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  1. when i was docking the cm and the eagle thogether in rss/ro
  2. for some reason tropical Laythe is not working for me. the whole planet appears to be dark.But terraformend duna does work
  3. wow korolon is big
  4. Make that 2
  5. i only see a readme txt at the end i found it
  6. the other mods are kerbalisim and ven stock revamp.and the early contracts are explore smito and take some scientific data of smito
  7. how do i see the version that i have?
  8. i know this is a common bug in planet packs that replaces the solar sistem.the bug is in carrer mode and its related with the contracts i just got too orbit of Kaia and they want me to go to smito. So my cuestion is what sould i do now to continue well
  9. ok thank you
  10. ok!really looking forwards to does planets
  11. i think before adding new planets you sould focuse impruving the planets that there are allready in the mod but neither way is a nice mod
  12. i downloaded this on may 15 and the kp version whas 1.2.2
  13. thoes the bug happens only in opm planets o and look if you have a connection with kerbin via kerbnet if you dont have the probe connected Kerbnet will not function
  14. sorry about that but the problem is now well fix I think i might messed up the installetion Edit:i thoght i had an image in that coment Edit 2:heres the image that had to be there