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  1. I actually like Bop and Pol for how convenient they are. Easy to land on and refuel at in the Jool system. I also like Pol for its crazy terrain. Landing on top of one of the sharp ridges means you can have fun watching your Kerbals tumble down it. Still don't understand how those annoying terrain glitches that have blown up several of my landers haven't been fixed yet.
  2. I remember seeing a thread about this topic that was over three years old, so I didn't want to bother reviving it. On to the point, however, which planets/moons do you just not like, or do you not like them because seemingly all your missions there fail? For me, it would probably have to be Laythe. I've been playing KSP for over a year now, and I've still only managed to do one manned mission there and back. (which took 3 launches, as I sent an ascent vehicle, airplane, and mothership with lander) I just don't find Laythe particularly exciting, and the extended atmosphere (being thicker than Kerbin's at higher altitudes) makes pinpoint landing a nightmare. It's destroyed plenty of rovers, and cooked a mothership trying to aerobrake there to go straight into a Laythe orbit from a Jool escape trajectory, although looking back on it I don't know why on earth I thought that would work. Kerbalness, I guess. I do like it for gravity assists though. God help me when I try going there with Kerbalism installed...
  3. Level 4. I've done a Jool 5 mission, been to Eve and back, sent SSTOS to Minmus, and (almost) beat the Retrograde Rescue Challenge... I feel pity for new players and scream inside my head when they pronounce 'EVA' like the name Eva.
  4. Eve lander+ Parachutes + Quickloading after tipping over on landing = Lander rips apart, and before I know what happened I'm already out of the entire Kerbol System. 3spooky5me.
  5. I don't mod my KSP heavily because eventually having so many ruins the feel of the original game for me. I have a few parts packs: SpaceY and KPBS, but other than that I don't bother much with mods because they make the game feel blander than it really is. Besides that, all I have installed is KER (it should be stock, like people have said, OPM, which some people consider to be stock, and Scatterer.
  6. I'm in! I've been wanting to actually use those missiles that I would fire at an abandoned base or the KSC for no reason!
  7. dOoDZoR kERmAN
  8. If they get it and try it, they'll wonder how you even get into orbit. Every time they fail tell them they're bad at the game and boast about your accomplishments. This "motivation" got one of my friends to one-up me and now we're pretty much having a space race in the 6.4x scale Kerbol system with OPM. I will note however that this friend wasn't from school, in fact I don't think there's anyone at my school besides me who's interested in space exploration. However, I'm only in eighth grade, and I'm sure that will change once I'm in high school, where I can finally find people with similar interests to me, and get them addicted to KSP.
  9. No, only more massive brown dwarfs can or have fused lithium. Less massive ones fuse deuterium instead of lithium or actual hydrogen. It's the latter that distinguishes brown dwarfs from true stars.
  10. I think there actually is a lower mass limit for a white dwarf. The less massive they get, the bigger they get, and the lower their density becomes. So I'd say that after a certain point, the density would get low enough that it would no longer be held up by electron degeneracy, but instead by simple gas pressure like a gas giant or brown dwarf is.
  11. Used Hyperedit to stress test heat shields. Found that they can tolerate about 7-8 km/s on Kerbin. I then got bored and tried going even faster. Eventually I got so fast that the game didn't even realize I was in the atmosphere before I exploded 7000m below the surface. Going slower ("Only" about 20-30 km/s and Ignore Max Temperature) the capsule was forced almost sideways by the air instead of entering with the heat shield facing head-on to the inferno. Um.. okay. Also kinda got launched out of the universe at NaN m/s once when I quickloaded an Eve landing as it was about to touch down.. because I physwarped and blew up. Apparently quick loading after the chutes have deployed is a really bad idea.
  12. Does the ICBM have to directly hit its target? In the real world, even modern American missiles usually strike a few hundred meters away from the target point.
  13. ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS EXCEPT BOP. ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE. Anyway, what if there's a really small place on Jool which you can land but it's so tiny and Jool is so huge that no one has ever found it?
  14. Does ablator even do anything? Often I'll take all the ablator from a heat shield and reenter from interplanetary space just fine. I would really just set the max temperature to that of a heat shield.
  15. I have a few that I don't know how I played without them before I knew how to install mods. Scatterer (No EVE, my computer dies from the clouds) Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Outer Planets Mod SpaceY Heavy Lifters Kopernicus