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  1. Hi all, the game crashed this morning, and the log said that mono.dll caused an access violation in module mono.dll. I think it's a memory issue, like the game running out of memory or something. These are the mods I've got installed: BDArmory, DEMV Mk4 & Mk5 rovers, Fantom Works KAX expansion, FuelTanksPlus, KAX, KASA (Warpship), KAS, KIS, Kerbaltek (HyperEdit, cheaty but whatever!) Kerbonov, KWRocketry, LLL, Infernal Robotics, Mark IV Spaceplane System, Modular Rocket Systems, KSP Interstellar and Interstellar Extended, TextureReplacer, Planetary Base Inc, SciFi Shipyards, TweakScale, and UKS/MKS, AES, HERP, and PackRat from UmbraSpaceIndustries. Is that too many mods? Might too many mods be causing the issue? Unfortunately for the crash, it didn't produce an output_log, only an 'error' file and a crash.dmp file.
  2. I have seem to forgotten what mono.dll is. The game crashed 5 minutes ago, and the log said that mono.dll caused a violation in mono.dll. I think it's a memory issue, but what's mono.dll again?
  3. Hi all, who's been watching the new series of Dr Who? Next week's episode is the season final, and is going to be very important, and climactic. A ship full of Cybermen, the Master, and judging by the trailer, FLYING JETPACK-CYBERMAN! Anyway, this is just a topic to talk about Dr Who, whether it be the villians, what happened in an episode, theories (can't be completely silly, must have sensible grounds to base it on!), companions, even memes! Just don't rip a fabric in time and space!!!
  4. Ok. So the game takes a lot of time to load, but after it loads, is it playable?
  5. Also, make sure that your computer can run the game. Check the minimum specs for Kerbal Space Program, found on . If your computer doesn't meet the minimum specs, then you may need to update your drivers, or even get a new computer. . Or, try uninstalling the game, and then reinstalling it. That's all I can help you with at the moment, I'm afraid.
  6. I only installed a few part pack mods, and KSP runs fine on my computer, having around 30-40fps. But I found out that I had too much stuff around the KSC, so I recovered all of that, launched the craft again, and it works!
  7. I can just imagine if one crashes into something. Each Star Destroyer's crew capacity (not including troops and pilots, only the crew) is 37,085!
  8. Ok, I'll change it! Don't want to be misleading to my fellow players! Edited it, here you go: KSP in 32-bit, means that it has 232 (2 bits and 32 bytes) of spare memory. You might think that it's a lot, but the game files, and all the stock parts, usually make that memory down to about half. KSP 64-bit is better, but only if your computer can handle it. 64-bit means 464 (4 bits and 64 bytes) of memory
  9. Thankyou for your question. For now, I'll just cover the basics. But you can expect more advanced tutorials (manoeuvre nodes, interplanetary transfers, gravity assists, etc.) in the future.
  10. So I was flying around this morning, and landed at the Old Airfield. I went up to the control tower, got into the top, jumped up on a window, took a screenshot, and then jumped down from the window to the floor, so I could walk down the stairs again and fly back to the KSC. Only this time, when I jumped down from the window, the altimeter started going negative, and then was blank. The screen went black. I pressed F3 to check the flight log: 'Jebediah Kerman: Currently on escape trajectory out of the Sun'. 'Highest speed: NanM/s. Most ground covered: NanM/s'. According to the KSP Wiki, this type of Kraken causes this: The navball also disappears, and when returning to the space center, the screen remains black and the game must be manually closed from the desktop. This kraken is particularly dangerous because when encountered on the surface of a planet, it causes all craft in the vicinity to be destroyed, and those left are shot out of Kerbol orbit. The log in Debug Toolbar shows "look viewing vector is zero". As of V1.1, the altitude GUI will go blank, and the game will crash. So when I got back to the space center, I could see empty space. This isn't the first time this has happened though, but what could it be caused by? I've provided an output_log for the first time this happened on Dropbox, but I don't have one for this time, sadly. The output_log for the same glitch that happened a few days ago can be found here.
  11. Hey @solidsnakeuk89, I would probably suggest that you edit the title of the topic. I'm saying this because now it's 'To the mum like in Apollo missions', while it should be 'To the Mun in Apollo missions'.
  12. Hey @Jett_Quasar, what's your framerate when you built the massive Star Destroyer a few posts above me? I'm guessing because of the EPIC SIZE OF THE THING! Also, is it a Star Destroyer I or a Star Destroyer II?
  13. I was thinking about downloading the craft, and adding some rotatrons to the legs and everything. But is there a .craft file?
  14. I saw your photos, holy cow! I really like the AT-AT! Can it walk though? And if possible, .craft file link?
  15. Hi all, it's the last day of Term 2 at my school! So I'll be on nearly every day for the next month! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!