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  1. I sure like that mods are so easy to download. Take Minecraft as an example. When I got Minecraft (around June 2012), there was no way that 8 year old me was able to download a mod without help from my cousins or an adult (I actually got a mod downloaded for me as a gift at my 9th birthday). Come May 2013, when I got KSP, mods were incredibly easily to download because of 3 reasons: 1. Easy places to get the mods, and organized at that (Curseforge, what used to be spaceport, spacedock, what used to be kerbalstuff) 2. Downloads were very easy. 3. Instructions included in the mods most of the time Just my opinion, but this is also what makes KSP a great game. An avid modding community, and I thank you guys for making KSP the way it is. This isn't the only thing I like about KSP, it's just something that makes the game great.
  2. The only image we have seen of this "big reveal" is some posters taped around the space center with this image on them. Whatever it is, it's gonna be huge. *More Details Coming Soon*
  3. Or, you can fulfill contracts to scan with a weather satellite of some sort and earn money that way. Maybe that would add some depth of the game, putting weather satellites in Eve orbits to fulfill contracts would be neat.
  4. Now, we are ready to branch out from what we are so far doing. Nothing too crazy, but I present to you: Chapter 8: Project Iron Sands The Horizons IV probe is preparing to flyby Tellumo. It has quite a lot of dV in that there's no way we can safely areobrake without burning up. In fact, we came in at almost 11 km/s. That's more than the speed it would take to get to the Moon in real life! We got some nice snaps of what looks like a nice place to live and return from, but is really Eve on steroids. And now, we had almost 2 million funds, and most of Iota still hadn't been explored by man, so why not make a lander/station combo that will bring home much more science? I present to you: Project Iron Sands No reason for the name, just sounded cool, even though this isn't like a Mars mission where the sand could be iron?? Anyways.... This craft is crazy (sorry for brightness) It could theoretically do up to 8 Iota landings with the little lander it has, but we only realistically need to do 4 for all of the biomes we have left. After a lot of engine usage, we are now in orbit of Iota, and we prepare the lander for several landings! The first two landings went completely fine, with about 200 science each trip. And Landing #2: In fact, we landed fairly close to the Geminius II, so we went over to it to say hello at now outdated technology And then landing 3 came around. Everything seemed fine at first before and during the landing. We even landed fine and studied a rock on the surface But right as we started to take off, we started to spin! And spin and spin. SAS did nothing to help on or off! Abort, Abort!!! Luckily, we were already traveling at 200 m/s, and Iota is quite the cakewalk to get to orbit form, even in 3.2x as long as you have a kick. That's about half of the worth of the $600,000 mission gone. As long as Val comes back, it's completely fine. We decided to cut the mission short, and return home with about 500 science. Good enough, but we surely could've done better. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and soon enough, we will be going bigger and better!
  5. We have done a lot in the Gael system in terms of manned spacecraft, so what's next? Well, one of the projects I had eluded to was: Chapter VII: A Home, But In Space! Before we get to the name of the chapter, the Horizons III has arrived at Niven. You never discussed the Horizons III you say? That's because I forgot to take screenshots of it, and it wasn't a significant craft. The Horizons III Probe is quite the sophisticated piece of technology, and transmitted a lot of science. It has spent a few months in orbit, before attempting to land on the surface. We thought we had enough fuel, so it was a good plan. Yeah... No Turns out we didn't have enough fuel, and bounced off the ground, but it stayed intact!!! Who knew the floor was rubbery enough on Niven that you could survive a fall from orbit, eh? Another picture of the Niven landscape Anyways, about that home in space I was talking about? Well, that is Station One, a $600,000 project for an orbital Gael station that was meant to do low orbit science, and also make a bit of money in the process. Here's an album of the construction of the station: The crew will stay up there for a whopping 500 days, and collect some decent science before coming down. Nothing To See Here, Just Move On.... Anyways, I am starting to get pretty excited about this series, because we are getting to the science level where the fun stuff will start to happen. Feedback is appreciated, and I appreciate any comments! Thanks! I may do that, but I've first gotta see which biome I can get to in a reasonable time. Probably no leaving computer on for 10 hours at night on x4 time warp kinds of stuff. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. With a lot more experience in our space program under our belts, we are ready to take on Ceti! Chapter VI: The Search For More Money One of our largest manned spacecrafts yet. Where's it going? To Ceti, of course! 2 people will be in the capsule, Aslee and Kerford The funds out of this mission were Immense. We got around 800k funds, and a few hundred science to boot. We are now ready to launch the Glenn V! This huge spacecraft has about 13k dV, enough to land on Ceti, biome hop, and return home. With about 16 engines on the first stage alone, we were ready to bring Valentina to Ceti Day 20 Of The Mission Val had finally done it, and had landed on a world thought to be too large and too far out to land on. She managed to get to 1 more biome before needing to return home. We return home, and bring the funds to 2.3 million! And now with the program not really doing much, we tested a few spacecraft, but ultimately, everyone was waiting for the Horizons I to enter Gratian's SOI Chapter 6.5: New Arrival At Gratian The Horizons I has already returned 150 science from Orbit around Ciro, but that number will soon be dwarfed by how much it will get if it successfully lands on Gratian. The parachutes are more than enough to slow the spacecraft down, and we successfully landed our first spacecraft on another world! While it would take several hours of driving in one direction to reach another biome, I might try if I have one night spare to just watch videos while I make sure the rover doesn't fall over. We end the chapter with a whopping 1000 science. I have some other projects I will be looking forward to in this career save, and I hope you enjoy the series so far! Any feedback/criticism is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. 4-8 minutes for my GPP planet pack. Probably not as heavily modded as ZooNamedGames'
  8. Now, the Iota program is slowly coming to an end. We don't really need to send more people to Iota as of now, since it costs ~150,000 per rocket, and only half of that is made back on a typical mission. So I present to you, Chapter V, New Prospects Thought I would quickly add 2 pictures of the last Iota mission. Not too important, but cheaper We also now have 2 probes going to two different places! the first probe is heading towards Gratian, and costs a whole 400,000, since it has a quite, large payload. The spacecraft really ended up breaking the bank, and cut our funds down by one third. Hopefully it will make up for it! The rover will arrive in ~1 year, so we have plenty of time in between then. In other news, we have a probe heading towards Otho, a Gas Giant. This will be a much longer trip, taking 3 years to get there. Luckily, the payload was much smaller, and so the cost was 200,000, nearly half of the Horizons I. Hopefully, we will have a good enough relay system! And so, that leads me to the conclusion of this chapter. We haven't dabbled in aircraft, and so the aircraft team decides that it would be a great idea to build an aircraft to explore Gael a bit more! Only issue is, we don't have an aircraft team Pull Up, Pull Up! Jeb then promptly crashed into the ground. I thought I had lost him, despite the parachutes deploying, but upon entering the space center... He's alive under that rubble! I had already recovered him, but you can take my word on it. Anyways, I won't be able to post much this week, finals and all, but after this, I will try to post more. Thanks!
