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  1. parts

    This mod is great, i have made a drawing that recreates mission using the orion https://imgur.com/gallery/S9RBH
  2. one little question: what is the usage of pressurized tubes besides looking good and extending your station?
  3. I just found out that i have made a manned craft... The tsg epimethus And i rename the focus program to the ni-1 program (read nee one) https://kerbalx.com/TSGaerospace/TSG-Epimethus Cost:14687 Mass:16.87 Size:1.36 x 13.55 x 1.36 The Tsg Epithemus-ni1 should be able to put 1 kebal to LKO for 10.5 (kerbal) days http://i.imgur.com/QYhnH4v.jpg
  4. I forgot the link again https://kerbalx.com/TSGaerospace/ae86-Focus For realism turn off reaction wheels
  5. What about if it's a tourist the penalty gets upgraded by one degree and if you kill a tourist by the lack of a les you get an even bigger penalty The penalty is per each kerbal
  6. ok the first one is done ae86-focus suborbital reusable system cost: 15,064.0 to build, i will do the calculations tomorow size: 4.1 x 10.0 x 4.1 (has fins) fully reusable if les is not jetissoned 1 kebal to suborbital
  7. an idea for a new rule: when a launch failiure occures, a launch escape should be in place and be activated, if not present you face a penalty for putting your kerbals in danger, if they die by a faulty launch escape system you get a bit bigger penalty and if they die by the lack of a launch escape system you get an even bigger penalty or something like that
  8. i know, i use kerbalism from about 75 hours played, so kebalism is not a problem so i´m using kerbalism for about 410 hours
  9. you know what? i´m making a manned program, the Focus Program the focus of the Focus program is the research of reactions of kerbals to prolonged exposure to 0g enviroments and radiation i will start building asap and to anwser your question, yes i looked out of the window and saw a Ford Focus when i was looking for a name for the project, so we havve the Focus project... and i´d like to cancel the development of the telesto rocket, but no changes to the payload division.
  10. kerbalX doesn´t like me so it delayed 2.13 x 2.59 x 2.13m 3.4t 20,480 munar relay can get to mun by itself, just needs to get to lko https://kerbalx.com/TSGaerospace/munsat-zypsum