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  1. I love the series so far, except I am distracted by two things: the first one is that I really want to build craft that look like yours, and the second one is the visuals. How do you get the clouds on Laythe? How do the planets look way better??? Is it a mod?
  2. Thanks! Also check out my 'Panther Space Program'. You can look at it here.
  3. 'Aero-1' The 'Aero-1' was an improvement over the 'Aero-0' as it had a Kerbonaut piloting it, and a second stage. It lifted off with Asanna Kerman onboard, and the plan was to use the velocity of the SRB to reach a higher altitude, before the second stage fired. Once the craft started falling back through the sky we activated the second stage. We had a Kerbal in space! The re-entry though, was a bit dangerous, as we were only learning about heat shields, let alone developing them. The trip went well and Asanna came down just short of 5km's from the PSC. We later used the money rewarded to us to get heat shields and more parachutes. Next up was orbit!
  4. The Beginning, For Real With the hiring of the staff, the rebuilding of the VAB, SPH, Tracking Station, and all the rest, the Panther Space Program was ready to get started. All we needed now was ideas for vessels and Kerbonauts to fly them. We had enough money left over from the rebuilding fee to purchase some parts from the MRS Toys & Hobbies Shop, and got to work. Eventually, after several days, Wernher came up with an idea for the 'Aero-0'. The Aero-0 was an unmanned rocket, taking a science package with it, all sticky taped onto an explosive tin can, which we later found out that it was called a 'Solid Rocket Booster'. The launch went well, and it exceeded 10,000 meters into the air before the parachute deployed, and we got some valuable scientific data back from it. Next up in line was the 'Aero-1'.
  5. The Beginning...ish As the old Kerbal Space Center had been demolished over fifty years ago, the land had been kept in it's form where the buildings were, so it was pretty easy to hire some Constructokerbs to rebuild the buildings again. A new flag was placed, and the site was renamed to the 'Panther Space Center', or 'PSC' for short. Next up was hiring the staff for the space center. Allegedly, Gene Kerman found Wernher Von Kerman hiding out in the barn at the back of the space center, hoarding whatever supplies he could get, living like a mouse, but this was disproved as lies. With some more hiring of staff, the space program was ready to go again.
  6. The Kerbals were once a master race, ruling the Kerbol system. They built large spaceships to carry them to far off worlds such as Eve, Eeloo, Dres, and Jool, but eventually, the urge of space travel subsided. The space program gradually lost funding, and was shut down. Only after fifty years did the new government, the United Panthera Alliance, take notice. They hired a new director, director of the newly formed Panther Space Program, Gene Kerman, to lead them, and, giving him 250K, told him to "do some spacy stuff and not blow up". The Panther Space Program was born!
  7. Yeah you're right as well. They need more detail, and maybe update the graphics for the planets and moons, like adding clouds on Kerbin and other planets that have an atmosphere, adding realistic water visuals, and maybe add weather variations to the game. Anyway, I think that KSP needs new planets or moons. A moon around Dres? Another moon around Duna? And also, this topic is only about adding new planets or moons to the game, not about updating the current planets or moons. I'm talking about the devs adding new planets or moons to the STOCK game, not about a planet mod. This topic is about new planets or moons being added in the next update, not about planet mods.
  8. Wouldn't it be nice if the Devs added in new planets or moons? They did it with Eeloo, why not do it again? Why not add in the legendary 'Gas Planet 2', or a couple of more moons around Duna, or a moon around Dres? I've been to every planet and every moon, and i'm starting to get bored with the choices of planets or moons to have a ground base or space station on. What would you like the new planet or moon to be called? Maybe if we start the discussion, it might appear in update 1.3.
  9. You said that you played it for a few years on PC, and now you're saying that you don't have a PC. Explain???
  11. 'Kerbal Adventures' is a comic that I am making, and at the moment it is set around common mistakes that new players often make (structural integrity, running out of fuel, bad piloting, going on a trajectory around the sun or into the sun, etc). I will begin publishing it once I find out how to get images on the forums without using Imgur, as Imgur is blocked for 'photo-sharing' on my laptop, and I can't do it on my desktop since it had a blue screen of death and is in for repairs.
  12. Yeah, you're right. I have had some bugs with the mod, such as the speed-meter (that tells you in m/s how fast you're going), it appears outside the craft near the command module, and sometimes I have to EVA a Kerbal and get them in again for the other Kerbals to spawn in the planetary greenhouse, mkII crew thing, and the science lab. I have also discovered that the mod works fine with version 1.0.0 of KSP, even though it's for 1.0.5! And what use are the landing legs if you have them and you use a garage ramp, if the landing legs aren't tall enough than the garage ramp, so the ramp hits the ground?
  13. Ok. I thought that we already had a rover thread, but I couldn't see it on the first 5 pages of topics. Thanks for merging it! Also, with the 'WORLD SPEED RECORD!' thread, can it be moved to Challenges and Mission Ideas? I accidentally put it in the Spacecraft Exchange!
  14. If you have a ground base, either big or small, either running smoothly or insanely framerate breaking, either at ground level or high up, on land or water, and you think that it's worthy enough, then send me pics! Show the rest of the forums how good your basebuilding skills are! Show them how much skill and time it took you to construct it, and last of all, show them links to mods if you used them! To post, you will have to have at least one picture of your base, and a short description (function, goal, objective, etc.) of your creation. And, even though it's called "ground base", that doesn't mean that you can also have a "sea base"! Get building, forumkerbs!
  15. Welcome to the Small Craft Megathread. From here, you can post your small craft/s in any way you see fit! Modded craft(s) are also acceptable, but you will have to include the link to any mods that you used parts of in your design. I am permitting, say, a picture of a large craft with the small craft (like a little shuttle) around the large craft, but the photo(s) will have to be focused on the small craft. Rovers are also accepted, as are sea vessels (they must be seaworthy though, so don't just build a little jetski or something and have the pictures of it on land, they will have to also be in water). Anyway, enough talking!