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  1. By the way, how do you move the files to usb anyway?
  2. Hi everyone, lately i've been working on the lunar portion of the constellation project. I was inspired by someone's constellation ship pack, and so I decided I would do so too. I made a few mistakes, like letting the lander go before we left the mun's sphere of influence and managed to destroy the landing gear on touchdown, but i think it's good and I hope you like it! Here the test orion seperates from the second stage of the Ares I The Altair lander takes off and heading for orbit (below) Heres the whole stack, waiting for translunar ejection The perfect view from EDS of Altair/Orion in munar orbit. (I kept it until then because I was worried about fuel. Just after this picture I deorbited it). The triumphant photo of Jebediah on the mun! (I lost the landing gear on touchdown even though i was going at 4 m/s on touchdown i think it's because of the weight.) (below) Orion with Bill and Bob in low mun orbit. The triumphant docking of the two spacecraft, ironically this happened right over the landing site in the 'farside' crater (below) edit: on docking I had a little accident with altair and lost one of my solar panels. The orion reentry (on it's second pass because I was too shallow) above (above) success! (ironically I had too much fuel)
  3. I built the ares I and Ares V and recreated the constellation progect!. Currently basking in the sun waiting to take off to orion
  4. MY Jeb is on the mun, waiting for the correct time to ascent toward orion.
  5. THANK you! Will try soon!
  6. Apparently, (at least for me) there is, (if you are on the ps4) i was building a rocket, and i did R1/left motion on R3, and it scrolled up. That freaked me out. SO BAD!
  8. Hello kerbonauts! Here is a challenge that I made. Its called the THE 1000 km AND BACK SPEEDRUN CHALLENGE. Basically you have to go up to the area just above 999,999 meters (1,000km to 1,010 km) and return home as fast as you can. Rules: No cheating, like no hyperedit, or from the Alt-F12 menu. No mods, other than EVE type mods, or Kerbal engineer. The version has to be above 1.0, so you probably want to have a heat shield... The minimum height is 1000 km, the maximum height is 1,010 km. Everything else: You don't have to have a screen shot. Your vessel can be manned or unmanned. Your final vessel has to land intact with crew (if you have any) alive. Your time ends when your vessel lands on kerbin. Your time also includes your apogee. Finally, HAVE FUN! My entry from 1002 km: 26:42
  9. Hi my name is DunaManiac, I hope you appreciate my appearance!
  10. Squad, do you have any release dates for the new update. I read a thread that said the update was going to happen "In early Next year" But does anyone know WHEN that actually is?