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  1. Just had a though/idea... what exactly is the definition of a shuttle and ssto for the purpose of this challenge? I ask because i remembered a multistage idea i heard once. the concept is: 1. aircraft equipped with sequential (not asparagus) boosters that takes off from a runway and ascends to the limits of its airbreathing engines. 2. aircraft ignites outboard rockets to boost into the upper atmosphere 3. eject outboard rockets and ignite next-in-sequence 4. repeat until low orbit is attained 5. onboard lfo engines power craft into stable orbit and return. 6. craft enters atmosphere at low speed and shallow descent/high aoa 7. craft flies to and lands at base with airbreathing engines. would that be considered an ssto here, despite the staged boosters?
  2. and thats actually why i would like to do both runs... stock to show what i know/dont know, and modded because i like realism and challenge .I'm trying to pick mods that reflect both a realistic system (e.g. atmo and gravity), as well as adding parts/functions that actually exist in most space programs... problem i run into is that not all of those functions existed until they were needed in an emergency (on-board spares redundancies from Apollo13, and Shuttle Rescue from Colombia) or because tech had to advance far enough to make it practical (external docking transfers, and cctv). so im not the only one that gets random double posts, lol so im not the only one that gets random double posts, lol really...?
  3. so it wouldnt be a big deal to try a run stock, and a second run using difficulty mods and added parts?
  4. @overkill13, cool, and thanks... btw, which is considered the more challenging? stock or modded?
  5. So, I figured out how to put my medals in... and since that img file is maintained by a 3rd party site, its easy.... but how exactly do i put in the badges? same way I post screenshots?
  6. at the moment i can only think 6-crew command was the only possible conflict (shuttle itself was yours and stock only), but it was persistant after a full removal...
  7. ok... idk if im doing someting wrong... but i keep getting bill killed on a runway eva. basically heres what happens: transfer bill to the airlock from the flight deck select bill for eva bill goes PFFT! airlock is mounted so that one docking tube is up, the "extended" one goes to the crew space (not the extended version though) and the airlock opens into the cargo hold... so what am i doing wrong? *note: I had 6 seat mk3 and 6 seat science lab... uninstalled to see if thats what might be doing it, and will edit one final time when i know... nope... wasnt it..
  8. Ah... I see... Yup, I even tried it as an SSTO... you remember this? That guy had a better day than Jeb...
  9. @Speeding Mullet, np, here is the combination on the launchpad, ready for a night launch attempt at improving (landing at KSC instead of the north pole, lol)
  10. My Airbreathing-Hybrid Orbiter... It looks like an SSTO, but for the purposes of this challenge? It doesnt have enough fuel to attain a stable orbit on its own (unless I'm seriously screwing up somewhere). It's bare-bones here; no radio, no cargo, and only Jeb and Bill for crew. Seating for 6, and i have plans for a rescue can for when I get that far... does this qualify? or do I need another run with my wife tapping the F1 key every few seconds for me? I can do that...
  11. @Beale thank you for linking the x-1 article... been having issues with some of my lower speed planes using the early stabilator and couldnt tell why... your article led me on a string to this: servo tab wiki... now, i think i might try tossing an elevator on my stabilators to work counter-angle and see what happens, lol
  12. call me stupid... but if i turn OFF "magical" decay, and turn the txt into .cfg... that makes realistic RWs? or am i misunderstanding? ok... actually, all of these look like something i'm (sortof) looking for... but im not sure if i understand any of them properly based on whats here... im not good with numbers (innumerate other than counting and spotting patterns), so if someone could give me an einstein "5 year-old" explanation?
  13. lol... i can do that fin with my rockets, its when i try to get an airbreather hybrid to do it that it gets to be rough... or getting a rocket assist-that can glide better than a rock (and i know... the STS's were bathtubs with wings, but i think they could have done something a LITTLE more graceful! )
  14. i would like to participate, but im not entirely sure i understand all of the missions properly....
  15. ok... so im trying out rt... and the antennae dont register... im not using stock rt, but the only thread i can find for remote tech is closed... im stumped and id really like to use rt. but in unmanned before manned remote tech is unplayable with that problem. cant even get the first launch because no signal to the probe to ignite the engine. ive even tried with JUST remote tech and still get the same problem.