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  1. Ok, should I use scatterer in addition to any other mods or does scatterer look good by itself?
  2. Would anyone be able to recommend a quality visual enhancements mod? I really like the way some player's fanart looks and would love to have in my game as well. I have an acer gaming laptop, so I also can't use one that makes my computer explode!
  3. Ok thanks a lot for the help. Now I can actually make it to other planets without guessing if I have enough fuel or not!
  4. So there is a set amount of velocity needed to perform every type of maneuver, but bigger vessels might need more fuel to accelerate to that velocity?
  5. I have three questions: 1. What is Delta V? (A simple explanation) 2. Why is Delta V the same for big ships as well as small ones? 3. Why and how does the Oberth effect work? Thanks