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  1. Good work, I didn't used it even opened, but you finally got my Favourite Launcher.
  2. But i have my subassemblies Description limited to 1 and Half lines. I just check the engines on stack and strap-on , and stage till engines start why to take stress
  3. This is my Report in my Mid-Early Carrer and Late-Early Carrer, about my exploration of mainly focused on Mun. Some of mods i used are MechJeb, SCANSat, KER (Not used in main missions), KIS (not used in main missions, Charter (was testing, Rarely may find) and Stratergia, Contract Configrator, Taiser Space Tech, Dmagic's Maneuver Node Extended I was first determined to recreation of original Appolo Program and Gemini Program, with extension of SkyLab. But later, I found it Time consuming, Costly and very InEfficient so i Later Droped the Idea and Used the originally Abonded Plans, which was Effective and Less Costly. The Mission Starts with First Munar Probe, Muna-1, a Sputnik with 4 panels and 4 HG-5. Send to mun flyby on A experimental NERV. 2nd mission (Some are not Included, as Probes) Include A Direct Descent Lander, with experimental Spark. This is first Manned Kerbin Orbital Mission, After a Failed orbital try, which re-enter after a few mins. This is first time a planned launcher, JOOL-I, Launcher was planned To be SSTO, but reached only 200 M/sec Delta-V of 100×100 KM circular Orbit. It was to send to Mun Cis-Lunar Orbit but, It had 10% fuel left to be later, used to Rendezvous and Docking. This is First Space Station, Kalyut-1, This was used to Practice Rendezvous and Docking, JOOL-I, docked Kalyut-1 in two mission and the Whole monolithic Station was docked, Reentered and Recovered. A Expansion of JOOL-I, with Additional Boosters and A Transfer stage, JOOL-II, made it possible for Manned munar mission, Crew Capsule however was not ejected but it needed to get in. It had first EVA, Orbit and Returned after gaining A LKO. JOOL-II launched three times. With a Mockup Test of Delta-II (Vidhyoot-II) with Lander Probe my Second launch send MUN LAB-1 Station (Monolithic), in 50×50 KM mun Orbit, its temporarily Turned OFF due to operational Cost. JOOL-II launched twice, Docked and Transferred Crew, Jeb alone. Vidhyoot-II launches the Kalyut-II as a Power House for Landers, Docking at Kerbin, stages fill the EC, MonoProp and A Bit Fuel. Transfer crew, Gergich/Valentina (Pilots) and Bill/Bob (Enginner at 1st and Scientist on Second), Transfer and docks Mun Lab I. Where Jeb enters and Gergich Takes us as Mun Lab-I Lead. Mun Lab-I Mun Lander-1 lands somewhere on 1 year, 5 Day, 4 Hrs, I did use time carefully, It took no Science but Crew Report, EVA Report, and Surfce sample, Its Ascent Stage docked Mun Lab-I, Lander was Destroyed by KIS Explosives. Vidhyoot-II launches another Kerbin Station, which is first time a Modular, later launches Mun Lab-II, which docked Mun Lab-I and renamed whole station as Mun Lab. Originally not to be modular but time makes us to rush. Mun Lab-II Mun Lander-II was heavy, Science Lander near Dark, Cratered South temperate, with all science, no Seismic sensor. It was Solar Power, All before were Fuel celled, Stations were Solar and optional Fuel Celled. Research started, JOOL-II ferred till, i consumed almost all funds on Station and Probe Exploration of Kerbin System. Now, Research is stopped, Stations Turned OFF, And planned 3rd Landing Cancelled. I will recover this soon, as i accumulated enough funds for lots of landings, stations, ferries and Exploration. JOOL-I, Vidhyoot-II are still operational, while JOOL-II is holded for MUN LAB Activation. I don't know how to put images directly to Forums, it dont work and My Imgur is Lost, I'm trying to reconnect and put some pics and expand the mission further. Plz help me putting some Images here.
  4. Other than editing the craft and cfg files.
  5. How you put this dummy payload to test the crafts, any larger part i can keep is so huge to be launched, and my launcher flips while gravity turn. I simply put a ton or two to launcher, and checks whether it makes up to Low Mün Orbit, and return it to surface for recovery. Some at test landed with a ton lander and even the stage (no payload, delivered) on mün and return to LKO and landed. No, we cant, I just type Small, Medium, heavy (size and mass), with orbits, L/MKO, KST, KEO, Polar, System (Kerbin, Mün, Minimus). Space is limited, and Its very tiring to edit from .cfg
  6. Well Buran, it self is a spacecraft, and must be named Energia-Buran, Energia is a different Booster, while Buran is a Different Orbiter, Unlike Space Shuttle, which it self is a Space Craft. Sry, but As we cant say Space Shuttle a Launcher, Such Buran, cant be named along Shuttle.
  7. Congrats and thank you, After going to the original dev, and Angel's post, i thought its dead, but finally found it.
  8. I just accepted one Rescue mission, on minimus, Kefbal is on EVA, Landed, near craft, Landed. Thanks guys for prewarnings of bug.
  9. A common MJ effect, it circulate around parent Body, use manual Maneuver, or wrap till you are in Minimus SOI and plan maneuvers, I too very anex when, i was about to lose dunatian PerisApsis.
  10. GrouddStations Instead, Two communicates KSC and other Relay, while others Make a network while self Communicating and connect all the probes on far side. My 1st and only Mun GroundStation (1 dish, 50G) helped me no Blackouts on My first Duna Mission.
  11. This is what makes the challenge easy. Camera and time wrap and even background music.
  12. Accurate orbits, Never, I got a accurate orbit, for rendezvous I use mechjeb, even my comms relay network over Stationary kerbin is debug Tollbar work (for precision only). A polar Transfer is very hard and a Inclination chage over mun is delta-V consuming, For probes i use Weak Inertial Stages. I needed a challenge, so I started setting up Groundstations. I found It useful for Interplanetary comms, in my First Duna Mission.
  13. Its actually easy well, The craft will burn, and then will music start, and burn till cameras turn, rotate to orbital view, wrap to check orbit, Burn till cameras switch again, and re-enter (above ocean) for correct altitude for parachutes, use crafts shadows, for accurate approximate values. Pretty easy, will try, but my Imgur is broken, I don't know how to record. Will try now. Good choice, is it allowed, nothing about it.