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  1. Hi Jack, I Encounter this problem mostly if there is a clipping issue. Some objects clip in the hatch or in the docking port. My work around is to tweak the modules farther away, one shift step is mostly enough. Funny Kabooms Urses
  2. And here is the hype Train Let the big conspiracy seeking begin If somebody drops such a commentary the Community begin to search for evidance what will come... Nah we wait, we look and read and we let SQUAD surprise us what will come. Thanks for update and goodspeed for the team. Urses
  3. There was a question if the Greenolith are able on additional planets. We can say for sure now. Yes they are if the dev is a nice one? Urses
  4. This maneuver works realy good as planechange too. For recovery in prograde and retrograde orbits as example. No need for high orbits for 180deg plane changes. Urses With USI-LS it works.
  5. The green ones aktivate one open node in tech tree if they are found. And Give a Milestone achivemnt. in GPP both isn't flagged but they are present^^ and it is not realy a world breacking problem We have more as enough since to gather See it as a side note Funny Kabooms Urses
  6. Hi @all, i run in some funny situation. Found one greeny but no technode upgrade. intentional? Funny Kabooms Urses
  7. I say only Hi from Ceti, Bob approves big mountains around and i was forced to fly per Jetpack there (GPP Greenolith/Randomlith) Funny Kabooms Urses PS: non SQUAD planets spawn them too
  8. -50+ Before was - and this is -51
  9. Nope it is a toothpick (for a troll) but a toothpick Urses I think NASA need some budget upgrades again....
  10. You can look in Nertea's Nearfuture compilation. His 2 man pod is one of the best i know (from NF Spacecrafts) i think it is your format. The Salamander from USI is a 2 man too. Or for airplanes B9 have many too. All above as examples. Funny Kabooms Urses PS: i am not realy sure but i think Kerbal Archeological institute have some old one?
  11. SOI = Sphere of Influnce. Urses
  12. He waits till the fox spring in his mouth. Why this don't happen?
  13. @OrbitalBuzzsaw Only Addonwise. @topic procedural parts are actual a wayaround to get a SRB in a look-a-like format i think. And like it was mentioned on other place it will maybe be the way to go for KSP. Some stile basic models. And through tech tree ability to procedural tweacking of the parts for tanks, engines, SRB's and maybe wings. Funny Kabooms Urses
  14. My username is a abrevation from my RL nickname "Grizzly". I stick with it since my 16 for my look. Big heavyboned but somewhere goodminded if nobody awakes my rage And as i became active on Internet like forums or chats i did used "Urs" or "Ursus". The problem was this nick was mostly taken and so it mitigated for "Urses". Original meaning is from latin Urs= Bear and in Alemannian it describe somebody who is reliable or true. So i try to be it if i give my word. And the Avatar is new for me(thanks to cratercracker) and is a combination of things that i like and my liveslogan. Beareyes (Urs) Tellumo (for KSP, Science and SciFi) And H&H = Hard and Honest, look for a chalenge and try to master it with your knowledge and ability. Urses
  15. @astroheiko I love your lighteffects on ships. My are more functional not estetic... Übertreibe es nicht (Don't overdo it) PS: do you use Kerbal R&D? Funny Kabooms Urses
  16. The best thing was in '90's to ask for foreign Languages... the most teens get something with 4+, but there where some exotics too like Loglan, Assembler or BASIC and PASCAL and the best they counted Funny Kabooms Urses
  17. @Regiampiero I seen you need a orientation ability for Kerbals on EVA too for Z. It is left click with mouse hold and drag. Like Camera with right same with left for Kerbal. Urses
  18. In 1.2.2 the option for kerbal orientation on EVA is still a option to check/uncheck and you can activate the SAS on EVA only with pilots. Enginier and sciencist don't have this option. Or i miss something? Funny Kabooms Urses
  19. @Kickn4fun so it looks all with ships is right! Now 2 tipps if you are near to each other your rcs is your best friend! And you have 2 controll panels WASD+Shift+Strg is for rotation yaw and pitch and for right left with your Ceneter of Mass (CoM) as axel and for main engine, best one disable the main if you are near and slow. And IJKL+H+N for translation up down and stear left right, h and n give you the ability to speed up and slow down without turning the ship. For docking you use best this combination and don't switch to docking mode.. @Just Jim i think this are the medium docing ports and there are allright (smile is seemable(?)) PS i hope we dont overcook here because so many are there Urses
  20. If i am not realy blind i think the docking port here IS the wrong way Urses Can you please get it in near pic?
  21. The problem is they snap lock in both positons! Inside and outside! Thus means you have the juniors at the moment. The right side for out is the side without the proonged cilinder. If you look precisely you see black smiley there. Here you see the right position And here is the smiley where i talk about: As you see on the first one the docking ports have 2 snapnodes and this will provoke some position failures at first attempts. The most valuable advice for docking will be maybe following. 1. Don't be to fast at first trys, 0,5m/s will be to much to manage 2. Make it step by step. first rotation than tranlsation and vice verse, you need some correktures on first trys 3. if you are below 0,5m range and does all right till than the magnetism will do the rest. if you are there and nothing happens than is something fishy for sure! and the best one gave you @Just Jim don't give up^^ Try, evaluate, try again! I hope sth here helps, and if not try to post some pics please. Funny Kabooms Urses
  22. Hi 3 addotional questions. 1. Play you pure stock? 2. Are you sure the docking nodes are same diameter? 3. Are there build in in right manner? I ask because on my first docking in real game i manged to try to dock a medium and a junior and the medoum was invards Funny Kabooms Urses PS: pics and/or craftfiles would be beautiful for sure
  23. Ideas? Craftfiles or gathering points? What do you have in mind? Funny Kabooms Urses PS: do you count situations too?
  24. @JadeOfMaar Annnnnd sold! /*hammering sound*/ Have fun chummer Urses
  25. Hi @Alastor Welcome to the forums. Your Kerbals can open Solarpanels on EVA manualy without energy. Or you can claw the satelite with another ship abt transfer EC. Hope this helps Funny Kabooms Urses