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  1. Good to know, time to get my aviation division working on the Starship program This mod is probably the best thing since KSPI
  2. You're joking! Can I finally build nice looking space ships? Wooohoooo! Do I need to start a new career game? Or can I just use these parts in my current one?
  3. Silly me, I completely forgot about beamed thermal power, I'll give it a try.
  4. I have a question regarding the space plane parts. I just unlocked both the thermal ramjet/turbojet node, and the thermal launch nozzle, but neither have been much use to my aviation division. What purpose where these engines built for? I'm sure they have some niche job, but I'm having trouble justifying the ssto research if my rockets work way better.
  5. How exactly is your kerbstine not working?
  6. TBH I've never used the timberwind. It's too big with too little isp. Maybe I would use it if I was dead set on a big middle stage atomic rocket, but in these cases I just mount a bunch of nukes radially.
  7. I feel kind of stupid asking this, but I need help. I need some help understanding why the ATILA thruster is useful. I recently unlocked it in my career game, put a test probe in space with about 35k units of xenon. When I fired the engine I got about 10 seconds of burn and those 35k units of xenon vanished. I only got 1-1.5k dv out of it. My ion ships can get exponentially better range off of that much gas, so I'm wondering if I'm using the thruster incorrectly. Many help is appreciated Edit. Same question with the pure plasma and vasimr engines, I get better performance with the stock ions, so I must be doing it wrong
  8. One of these days I'll have a career mode with permadeath. But not today
  9. I just did a little save reverting.
  10. It's a good thing my ship was fully self sufficient (besides the blueprints needed from HQ) because this laythe colony just splashed down hard. The lander snapped in half, broke my science stuff and gave me a lot of paperwork. This just turned into a survival movie. 22 kerbals stranded on a water world with no way home. Gotta try to build them a boat to get to the nearest island, great.
  11. Sadly jeb is no longer with us, neither is about 20 other kerbals. They all were victims of the viscous Minimus reality Kraken. This Kraken has a habit of vanishing ships or stretching them across space and time. I've lost 5 ships to date. Curently the remaining 3 orange suits and two classes of white suits are on a one way mission to the hook system to build a new space center. Just did the 3k dv burn and I'm about to set a course for laythe
  12. At the moment I'm building a mega class rocket to put a K&K based space center on laythe. I've never been to laythe before and have only visited the hook system once. Is there anything strange about laythe that I should know? I know it has an atmosphere, but how thick is it? Whats the gravity like? etc etc
  13. I know irl even a stable orbit will decay from many factors, but by orbiter was in a 100 kilometer polar orbit. I did this because I was getting a kerbnet ping from duna's southpole. Didn't realize the ping was from an incoming Kraken and not an anomaly
  14. Unless Ike has an SOI bigger than Duna itself, that didn't happen, it was in a stable ldo Yeah, I've learned to not fly ramjets with physics warp. Automated flight abort systems suck
  15. As the title says, I've found out the hard way that the space kraken is alive and well even today. Lately I've been building a second space center on Minimus to take advantage of the fuel savings of launching there. The base has been ridiculously successful, although it's apparently successful enough to attract a Kraken, and this one is made of pure evil. To date 4 kerbals have died and two probes have been devoured. (Unfortunately I don't have pictures) Case 1. I placed a simple survey probe in a polar Minimus orbit at 26 kilometers. Probe worked great, did its job. I came back later to check on it, only to find it stretched across space and time. The probe core was fine, but the engines, fuel, equipment etc etc were orbiting a few hundred meters ahead of the core, only by time warping would the probe "reassemble". I shot the probe down and intend to launch another. Case 2. I built a Duna orbiter probe for a flyby contract, launched it from Minimus mun base, got it to Duna with a little cheering and some more money from the contract. This lead to another contract that needed a Duna lander. So I built one, launched it and made the Duna transfer. Only when the lander reached Duna it found no single from the relay capable probe that went before it. My orbiter simply vanished from reality. Case 3 and 4 Heres where things got real, and why Minimus outpost now has military grade antiair laser turrets and S.A.M. Batteries. When I built the outpost I sent in two super heavy landers. One built for operating a science lab, the other to serve as the fuel factory until I built a separate one for the outpost. They did there jobs perfectly. One day I sent the science lander to another biome for science. Once done I went to my tracking station to clean up debris. I set the filters to display broken debris only as to avoid terminating any kerbals. When I finished I went back to the outpost, only to find that jeb and three white suits had vanished, along with their vehicles. Never to be seen again. Mission control finally took notice and sent the outpost blueprints for the AntiKraken DefenseHub, an addition that gave my base lasers and nuclear missiles, just in case the beast returned for more. They have begun calling it the Magic Kraken, due to its ability to completely vanish spaceships from reality. Beware space pioneers, The kraken lives.