is like LEGO you can build everything but you have it to do by self. Here as example (open up fails and what did you-Treads on mobile) see? (Snitch some own pics but making it clear it is your own account "oh great design"->Like). But as said, it's complicated don't bother... If he/she asks: Can i...? Don't let say to end! Yes you can... but you will ask many people on forums and find out how. But untill this moment i did not seen anything that would not be possible.... and if, you have mods... Than look demonstratively on the Watch: Oh sorry after i seen this one design i get a idea that i will go to test... see you around! /wink and go. The direkt way: Basement Water and food supply for 1 week Laptop without internet or wifi with preinstalled KSP. ????? One KSP-junkie more Funny Kabooms Urses How do i explain a gravitational assist without? I need them to draw some repeating near-by-shots....
  14. I am mostly on mobile in Forums . And it is realy a pain to work around here.... Ninjaed by LGG. The app need more a specific functions for work in, like quoting or inbeding of links and pics. One of the best functions would be mayby auto spoiling of pictures. Some pic heavy treads are nearly Impossible to load... Urses
  15. Nertea is working on his addons for 1.3. My musthaves why i am sticking actually with 1.2.2 and wait patiently for updates. The sharable missions where you lopk for are more in the DLC not the stock KSP. But you can bet the most are eager to get it Urses