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  1. @ScriptKitt3h I have cracked you toughest ship, by the way. And with only one missile.
  2. Attempt #1 with my totally untested missile. Yeah, the ship survived, but will you use it? After impact, I refused to test the weapons and engines because I risk damaging it further. @MiffedStarfish You have to best work on your armor layout. I believe you have never encountered such damage.
  3. I cannot add modules beyond Minmus.
  4. Since you have the toughest armor I know, I am testing my anti-Miffed missile on you. The EX-7 is a very tough nut to crack, so breaching that means I am one step closer to be on your level. And the others have more disorganized repositories. I might do so, later.
  5. The single-launch ring station is just for show. I launched it.
  6. I am already developing counter-Miffed missiles AND armor. Was the damage consistent, though? Even my new missile destroyed the Hyperion twice; the rest disfiguring the ship, making it less of an efficient warship.
  7. I have made a compact missile with the punch of the Javelin. It had destroyed the EX-7 twice, one on the soft underbelly and once on the hard outer shell. @MiffedStarfish better start making new armor, cuz you have got new competition.
  8. I think it is as useless as a furnace minecart in minecraft. There is almost no use for a swivel gun as long as DMP keeps damage client-side.
  9. Don't tell me you doubleposted again, @ShadowGoat.
  10. You are lucky. I have to mass-produce each new line of missiles for the ships.
  11. Put me on the reservation list. I may add two additional universal docking areas or another return pod.
  12. Not anymore. I have a new top-secret anti-@MiffedStarfish missile technology that is so obvious, no one has ever used it.
  13. The hull is simple. A structural wing armor buffer covering a main single-plate armor.
  14. ... @StupidAndy