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  1. game over.
  2. I don't know
  3. hey there mods! could you change my name to "RoadRunnerAerospace?" FokkerAce is kinda stupid, especially because that ksp isn't technically a ww2 flight sim
  4. Spacetraindriver
  5. this apparently... its one of my designs
  6. Well, i'll be sure to watch this thread!
  7. has there been any launches?
  8. yep. i'm jealous
  9. lol, sounds like my laptop
  10. first off what program thing is that log from, i`m confuddled, nextly, that is amazing
  11. THE EXAMS WERE OVER YESTERDAY!!!!! I've also started hallucinating a certain game's theme song... help like, I played ksp all day, and I mean ALL day
  13. either make it yourself, or just use mine, just rename can also drag your ships into the file too
  14. not really
  15. Yes they have, look up a Thor-able, its what launched explorer 6, and pioneer 1