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  1. Wait...Are you saying you have to buy the updates?
  2. Ok...I figured out where my screenshots are how do I post it? And, where can I find updates? Please and thank you.
  3. Hello, does KSP search for updates when it is opened on your desktop? If so does it automatically download updates? If not where an I find the updates...I'm running version!
  4. V And, I cannot seem to get my screenshot to work...hit F1 and nothing.
  5. No that's not it either. I have 10 solar panels on my rover and 3, 1000 point batteries and I am fully charged.
  6. Ok...Then I think I have a problem. I right click my Rovemate and the only options are control from here or rename vessel. Any thoughts?
  7. Hello All. I have seen threads mentioning the Kerbnet and how it detects anomalies. I have a rover with a rovermate probe body and I have seen where this should allow me to use the Kerbnet. Is this a mod? If not how do I access it?
  8. Good day all. I made a pretty decent rover and I have been testing it around the KSC on Kerbin and it got me thinking. Are there any special locations on Kerbin to go to, such as cities, monuments, craters, wonders of the world, etc. If there are, do they offer special science bonuses at these locations. Also, if there are such locations, as a Kerbal, shouldn't I know where these are at? It is my home planet after all.
  9. Excellent. Thanks for the tips.
  10. Thanks guys, big help, and good to know. One other question, if its convenient in this thread, what does SOI stand for?
  11. Hello All. I have accepted a sun flyby contract and I'm having a small issue. The game does not allow you to set the sun as a target, therefore, I am not sure how to aim for it. This is my first attempt at leaving Kerbin space before accepting the explore Duna contract. Any tips?
  12. Thanks for the help guys. Your input allowed me to figure out what I was doing wrong. You were all a big help.
  13. Hello All. Enjoying my time with KSP very much. I have learned a lot. However, I am currently stumped on a contract I can't get in position for. I am trying to measure temperatures while in space flight above the Mun, but I cannot seem to get into position. I plan a maneuver that appears to line up with the zones needing measured, but when I come around my orbit where I thought I would be above the correct positions I am always off, and not by small amount, but several degrees off. Any pointers on this matter?
  14. Well...the part is the BACC "Thumper" Solid Fuel Booster, it is supposed to be test on the launch site, on Kerbin, and I am to activate the test through the staging sequence when all conditions are met. Kerbin and launch site both have green check marks on the contract tab when I am at the launch site. The part does not have a test engine tab when I click on it. I've tried launching a rocket with the booster, emptying the fuel from it, attaching the TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancer to it (to keep it on the pad through the launch sequence), I've even had my poor little Kerbal do an EVA from the top of the rocket, on the launch pad, while the engine was firing, and the Stabilitity Enhancer was attached, and still no completion (although I did get some nice science points from the EVA, radioed in, with a scientist, this friggin game! Guys that came up with this game are geniuses.) I have completed 27 other contracts and this one is the only one giving me issues at the moment, it's got me stumped.
  15. Hello. I am new to the game, and already highly addicted to it, and I have the contract testing the thumper rocket booster on the launch pad. I've tried this several different ways and cannot complete the contract. Does anyone have a moment to give me a hand?