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  1. Does this work with the latest version? l like tiny stuff and these parts look great
  2. I think its safe to say that everybody who plays career likes the early game, as after you unlocked the tech tree its the same as sandbox anyway it is a shame the unlocking the tech tree does not take you out of the kerbin system if you play efficient, what probably all of the more experienced players will do. for me after the early game of getting to orbit, most of the fun comes from multiple missions at the same time, it can we a bit of a laughter when you find a abandoned escape pod who totally missed its window to get the your station after you forgot to set a maneuver node alarm.
  3. does anyone know when we are going to get a sneak peak? i would like to see a vid of some of the new parts in action, all we have seen is pictures so far..
  4. Don't drink and fly I repeat Don't drink and fly!!!! *this will often result in doing the same easy mission over and over until you fall into a limbo
  5. when on EVA pres T for SAS and press R for RCS there u have controls...
  6. upgrade astronaut complex for space walks... if you are new to the game watch scott manleys tutorial for beginners on you tube( helped me a lot)
  7. i disagree on the: ''Adding mods like MechJeb, InfernalRobotics and even KER would be an extremely confusing and un-enjoyable experience for new players'' part. adding parts from KER and InfernalRobotics would make the learning curve of just a bit longer. i can understand that a new player has no idea what some of the values(KER) mean but after a while they will find out and realise how useful they are. if you would split the information you get from KER in different technodes, you can steer them in the right direction and make the game a more enjoyable experience. (think of giving burn time in early career and Dv in the later stages of your career) and how many things were you building a base and thought: '' it would be really nice if i had some moving joints''. and as with KER if you start with the more simple stuff it will only add to the learning curve.
  8. well the real time goal would be that you have to prioritise some missions over others, you cant accept a contract for lets say minmus and later find out you need more tech to do it, and then put the contract on hold until you have enough tech yo do so
  9. why would you not want to have time limits that you can actually fail? failing a few times before you succeed makes the game so much more fun to play
  10. i agree on this one, getting to the mun in 3 days is more than possible if you know how to play the game.. players who fist start the game and only have seen some trailers of the game can be considered 'new'. and i think 9 out of 10 players who fist start the game have no idea how to get in orbit let alone getting to the mun or minmus. that is why the early parts of the career mode are so much fun as they function as a sort of tutorial where you unlock better tech and gives you nice milestones. i can get that you want to get it more challenging by adding a time limit to get to the mun in 3 days BUT: 3 days after accepting a contract. the current world first contracts have a time limit of something like 10 years... (not sure exactly)
  11. i think a automatic suicide burn is way yo OP to give to a lv 2 pilot as you dont need to do anything to land.. i would more think to put it on drone cores and lv 4 or 5 pilots as these do not give real game changing upgrades or any at al
  12. this has probably suggested many times but: Can you change the amount of information you get with different tech? currently you only need 1 part to get all information that makes it a bit OP in career mode. maybe split some information(vessel, orbit, heat, ect) in early technodes into different parts. making the information you get a bit more realistic in the career mode
  13. Most useful mod ever! ( do not dock before landing your booster stage, this will cause you to jump back to launch instead of separation )
  14. is it that bad...?
  15. this is a really good one but i think it is a bit frustrating to do this in early game. maybe use the monoliths to unlock the higher tech tree nodes and biomes to unlock lower tier nodes