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  1. yea i found out that i was on the wrong thread before
  2. necesitan compatibilizar el jostick con el kerbal
  3. one thing since the apdate that makes Gaias atmosfere brethable were they more apdates.I ask this because i wasnt using this pack for a wile and i whant to know if there were any new updates
  4. yup they sould add something like a saturn analog
  5. before that they sould add contamination
  6. im having a big bug:the space center view is COMPLETELY DARK and i cant upgreat my space center.I need some help
  7. Hey guys heres my P.S. i acidentally put this here to
  8. heres my new entry: i hope you enjoy my flyght Visuals are:EVE,Scaterrer and distant object encesnent