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  1. Beautiful.... And your reaction is priceless! /lift chapeau Funny Kabooms Urses
  2. And i am more as sure here was a "s" forgotten.... /pocker face/ Funny Kabooms Urses
  3. I think this is a interesting statement! We are adulted enough to say let the new wind come in. And not complain why this or that was better. And RoverDude has realy nice looking parts, that for true! Funny Kabooms Urses And this is a good Source for ideas to come in the future. A better mindtrust you will never get elswhere, where the Internet community is not as interested as in KSP.
  4. Are you sleeping sometimes? Or do you "misuse" insomnia? Urses
  5. Every single time... i see his posts wit pics and i have to like it... Grear job as ever AH Funny Kabooms Urses
  6. Nope this is "redicoulos speed" it is well defined Funny Kabooms Urses
  7. If you have a idea present it

    If you have concerns talk about it

    If you have a problem solve it

    Don't hesitate to make a decision because a bad solution is better as no solution at all

    1. NSEP


      Thanks alot man! That is really usefull. Awesome!

  8. For challenge you can look in DangIt! and like mentuoned avove the Real Crowd Fuels, Engines and and and. Realism ovehaul. Deedly Reentry with Real Parachutes makes it challenging too. Sigmas Rescale above 3.2x is challenging too. As support for your game KER or MechJeb, the last has to many Automatiks IMPO. RCSBuildAid, CorrectCOM... they are to many to name them all... look at first here: Try, decide and have fun. Nobody can say you for real which ones are the musthave because it is your playstile who decide what is needed. Funny Kabooms Urses
  9. Oookayyy i have seen this picture some times on inet but a KSP analogie.... Perfect Funny Kabooms Urses
  10. Carrier is the best way to achive somerhing in KSP.
  11. The fuel efficient way is to go for a near circular at start. And than do the escape birn on your lowest orbital point (Periapsis). And one additional escape burn stage do not realy hurt you. Take a vacuum optimased engine for it and go for full burn Funny Kabooms Urses
  12. The typical AddOn release rule: No pics no clicks
  13. To sgallow is mostly problematic for spaceplanes at ascend. They are to long in dense atmo and build up way to much on heat. On reentry and woth pod mk-1 feom LKO is a periapsis between 20-25km is mostly a sure way and like mentioned above you dont need a heat shield for this. For becoming a feeling for the landing procedure it is best to go first in near Circular orbit at 70-80 km do a reentry burn to drop peri at 20-25km stage all things and let it plumb in. As i understand your description yoz was to heavy and to steep. If you do all right you habe mostly the safe hight for parachutes to deploy at around 12 to 10 km. And this is way safe to land at mountains too. The pod is aerodibamicaly stable on its own to go blunt first if he is alone. And as mentoned above you can missuse the strorage doors as aerobreacks. But if you do so ise jeatshield too because the container had lower heatabsorption. And if you a little too imconcentrated you get a dart through atmosphere. As you described your ascend you has the same atmospheric strugles. You have to begin at start with graviturn and not ad before at around 10km. Hope some tipps help you. Funny Kabooms Urses
  14. Yes sweep wings would be real nice. One addition would be a rotation able Cockpit and you have a Beast of a plane... what we will need to build something like this at KSP... Maybe something like KSP3+ Urses
  15. @bewing If i understand your information right the best way to fly a scramjet in realistic atmosphere is to build a normal supersonic plane, go for the targeted hight light the scramjet and flip the plane upsidedown for best aerodynamiks? Funny Kabooms Urses
  16. If in Doubt try new install? Try GotHub and there the latest release? Go in your GameData delete all Tantares Subdirektories and install manualy. As is see it is 1.2.2 compatible and is parts AddOn. If you have problems again ot would be the best to adk direktly in the Tread for help. Funny Kabooms Urses
  17. For the weird ground you may be will activate scaterer in games options vor more details and/or use EVE. For your CKAN problems... hmm maybe try manual install? The most bog one addons ise miniAVAC as a bundled option to controll uptodate install. And you need to manualy kill every "old" mod install and get the newest editions of your addons. But if you don't rush it is a sure imstall. And personal expirience advice () CONTROLL for double cfg's... happens to me with module manager... For manual installs you have some dependencies like MM, CRP, MiniAVAC and Kopernikus if you use aditional planet packs. But after that you are flexible. And as i experienced on the forums CKAN is a "stone in the shoes" some say its a present from the gods other say if you use it, you are doomed. You can make a additional KSP copy and try out a manual install and then decide witch way is more preferable for you. Hope this helps a little. Funny Kabooms Urses
  18. Define normal Nothing special, absolutely average, predictable.... Define KSP Highexplosive "crazy people" who go to space untill their rockets or used Computers go KABOOM. Are you sure you will be "normal" if you play KSP? Funny Kabooms Urses
  19. Never and i mean realy never say your narcistic boss that his beloved "worker" is dumber as a bread....:D

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      Oh, and don't let your boss know you're trying to take his job, too.

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      Nah we only cut on the feets of his chair one cut per day....:cool:

  20. I has the same problem with GPP and Kopernikus. There was a Kopernikus cfg hotfix that fix this behavour. If im right this glitch you have looks like water texture? Look/ask at Kopernikus. Hope this helps. Funny Kabooms Urses
  21. The controls on EVA are normal WASDQE aditionaly you have UP/DOWN with Shift/STRG and rotation around COM with Left mouse Button+ Drag. R is for RCS activation for all and L for light and for pilots you have SAS with T. Hope this helps. Funny Kabooms Urses
  22. @DocBones Realy nice work. If i may insist it would be great to have support for Configurable Containers from allista for the containers on the lander. It will become a interesting support option for base building this way? Funny Kabooms Urses
  23. @dboyse47 The Akita has a Command seat this mens you can't assign a pilot in VAB/SPH. But thus is a mod that enables it. Other workaround is to add a separator with a manned pod, decouple, EVA and man the Akita. Or add a module with manned option like Ranger Airlock or Science Lab. And for "board" you have to rightclick on the Seat not the Cage. Funny Kabooms Urses
  24. The typical way to become a Kerbal to lvl3 is Start in orbit Fly to the Mün and orbit Fly to Minmus, orbit there, land and plant a flag. Peak out for Kerbol (Sun) orbit. Fly back and land on Kerbin. Your Kerbals are 3 Star then. For Maneuver nodes you need, as said above upgrade for Mission Control and Tracking Station upgrades. And for needed EVA upgrades from R&D and Austronaut Complex. All other stars for Kerbals need long range missions to another bodies. Hope this helps. Welcome to the forums Funny Kabooms Urses
  25. Go in settings and disable ComNet. Than you have full controll anytime. Funny Kabooms Urses