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  1. Thank you for the help! Edit: Oops, I didn't scroll down enough. I see it now, thank you. Edit 2: This is what I mean, it doesn't make much sense that it is 21 km away and my plane explodes immediately after the nuke goes off.
  2. I checked the cfg file and the B61 bomb had a blast radius of 0. I'm guessing that means forever. It doesn't make sense because if I am 20 km away from the B61 and it explodes I explode immediately. Edit: The B61, B83, TSAR Bom-a, and Castle Bravo all have a blast radius of 0 meters. 0 meters? Either it goes on forever or the blast is nothing. I can't escape it?
  3. Every time I drop a nuke, even if I am very far away from the mushroom cloud, my ship overheats and blows up. Is there a way to fix this?