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  1. The luxury! Imagine boarding a boat and being able to take off from the water
  2. Saw this on Kerbal X before you posted. Nice job! I wish they would add a control surface without the dominating black outline.
  3. I was very excited when I found this competition. However, I can't seem to decide on which craft to enter. Since you're judging, would you mind telling me what the scoring rubric (What you're looking for in an entry) is going to be? I have three of my favorite "Light aircraft" here: Also, I'm not sure if I should just scrap all that and instead enter this into the "Silly" category:
  4. I had no mods installed at the time
  5. Haha thanks
  6. Whoops! I used the wrong gallery for the F-18 XD I'm not really sure how to make stock swing wings. I tried to make one with docking ports and landing legs, but it broke on the runway.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions
  8. This is a short one. . . I was loading up Kerbal today when I noticed that one of the loading hints was "Flying safe". I don't have a screenshot to go with it, but do you think that it was a deliberate reference to Scott?
  9. This is a craft dump and my first post. Excessively tagging this post may have saved me some time. I'm a noobie when it comes to forums, so I don't know any way to share files. If any one of you guys could tell me how, that would be great. So, without further ado, enjoy my list of very generic aircraft. Except one. Mig-21: F-14: F-18: A-10: SR-71: Canada goose? EDIT: Now that qzgy has recommended KerbalX to me, I have craft downloads! Now you can attempt to fly my horribly balanced craft creations in your own copy of KSP! YAAAAY Mig-21: F-14: F-18: A-10: SR-71 Trainer: Goose: NOTE: The F-18 imgur album is broken on the forums. You may want to click on it to see the not-broken vision on imgur.