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  1. It wrote "Kaz" on the license plate because it suppose to be jeb's. And one astronaut from the Apollo missions owned one.
  2. The last time I went on Spaceport I almost downloaded a virus on my computer. ;(
  3. This is my version of the infamous '67 Chevy Impala. A Classic American Muscle Car that through its appearance on the TV-show Supernatural almost reached the same Cult Status as the Batmobile or the car of James Bond. It first rolled over the screen in the Pilot of said show in 2005 and interest in the Impala has grown ever since. Given the celebrity status and the beauty of the car I just had to draw it. I hope you enjoy!
  4. not dry and smells like Bill Nye. That monument...
  5. is the challenge outdated?
  6. I wish squad did a rover challenge ;(.
  7. But Curse is still up, right?
  8. I wish this was still going on ;(.
  9. I like the craft but how did you make those gifs?
  10. Could the same thing happen with accounts on the ksp forums and other forums, or is it just mod developers?
  11. Does he also make human soap?
  12. Is this the Spanner you are looking for?