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  1. I built a new, small launcher for tiny payloads: First Stage: 1x LR-87-LH2 Second stage: 1x RL-10-3-A3 Payload to orbit: 1.7 tons
  2. I sent a supply ship to my station..... ......and launched 12 Communication Satellites: I tried to remember names from real satellites, thats why I ended up with "Iridium"
  3. I launched an improved Saturn V rocket which was made using Procedural Balloon tanks. I also tested one of @JadeOfMaars skyboxes
  4. I am pretty satisfied with the J-2 engine. The thrust and the ISP are no problem, the UA1204's are powerful enough to lift the shuttle off the pad, I actually could ignite the J-2 shortly before booster sep. TWR after sep is 1.02, so good enough. You are probably right with the RCS thrusters. They are not powerful enough to fight against the roll of the J-2 engine. Maybe I will try KeroLox engines on a MK2 shuttle
  5. I started building a MK1 Shuttle in my test save. Actually I never built a shuttle, neither in stock KSP, nor in Realism Overhaul: Shuttle Main Engine: 1x J-2 (890 KN) Orbital Maneuver System: 2x FASA Gemini Lander Engine (13 KN each) Boosters: 2x UA1204 SRM (about 3000 KN each) After a few testflights I figured out how to balance the fuel and the shuttle was able to ascent. The problem with a single main engine is that it can't balance itself (Two engines can do this). Thats why the shuttle started to roll after some time. I had to lock the shuttle on the prograde marker and disable gimbal. The shuttle entered into orbit, but I am not yet happy with that. Maybe I will test a MK2 shuttle with two main engines, in order to see if they perform better.
  6. Launched the rest of the voyager probes, Voyager 2, 5 and 6. Voyager 2 failed again and got an useless Jupiter encounter due to the imprecisely kicker SRB stage: Voyager 5 performed perfectly, I decided to go from Jupiter directly to Uranus instead of flying by Saturn first: For Voyager 6 I planned to use Jupiter in order to get to Pluto, like the New Horizons probe did. But Pluto is not yet in the right position, so I took a Jupiter --> Saturn maneuver:
  7. I started with my Voyager missions: Voyager 1 launch on Titan 3E. Failure - The probe ended up with an useless Jupiter encounter (Periapsis: 19 mio km instead of 340.000km) Voyager 4 made it, although its inclination was about 3 degrees off AND it lost lots of lqdHydrogen on the pad. Voyager 3 launched on a Saturn V/Centaur and got the planned encounter: Voyager 2, 5 and 6 will be launched tomorrow. I also failed a station contract, which expired 180 days after I accepted it. I totally forgot about it, because I was busy with the Voyager missions. I lost-300.000 and more than HALF of my reputation
  8. Today the Kerbals left Earth's SOI. It was a very exiting mission. Dibel Kerman launched on a Saturn V Wohooo!!! Interplanetary Space Earth is still visible. After one month in space, she set a maneuver to get back. Actually I planned to stay in orbit around the sun a little longer, but I did not know if I could get back in time, her ship provided one year of life support. She landed safely in the Sahara desert and is now ready for her next assignment.
  9. Today I started to build an entire fleet of probes for the outer solar system. The 1977 "voyager transfer window" allows me to fly by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune with a single vessel using gravity assists. Here you can see the planet constellation and the planned flight path: Earth --> Jupiter transfer will take 6800 m/s, then I will only need small adjustments. Well, maybe I exaggerate it a bit
  10. The Processing Lab, docking ports and RCS thrusters are stock, the grey parts on the left side and the grey parts between the white crew modules are procedural tanks. I am not quite sure about the white crew modules. I think if you install Realistic Progression Zero with its required mods, you should get them.
  11. Landed the 3rd Kerbal on the moon: I also started thinking about a manned sun flyby and tested a few concepts.
  12. Tested this pack, it is exactly what I wanted. Deleted everything except the RD-110, which is even RP0 compatible. Thank you very much!
  13. Hi, I am looking for a RD-0110 engine which works with Realism Overhaul and especially Realistic Progression Zero.
  14. The Mars ComSat arrived. It performed an aerobreak maneuver and entered into orbit: It will support my upcoming Rover, Lander and manned missions. I also added a Processing Lab to my space station: The module was quite heavy, I had a few problems to move it during the docking. But it worked
  15. I launched a big communication satellite to Mars for upcoming Lander, Rover and manned Missions. I used my Saturn V again because the Saturn V is just cool. I also tested @DECQ's Space Shuttle System mod, which is great Maybe I will add it to my RP-0 modlist...