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  1. So today I built a new rocket in order to launch my first moon probes. Payload to LEO: ~ 7-8 tons, Payload to the moon: ~2-3 tons. Boosters: 4 x LR-79 Core stage: 1 x RD-108 Upper stage: 1 x LR-91 The rocket worked perfectly, I launched at least 7 of them to the moon in order to satisfy contracts or get science points.
  2. I started a new RSS RO RP0 save and did all the basic stuff, sounding rockets and early science experiments so that I can aim for the first orbital attempts and manned flights tomorrow.
  3. How did you get this "STS Flight Director" sticker ?
  4. So today I decided to launch the american SkyLab station into orbit: I also built a Falcon 9.... ....a Titan 3B.... ....and a Titan 3D.
  5. A few days ago, I installed the Realism Overhaul dev version. I returned a capsule from low earth orbit: And I performed a moon fly by
  6. So in my current career save, my longest Mission is Neidon Explorer v1, which will arrive in 5 years. My farthest probe is New Horizons: My farthest spacecraft ever (not in this save) is this one: I placed the probe that far out using hyperedit while messing around
  7. I started with my manned Vall Mission 1. Transferstage launch 2. Crew launch: 3. Tanker 1 launch: 4. Tanker 2 launch: TWR was 0.13 so I made multiple burns.
  8. I landed my second manned Duna Mission. Sarnus Explorer v1 started with its primary mission (fly-by all moons & take the science data),... ....and I decided to return from my Sun space station.
  9. Bob returned from his manned Ike Mission. Again, everything went better than expected. Worldfirst Milestones: I also prepared my very first manned Mission to Vall. The screenshot shows the transferstage:
  10. This is my station at the moment: (WIP)
  11. The Duna --> Kerbin window opened, so I decided to return my manned Ike Mission. Also my Sarnus Explorer v1 probe has arrived!!! Awesome, isn't it ? I used a SRB to get into orbit:
  12. I added a new Viewing Cupola Module to my space station "SkyLab".
  13. I landed a new surface outpost on Minmus.... .....entered into an orbit around Moho (it took almost 4k m/s deltav)..... .....and I took this awesome screenshot:
  14. Hi, so I updated SVE a few days ago via CKAN, and now my Jool has rings. Dont get me wrong, they are awesome, but I still prefer the "classic" Jool. Who knows which file I have to delete in order to remove them ?
  15. The transfer window for Jool opened, so I launched the new space station for Vall which I prepared yesterday. Here you can see the station with transfer stage & ion powered return capsule: Also a probe, which was launched almost 3 (in-game) years ago, finally passed Urlum's orbit. The mission is actually an experiment - I want to see how far a probe can get. It shows how far the outer planets are... Everything looks so tiny