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  1. My SSTOs reach orbit with that 300-500 delta V spare, but that is when carrying a three/four ton payload in a 100 ton Mk3 SSTO. What is a good payload percentage? Whenever I add more rocket fuel, the jets can no longer get enough speed, so I add more jets, and then I am back to the first problem. That would be great, if I had Rapier researched in my Career save. I am quite close to getting there though, so maybe I'll try to aim for that.
  2. Angling the wings is something I used to do, but I stopped it for some reason. I should try that again. If 17km is too low to be firing my rockets, when should I do it then? I've seen a lot of different numbers, but I find I start losing speed on jets alone above 17/18km because the jets no longer produce enough thrust or they flameout completely. I find if I wait any longer, I spend more Delta-V trying to regain that speed with my rockets than if I just start rockets at the 17/18km mark.
  3. The Wheesley only took about half an hour worth of attempts to attach properly to it, and then I was too scared to move it into a better position as it was almost sideways. (Oh wait, thats right, you can go free-mode... oh well.) That problem is sorted, so I don't need to make another post about that. Back to the SSTO issue, on airbreathing my jets can reach 1k-1.25k per second on jets. I have improved and can usually make orbit now, but not with enough DV spare to even dock with a refuelling station. It's possible two terriers might help more. The Aerospike just seemed like it didnt have enough Vacuum ISP. Since at 19k-ish the Vacuum ISP seems to matter more, it just seems like vacuum efficient engines might be better there. I could try some more designs. What is also good for Mk3? I've seen that loads of people can get orange tanks to orbit in an Mk3 but the best my SSTO's that size have been able to do so far is about 4 tonnes with about 300 delta V spare. How much Delta V should I be reaching orbit with spare? As a general amount, anyway, maybe to reach a refueling depot.
  4. I dont feel like making another thread for another problem while this is still open, so I'll post it here first. Recover debris mission. Debris is a Turbofan engine orbiting Kerbin. First question: how. Second question. How. The. Hell. Do. I GRAB THIS THING? ITS CENTER OF MASS IS SO FAR AWAY FROM THE ENGINE ITSELF, IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GRAB. I HAVE TRIED LIKE 30 TIMES SO FAR. Sorry. Had to vent some steam there. But really. How do I grab this thing..? I will post a seperate thread about this if I need to, sorry if I shouldn't have done it this way.
  5. Thanks for the help. I would use Mk1 parts, however they probably wouldn't be able to carry any, if much, cargo. I don't remember seeing an Mk1 cargo bay, and even if there was, I'd have trouble putting much in it. The main reason I want to use SSTOs is to carry light cargo to space for cheap. I have tried using the Terrier, but it did not produce enough thrust and I would fall back down before making it out of the atmosphere. I doubt I could do anything with the nukes. Using the little to no pitch up method, I managed to make orbit with no cargo, only tourists, with 400 delta V spare. Adding cargo to it meant it could no longer get out of the atmosphere. However, my Whiplash would flameout at about 19km, or produce too low thrust to provide acceleration. I find that after 17km I start to lose speed, and I activate my rockets around there. I still have not managed to get cargo heavier than about 4 tonnes to orbit, and my Mk3's cant usually make orbit at all. Thanks for the help.
  6. Since I do not have the Rapier unlocked, I use the Whiplash. I am unsure which rocket engine to use. I started with the LV-909, which I realized was a bad idea, changing to an Aerospike then an LV-T30. At 10km altitude I can reach 1200m/s. Should I gradually climb to 19km altitude, gaining speed, or should I level out at 19km and gain speed there? I think my other problem is that when I pitch up I lose a lot of horizontal speed to my wings and drag. The LV-T30 does not have enough TWR to lift the rest of the SSTO out of the atmosphere in time. I'll quickly try some experiments using the ideas you told me, but here's the plane I've been using. I've changed the engines around the couple times, but here is the LV-T30 combo. Should have mentioned this earlier, but I am trying to get a probe of about 2 tonnes into orbit. Thanks for your help. EDIT: I just managed to make orbit. *just*. Using the LV-T30 engine, and a modified, extended version of the above picture, I made it to orbit with 30ms of DV left. Of course, this is not very good, but it works. I would still like tips on how to do this better.
