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  1. Hello there! I'm new to the forums, so why not introduce myself with a craft. This is an interplanetary spacecraft built with every Near-Future Technologies mod, built almost entirely in orbit. It's built from 5 docked parts: command pod with a JX2 antenna and an octagonal truss "bicoupler", 2x2 octagonal trusses with xenon fuel tanks and radiators and 2x2 xenon fuel tanks with solar panels, 2 fusion reactors and 2 VASIMR engines. Total Delta-V (according to Kerbal Engineer) is 26,359m/s on high-efficiency mode. It's all nicely strutted up using KIS. Alright, here are the screenshots: If someone wants .craft files for some reason, DM me
  2. I've installed all of the above mods, and I've had a load of fun with them. Thanks for your hard work!