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  1. Sorry is like 5-10 years ago, so i dont realy recall but as far i remember they are anaerob(oxigen kills them) and need temperatures higher than 70°C to exist. This said there found some anaerob bakterias with 200°C+ too. I have to search the Source if somebody is interested, but need some legwork.
  2. It would be a realy smelly world... at least for us. But you don't realy have to go so far to find unconventional liveforms. Look at a undersee vulkans and the hypotherm lifeforms there. AFIK they consume sulfids as energy support?
  3. Maybe the NSA's Omega? I thought same here realy BadS base and i though my bases with 20-30 Modules are big.... Funny Kabooms Urses
  4. 0+
  5. 0+
  6. You can try to build One Transporter with Konstruction parts from RoverDude? I get lastly One together for 20m hight stack for testing.... not realy stable build but works.
  7. -1-
  8. But for a "normal" User ist staff something = god Look at RD's Treads... it looks like mandatory think Staff is the one who programmed the hole game. Anyway godspeed and new nice experience in your new workfield. Funny Kabooms Urses
  9. ... is Home to a big spider family. This Bankhouse...
  10. Tacos are tasty .... oh look a taco (-1-)stand....
  11. I send some lawyers to you and let them diskuss with you about ownership Rights and Subscribe Many dokuments to be the owner... (and one of them let you give the hill as present to me)... My hill.
  12. ...Is actualy the only thing on Dres. This hideout...
  13. Banned for seeking something "True" in a Place where SciFi nerds rule
  14. @Abbubner Norcalplanner gave you a good advice. If you have problems to do the maths (like me with thrugling around with calculator 'till it "feels" right) and don't mind to use mods. Than you can try out KER(Kerbal Engineer Redux) or MJ(MechJeb). They do a lot this way. And no i don't wish to Start a diskussion witch one is better! Funny Kabooms Urses