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  1. I will probably never update this mod except if it becomes incompatible with kopernicus.
  2. I actually found the one problem: Properties { (stuff here) Orbit { (rest of config here) My atmosphere curve was fine. I used @KillAshley's Curve calculator.
  3. @OhioBob- Still doesn't work.
  4. What does StockalikeSolarSystem.dll do?
  5. Is there any way I can keep stock Kerbal names?
  6. Floor 1823: You find yourself in a cool discontinued car traveling back in time to Version 0.25 and find that the next 10 floors will also be in 0.25.
  7. Floor 1820: You find out that if no floors had been skipped and each post were a floor like it's supposed to be, this should be floor 1612.
  8. I am having issues with a planet. I tried fixing it, but it didn't work. Here's my config. (I am using 1.2.2-5) (I have word wrap on)
  9. Ever get bored with the stock system and wish someone would just move things around to make it (slightly) more interesting? That has become a reality with MoonReorganizer. A small Kopernicus config compatible with 1.2.2 and 1.3 (at least) moves Minmus to Duna and renames it. It also puts Gilly in Jool orbit. IMPORTANT! WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY SAVES WHERE YOU HAVE ANYTHING ON MINMUS- IT LITERALLY CHANGES ITS NAME, BOTH IN-GAME AND THE FILE. ALSO IMPORTANT- REQUIRES KOPERNICUS. And now, the moment you've all (or at least those of you who chose to stick around) been waiting for: Screenshots. Dwight(Minmus) Gilly Album On Imgur Download@Curse: Download Link Hope you like it!
  10. Will 1.2.2-5 compatible configs work with newer kopernicus?
  11. I have made a Kopernicus Plugin, and I know that all mods released have to include their source code. I was wondering, HOW ON EARTH (or Kerbin) CAN I MAKE A SOURCE CODE DOWNLOAD IF ALL I DID WAS TYPE PLANETARY INFORMTION INTO NOTEPAD++?
  12. Floor 1779: You are in a large room with many windows and a sign that says, "Closeup of Mun: 5."