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  1. So, WaffleTech Military Technologies had discovered an abandoned hangar and found blueprints for a secret project. An old WWII jet came along with it. Without hesitation, the craft was immediately sent to the aviation museum and began work on the craft. After 3 years, they have successfully rebuilt the jet, as a trainer jet.
  2. Destroyed by SDI.
  3. Alt + F9 rewind... Just giving the 12 cookies to Elon Musk... his cookies.
  4. I have a 100-seat SSTO to Duna for a challenge, but could never really find out whether or not it could do it unrefuelled. Pics: Craft file:!9rggDAxD!L8I49cp_l3LKI6IQO3MezDkV5f0g_0pDD2xn5L0gblY
  5. meh @Matt Lowne
  6. I frag myself. My hill.
  7. known to be a knight
  8. Filipino. TUBM is a user.
  9. I make a mental solution to the infinite safe problem. I got only one try and the room goes boom. Well, they won't go boom if I use physics. 2 hours later Found it! My cookie.
  10. Nice. But that is about as far as you can get?
  11. Aerobatics. Supermaneuverability isn't new to me, so i may take this. Which rings?
  12. Your cookie. Failed to say the plural form. I still get that and your cookie. My cookies
  13. Yep, floating up indefinitely while I delete your inventory and I give myself 64*32 cookies
  14. her @Matt Lowne