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  1. "Dres Explorer" arrived! The probe had enough deltaV to get into orbit. Low Dres orbit, 4,4km x 5,3km I also returned Lanne Kerman back to Kerbin. During her manned Duna lander mission she never had any problems, and she will take the next transfer window. World First Milestones:
  2. I am using Markus1002's Skybox for Texture Replacer. https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/markus1002s-galaxy-skybox-for-texturereplacer/files
  3. you could use Raidernick's US Probes pack
  4. I extended my space station "SkyLab". First, I removed the oldest station core. Then I added a new docking arm: I also noticed that I need more energy, so I built new solar panels and added them: Finally I decided to add a second multi-port.
  5. For me, the videos were entertaining.Nevertheless it is a pity that they were fake, but I am not upset.
  6. I returned my manned Lander Mission from the surface of Duna. I also placed a new orbital station in orbit around Eve.
  7. I woke up early, so I thought I could play some KSP . First, I landed a probe on the surface of Pol. Then I visited one easter egg on Minmus: I also accepted a new contract to put a new orbital station in orbit around the sun. I never had such a massive payload . Here is my station:
  8. I built a new probe to perform a Dres fly-by. The probe is not very heavy, so I could use my smallest launcher. To complete the burn, I had to use the ion thrusters. This is the probe. After a few corrections, I ended up with this.
  9. I accepted a new contact. Mission Objectives: -Acquire 1900 units of fresh ore from the Mun -Put your ore in orbit of Kerbin. So I used my biggest launcher. (Payload to low Kerbin orbit: a lot) Low Kerbin orbit: 96km x 80km Then I landed the Mining Lander.
  10. Two days ago, I launched my Moho Exlorer. Then I made a correction burn. 3 days until SOI-switch: On the left side you can see Eve and Jool . The probe performed a very low fly-by over Moho's Midlands. Then it left Moho's SOI again
  11. At the moment, he is hanging around in the Astronaut Complex
  12. If you enlarge the picture you should see a very tiny grey colored dot In the lower part of the circle.
  13. TOUCHDOWN !! My very first manned Duna Landing in career mode ! Look at Lanne Kerman, she is so happy and can't believe it. Then she went for a walk to explore Duna's surface and took some science data. She also planted a flag. Here is a amazing screenshot. It shows 5 planets seen in the night sky.
  14. I launched a probe to perform a Moho fly-by and to receive some science data there.