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  1. Oh No. PLEASE BE THE SMALLER STAR. I dont Want a >16 JUPITER Mass SILICATE Planet. ;.; I Don't Want a Silcate Planet Starting Fusion.

  2. Woops. Sorry About That. I found them in a Roman Mythology Dictionary.
  3. My Ideas for Names for Objects(Including Planet 9): Planet 9: Terminus, Roman God of Bounds Or Boundaries. Moon 1: Erebos/Erebus: Roman God Of Darkness. Moon 2: Amphitryon, Hero In Roman Mythology, Who Rescued Thebes from the Teumessian fox. Moon 3: Branchus, A Son Of Apollo. Moon 4+: No Idea. Good Luck to the scientists hunting for Planet 9!
  4. Assuming its a False Transit, But How is this at day 25?

    1. ProtoJeb21


      You're right to assume that's not a transit. Around day 1,093.7 of the Kepler mission, the spacecraft had some sort of destabilization event - maybe when one of its four reaction wheels failed. This caused a "gash" in just about every lightcurve the probe gathered. Believe me when I say they look VERY convincing. I once mistook this event in the light curve of KIC 7105665 for a long-period Super-Earth.

    2. Cabbink


      Okay Thank You! It Looked Really Odd To Me.

  5. It is Possible That The Mod Needs to be updated. As I see, Your Ksp Version is 1.2.2, and you have 1.2.1. I recomend re-install. Good Luck!
  6. Anyways, I have Finally completed a IA-Revived Mission Without any Warp Drives. It took Over 37 Millennia to reach Trappist 1-f! No Warp drives and super fast propulsion. Just a normal encounter.
  7. Wait How Did you do that in 8 Days? I used no Warp Drives and it took me 37 MILLENIA to reach Trappist-1. How?
  8. Probably. I mean, Imagine getting so close you explode before reaching the planet. Also, Tartarus would be rocky(The Gas would have been thrown away by now) and you would need mainsails to LAND(You aint returning).
  9. Thank You! You get an emoji Star!
  10. I was wondering about the ranks on the forums. How does that work? Do you get to a level(Such as i am Level 2) and you change what the name of it is? Thanks for any responses!
  11. Quick Question. This Uses an old monule manager. Is it alright if i use a newer version? Edit: Looks like it's alright! Now to head to lich and Back with Kerbals and survive!
  12. New Challenge!