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  1. Ok, the RCS modules working now. We are now able to control the flaming brick as it plummets from the sky. I haven't yet got a successful re-entry through the hypersonic zone yet, though I am unclear if this is due to pilot error or because the max temperatures haven't been tweaked yet. I'm playing with AoE angle and the Pe and Ap points during the descent, any suggestions are welcome. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases/tag/v11.5-pre2
  2. Thanks @astroranger189, I'm seeing the same thing where after a successful orbit, deorbiting is a fiery brick plummeting from the sky. I've tried a few different ways to get the RCS to pull through RealFuels correctly but haven't quite got it working. I have a promising lead looking at a stock craft config, as I was playing one of the stock craft this weekend which was working with MMH+NTO RCS fuel, so I plan to test that direction this week.
  3. Thanks @Stone Blue, looks like a rescale factor of 1/0.64 worked well for the node attachment points as well as bringing the model in-line with real world dimensions. I cut a new version with this update: https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases Direct download of the new cfgs. Place in GameData\RealismOverhaul\RO_SuggestedMods\ to use. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases/download/v11.5-pre1/Space_Shuttle_System.zip Updated: Rescale model back to real size Real fuel configs for tanks and engine Thrust and ISP for engines adjusted Mass adjustments for many parts (WIP) Still have a number of aspects to test, but I was able to get my shuttle to low earth orbit right as the external tank emptied tonight, which was cool.
  4. Lol, yes I haven't looked into the sizes yet, as I am concerned that may throw off the node attachment points and so should be done a single shot. My goal is to get the power and mass good first, then length and width. The pre-release tag has been updated with a Zip containing just the folder to be placed into RealismOverhaul\RO_SuggestedMods. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases/tag/v11.5-pre
  5. Here's my work in progress for the RO/RSS patch. I've tried to pull real world data where I could find it, and still testing/refining a few things, but could be worth a test run. Thanks @DrLicor for the initial configurations for fuels. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/tree/master/GameData/RealismOverhaul/RO_SuggestedMods/Space_Shuttle_System I'll post a release of just this directory when I get home later today,
  6. Hi @astroranger189, I'm working on an RSS patch right now as the mod is awesome and my 1.2 KSP is built on top of RSS. Still working on it, but got the shuttle into space last night with better thurst and fuel configured. Hoping to get some more time tonight and I can send you a draft.