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  1. I would like to know how it works as well.
  2. New pics posted!
  3. Yes, I decided to keep the .95 scale because of the new 5m parts coming in KSP's next update. I accepted everything other than that. Plus, if me or you wants to make it smaller- we know how. If anybody else has an opinion- they had the opportunity to share it. What about tweakscale? do you know how to write the configs for that? You may- if you can animate some landing legs for it. I seem to recall you saying you haven't messed with animated parts. If you want to give it a stab its extremely easy! I learned to animate in around 2 minutes. It can get difficult, but it wont be for four landing legs all going in the same direction. The HS does need work.
  4. I just seen that. Weird, I did merge it! I'm new to using GitHub, its rather complicated. I haven't really had the time to play with it yet, Its been a huge learning curve getting all this stuff working in KSP. I hope to start learning more about plugins and what not next. I edited your PR- just the re-scale factor and then merged them into the master. Not sure why the request is still there. If you check out the cfg's everything you changed is there, other than the re-scale.
  5. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 I keep all my scenes saved! I just replaced the old trunk mesh with the new re-texture one and moved all the transforms to the new mesh. Took all of five minutes. Seriously? Wow, I removed the link from my page.
  6. Did you get it working? Yes I like it much better! I didn't want to require people to use module manager to use your new texture. Ill put some pics up on it soon. trying to figure out why curse hasn't approved my upload yet. Its been around thirty minutes.
  7. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 working for me on a stock KSP install I did re-run it through Unity.
  8. huh? ill check it out. Did you delete the old texture?
  9. New update is now available!
  10. The IVA is finished next update tomorrow! 7 man with props
  11. Jebidiahs first time in the IVA. I'm going to insert props the screen is just for show presently.
  12. Fixed by moving model on local
  13. Awesome. Shoot it over to me when you finish.
  14. IVA view spawning above the pod. Gameobjects set to zero. haven't set any transform yet trying to get the alignment right.
  15. @Stevie_D I want to put the Nav-Ball and stuff. I may texture two screens and put the IVA props in the middle. I also want to add some RPM stuff but just haven't gotten to that point yet. I will likely release that in a later update from the initial release of the IVA. Really! I even considered swinging a low blow at Mr. Kelland in the intro. Looks like ill have to do that now . THE RACE IS ON!