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  1. Stick a Small panel or two and a docking port, have lander a port , a fuel cell or have a RTG on rover, either, dock with lander when ever you are short of power, when the night is going to start, and while transmitting, energy and heavy antennas on lander will help.
  2. You forgot Mechjeb and SCANSat.(Try SCANSat as it is a map maker)( Mechjeb is an all-round Autopilot).
  3. Well, You may didn't notice. I'm Sending the sreens tomorrow. 1 Mission has not been completed. Well, this is my Payload (LES was jettisoned while core stage was circularizing at AP), Its not Inserting in Orbit, but Buring for Mün Transfer.
  4. Can you just ignore StageRecovey, as Rockets are Expandable even, thought they are Fully Reusable (not 100% but gets, 80% back reducing 50,000 [ Why,so high, its launcher, fuel and Station Modules], including Payload, to 20,000, Including Payload) [ The Lander used in First Manned Mün landing] [First Mün Station, Mün Lab-1] Both were launched by my Reusable (for you, Expandable) Launcher. <Cant post IMGUR photos from Link>
  5. The craft works well even with poor handling but i use Mechjeb and StageRecovery. Its my Carrer mode, i want a New module of my Station to be launched. But i didn't understand how StageRecovery works, All my stage recovers autonomously and Mod is just for recovery %. What to do?
  6. Whats the lowest possible weight of Payload and Highest Launcher Cost.Plz i think i have one such light launcher. And how to record Videos in KSP?? I know Screenshots, Plz tell so i can Show Off here and my Friends too.
  7. Click open the mod and select any Part you want to upgrade, the click works background and any part on list or editor my get selected so be careful
  8. I didn't got what challenge actually is but have one launcher for kerbsynchronized obit and even mün delivery and a crew launcher for Mün Space stations and Orbiting missions (return too; not tested at minimus). Plz help i have one such cargo and one crew 3STO (including Booster Stage)
  9. This is the Mod that Helped me My first Sputnik-Alike Orbiting Mission. Even with just LV-30 engines at booster and core. Thanks for this Great mod
  10. What it means, "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator", plz help and solve, as i think you are moderator, sir.

    1. Dman979


      Hi, @PrathamK, and welcome aboard! All new users have to post 5 times (outside of Forum Games) before they are removed from the approval queue. It's an unfortunate necessity, but we need it to prevent spambots. Thanks for understanding! :)

  11. I didn't get a word of it, all i clicked ended on same page. My 2nd station and first munar 'Mun Lab-1', used as crew exchange (for all favourite, Jeb) for my first manned munar landing and crew exchange and Science Research on 2nd and last Manned landing, i have 2 dozen reports to yield me 750 science in Mid-Carrer. (How to post Photos, I had some)
  12. New to Forums. I just started playing KSP and had 1 Kerbin station, 1 Mun Science Station and 1st modular sation module was launched around Kerbin. Minimus Science Station is new proposal, Plz Any help on Monomodule or 2 module stations plz
  13. Try Using this Mod, I didn't tried out but may be useful to you.
  14. Love you my Boy, You gave the easiest solution of my Month long Problem. I use both KER/Mechjeb and SCANsat too. Plz give an detailed report.