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  1. Well we have an answer now I guess, But it was fun to speculate.
  2. I don't know it looks like the same shot, but the angle is different, the lighting. It sets a mood. I think it was deliberate.
  3. Yup there are a few new loading screens
  4. Not trying to necro here but this is the most recent relevant post. I think it's happened, Squad hasn't said anything but look:
  5. Ya I guess I can do that, but I'd suggest considering the default carefully to keep compatibility with other star systems. I've read a little about how complex this can be. Gargantua I think was talking about it, and also stability. Would the on rails system keep these unstable orbits alive? I don't know, this is getting over my head. I'm starting to think a community star chart may be in order. @Sigma88 you seem to be somewhat of an authority, what do you think?
  6. That's what the poster on first page of the thread said, a couple posts down @RoverDude defended it. (He's big on balance.) I'll be honest I didn't read that much more about it. But the way it works I don't see how it would scale. I lost a parachute that was poking out the indent in the front of the bubble. I think overlapping bubbles would go badly. On that note, ksp is what? 1/6 scale ish? that would put the verse a 6.7 light years and that is still a trip. Considering the explody restrictions. In this case I think its better to consider gameplay rather than accuracy.
  7. go easy @Sigma88 proper code formatting is a learned skill, I've seen pros write ugly code to. @Pretorian28715 Try some Bash scripts that tech better formating almost immediately. Your own bad code is horrible to try and debug and a good lesson.
  8. Yes I took out the moons and it loaded. I tried to make it go faster running engines while warping doesn't do anything except burn fuel and shake the ship. 1.6 c is max speed. and I'm not about to stare at a ship in flight for 110 hours. (crappy framerates would stretch that i'm sure.) I ended up using the cheat menu to get there. Is that system even stable? a few orbits look really hazardous. Stars burn though, planets are hard, almost nothing had textures and those that were there, were just not right, like a quilt of mismatched textures. You have your work cut out for you. I zipped up the logs, the no moons one was over 100Mb though. Some log spam going on there. Here is the link
  9. Question? I calculated using USI alcublerre drive @ 1.6 times c it will take about 110 game hours to get to White Star from kerblin. And you can't time warp or leave the ship. (It goes boom). I'm I doing this wrong? This is my first time messing with interstellar stuff.
  10. @Pretorian28715working on those logs for ya, that about all the help I can be.
  11. @Sigma88 I think windows guys do that alot. I never understood why mono would use unix conventions like that.
  12. I read somewhere that can cause kerbin to be all black. I have that and space center won't load. Everything else does. I'm going to have to load this by itself get you some clean logs my friend.
  13. No worries data is good so I'm sharing. I have just about the worst setup so mistakes always shine through I hear Music! total time was 1 hour 32 min.
  14. I don't know what any of Kopernicus logs mean, so I can't analyze them. Didn't see any warnings though in the few I looked at. I'm curious to see if it loads.