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  1. I just bought a 1600x moving up from a phenom triple core. Benchmarks are showing the ryzen chips better at multitasking, slightly worse at single thread. And it's a new platform, AMD has invested heavily in. Expect it to be around for awhile and mature. It runs cooler and cost less. But if your counting framerates, get the intel chip but not the 7700k, not worth the price jump. I multitask so I'll take the small single thread hit, there should be less stutter for me and I'm running a small rig heat matters.
  2. I was talking about AFBW. you've been a great help however, and I'd like to return the favour. Your gonna have to help me out with the deps to build your AI, or compile one for me, I'll gladly take it for a spin try and come up with a few profiles. But, I'm no pilot. I do what works for me and I have no idea how legit my skills are. I've got parts in the mail I'm building a monster ryzen system so I'll be in a much better position to next month.
  3. @taniwha Seemed to work ok, I could adjust sensitivity, and see inputs. I did not see anywhere to reassign buttons, guess you still have to do that from ksp settings. Only log entry with AFBW was for AVC, so I'd say we're good. I' love to help with your project but about all I'm good for with mono is configs, I have actively avoided learning it. Garbage collectors are stupid.
  4. I'll look at it but I'm useless on this machine. To used to debian. Everything I've tried to build has inexplicably failed in one way or another. Solus is Linux but is NOT a posix system.
  5. Will do. I have hope I got analog going with sccontroller. Steam says it can do analog but it does not in ksp.
  6. Well that would explain it. I'm going to wait for taninwa's build then, stateless also makes it PITA to setup a build environment. Not going to poke he knows peeps are waiting.
  7. I have the @Boris-Barboris DLL my system says I have everything SDL except the dev files and SC controller set to Xbox. The game doesn't see the controller, afbw does not show in the tool bar. Using solusOS mostly up to date. Solus is stateless however that has caused me issues before with configs pointing to the wrong locations or the PATH being wrong. Any ideas? Edit, I did get sccontroller working, its required to have real analog input but I had to install xinput by itself, the package didn't pull it in. Other distros may be different.
  8. Black numbers and blues numbers if your using this mood you know what they mean. No confusion.
  9. I'm using this (surprisingly working without recompile.) in 1.3 even though Kerbal engineer gives me the data, the big blue numbers are welcome. I realized awhile ago that KSP does indeed have a stock radar altimeter, in the cockpit. I wonder how difficult it would be to get this mod to flip the altimeter automatically when the cockpit altimeter starts to move (1000 m I believe.) Configs I can mess with , DLL's such as this however are another matter.
  10. Putting the taketwo boogy man rant aside this point is worthy of debate, I mean there are some mods, that if picked up by Squad and re-released cleaned up I'd pay for. KIS being a great example. I would pay for Squad blessed, less buggy and better integrated good ideas. Yes they could kill mods to sell DLC, But KSP != GTA, KSP is Built on mods, its a lego system. Kill mods and you'll kill the game, no more revenue period. I think Squad with Take Two will continue, Making innovative DLC, like making history and overall more polished bits than what you can get in mods. I think that is the way to make money with DLC and co-exist with mods.
  11. This maybe dormant, but since I see a pr from @Olympic1 on github for 1.3 I figure there's a chance. The cargo Bay, and I assume the trusses are just a hair to short for a KIS container, would it be possible to make them just a hair longer to fit a KIS box? Or is that like a whole new model?
  12. No sweat I just blurted that out. I haven't got to the end of the thread.
  13. This, My kerbals get stuck because their non-existent helmets are huge!
  14. Well the runway is now flat, I realize half my planes relied on the seams to bump the nose into the air.