  7. I have attempted many a spaceplane, but I have never managed to get one to orbit that uses jet engines. (For some reason, I can get ones to orbit that use only rockets, but... not jets.) I believe that it is my launch profile and ascent. What I currently do is I rise to about 10-12k, then accelerate nearly as fast as I can, avoiding blowing up to reentry. I then try to rise to a 5-15 degree angle, but I never manage to make an apoapsis above the atmosphere before the jets flame out. When they do flame out, my apoapsis is usually below 30km, and I am unable to get out of the atmosphere with whatever weak rockets I added. When I add heavier rockets, I either do not get enough speed using the jets, or I no longer have enough DV to circularize once out of the atmosphere. Adding more DV means more weight, which results in the first problem again. When I just eliminate the jets entirely, I can just make orbit with about 200 delta V spare, using the standard rocket gravity turn. What is a good ascent profile for SSTOs, and what other good tips are there for building them? EDIT: I should probably add that I haven't unlocked Rapiers yet in my Career save.
  8. Okay, thanks for the answers. I had been using 32 bit the entire time because that's what Steam defaults to. I guess I'll be using 64 bit now so the game can use some more of my 16gb RAM. Thanks!
  9. So, I just decided to try out 64 bit KSP to see if I could get any better FPS with my large (or rather, small but high part count) base on Minmus. I found there was rather little difference in FPS anyway, with an increase of maybe about 3 fps, still below 30. Does 64 bit support CPU multi threading? What effects does 64 bit actually have on the game? From the little bit of reading I have found, it appears that it only effects ships, with each ship getting its own thread. Anyone actually use 64 bit? (I hope this is the right section for this, the Gameplay Questions area didn't seem right but idk)
  10. Okay. After a bit of searching I found information like that online as well. However, what I haven't been able to find anything on (yet) is what a good ore percentage is. Because I have my ore abundance set up pretty high, I found a 16 percent ore spot on Minmus. Is this a high amount? EDIT: Apparently 17 percent is a pretty good amount. No worries.
  11. So, after completing a Survey Scan on Minmus in both my Career and Science, I've noticed that ore seems to be in the same locations. There's 90 percent ore at the poles and one equatorial lake, and no 100 percent. Ore seems to be quite consistently the same. The wiki does mention that ore is randomly placed, but so far it seems like it isn't. Is this simply a coincidence?
  12. I just managed the closest trip I've ever seen. I forgot to remove the drop tanks for 3/4 of the mission, and I was thinking that I was gonna run out of fuel. It was an XP-Levelling craft. I sent 7 kerbals (every kerbal I had) on a mission to plant a flag on the Mun and another on Minmus. By the time I planted the flag on Mun, I realized I was running out of fuel; half the tank tier below the orange one. My bad choice to land on Mun first made it hard to plan an intercept of Minmus. I got to Minmus, landed, planted a flag, and had around 300m/s of DV left. I took to orbit, and had 171 DV left. I planned a maneuver that went back to Kerbin.... and the cost... 170.9m/s. Out of 171. For lack of understanding of a better way to upload images, yet another Imgur. In other words, don't forget your staging. EDIT: Immediately after said mission, I got contracts for 'Plant a flag on Minmus', 'Scientific data from around Minmus' and 'Plant flag on Mun'. Of course I did.
  13. I already managed to fix my problem, but thanks for the ideas. That mod looks good, I might get it anyway
  14. Yeah, situations like these are why I use excessive quicksaves. Until the quicksave turns out to be a bad thing. 3 probes arrive at Minmus - forgot to deploy panels, power runs out. Reloaded save - realized I forgot the science instruments. And the batteries. Can no longer revert to launch because I reloaded the save. RIP.
  15. Well, I don't know if that counts as deactivating the part. I'd say its more like... locking that resource. But I guess it could kinda be like 'deactivating' that part. Wait. If that is what OP meant by reactivating the battery, then no. You can't do that from EVA.