  9. Yeah, I have a relay system set up in high Gael orbit, but I may need to upgrade it. Also, I only chose some extra part mods because of the scale up. I didn't want to have to make massive stock spacecrafts just to reach orbit.
  10. Before you guys go onto reading this, I would ask each and every one of you to comment what I should do next chapter or the next few chapters. There are 4 options at the bottom of this chapter, but any other suggestion is appreciated The program is reaching the next step, which is to send a person to the surface if Iota! I was really excited for this mission, and so anyways, here it is Chapter IV: Jeb Wrote The Textbook Costing 200,000 funds, the Sheppard IIX is the largest rocket as of yet. It's size is quite insane. It has more than enough fuel in LGO, and so we are go for maneuver towards Iota! The lander isn't anything special, but it is packed with almost 3k dV, as it went for a decent chunk of the burn towards Iota Here we are on the surface, with Jeb writing his name in Gael history! This will no doubt be the first of many crewed Iota missions Everything goes flawlessly, and we return home! Now, following this ginormous mission, we will have a few smaller missions, so that we can build up enough funding. Something we haven't done yet is dock, and so the Glenn program was born. this program will carry us from Iota to Ceti, but it will start fairly small. The Glenn I will dock with the Glenn II in orbit, marking them the first two spacecrafts docking in orbit. After sitting in orbit for one week, the Glenn II was sent to dock with the spacecraft, and led to quite the amazing scene! The two spacecrafts return at roughly the same time, and bring back a decent chunk of funds from the contracts we completed in Orbit. Now that leaves me with a question. We haven't left the Gael system, and there aren't any reasonably close interplanetary windows, so I ask you this. Do we A. send a probe or two towards Gratian (window in 10 days) B. work on our relay/orbital probe collection, then send a probe to Otho (window in 80 days) C. stay with manned spacecraft with Iota D. build an orbital space station Write your responses in the comments. Any other feedback is appreciated, and I will see you guys next time!
  11. Here we are again. The Iota Probes contract was fulfilled, as we managed to land in 3 biomes on Iota's surface. Now, it's time for Ceti! Ceti is a lot more demanding, so we need some much larger rockets. Chapter III: More Money = New Rockets The Geminius III is our most costliest spacecraft as of yet, with about 9.2k dV in the spacecraft. Despite that, it makes back most of it's profit upon landing. I got a bit greedy, and tried to fly to another biome with the 10 unites of fuel left, and failed. Lost the engine and an antenna, and still didn't get into another biome. It didn't matter much anyways, the probe had fulfilled it's purpose. And now, what you've all been waiting for! The Sheppard IV, with it's intentions to flyby Iota and return with Valentina Kerman, quite the trained pilot in the space program. Using basically the same booster stage as the Sheppard III, we are go for Iota! Not as close of a flyby as we wanted, but a flyby nevertheless. We safely returned home, and Val received some merits while putting our funds in the 7th digits! That's all fine and dandy, but what about a spacecraft meant to orbit Iota? The R&D team came up with an upgraded Sheppard IV vehicle, dubbed the Sheppard 4.5, but most called it the Sheppard V. Jeb was strapped in the rocket, and was ready to go for Iota! After orbiting Iota 4 times, Jeb returned home, leading the way for future Iota landings. To end this chapter, as the title of this chapter suggests, we have enough funding for some new spacecraft. However, we haven't had more than 1 person go to space at a time, and so the R&D team developed quite the amazing spacecraft. The bottom stage, dubbed the Grissom booster, was one of the more efficient of it's kind. The spacecraft's purpose was to haul cargo, science, or passengers to LGO before returning. It would stay in orbit with a crew of 2 for up to 4 months if it needed two. The crew of the Sheppard VI was Aslee, a pilot, and the first ever space tourist, Tito. He signed the waiver, and we are ready to launch! We used some of Dmagic's orbital science materials, and picked up some science we didn't know we needed! Aslee picked up some sweet merits, and we end this chapter with a cool 1.5 million funds. Sure, most of that money will go into upgrading buildings, but most will go for future projects! Anyways, that's all for chapter III, and I will see you guys next time!
  12. well, I meant competition as in more than one planet overhaul pack out there.
  13. what visual enhancement stuff do you have besides RSSVE? Looks like real life!
  14. Nice! It would be awesome for a competing planet pack to be made that rivals the GPP pack. I've always loved the massive KSP modding community!