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  1. oh i thungt that because you help them with the fall of kerbin thing that tehy would have permition
  2. spaner monkey if the beardy penguin made a mod pack (Which im guessing you allowed) can i send people that mod pack slightly edited or can it not be edited or can i not send it at all also keep up the good work
  3. ok sorry spaner monkey
  4. Just to clear up if i have a max temp of 100 and my heat per shot is 10 then i can shoot 10 shots before it needs to overhead
  5. Thanks so much spaner monkey
  6. Im sorry i wasent very clear what i mean is to have a gun shoot say 8 bullets then have to wait a little while before it can shoot again The gun im talking about is the 20mm tank turet the luchs or somthing like that
  7. That would work but i want it to almost be a turn based thing not multiplayer server
  8. I tried it with stock but the way i wanted t to work unfortunately just didn't seem wright Thanks enyway
  9. so me and my friend had a war series planed where i would do stuff on a save file like launching a tank and then send him the save file and he would launch what he wants it would work like that. Unfortunately because his computer cant handle ksp most of the time let alone with mods we had to cancel the series. I am posting on the forums about this because i was wondering if this war could still go ahead but with someone who has a better computer and can run the mods. I would prefer if you were a youtuber and made vids on it (Don't care about subs i just want to see what you did on your turn). Please leave a comment on this post if your interested and i will send you the rules via skype or email. If you have ever seen the beardy penguins fall of kerbin series it'll be a bit like that (Totally ament ripping that series off) Basic experience of ksp BDA and that required. I will explain more when i direct message you My youtube you can see some preview/what to expect on that Mods BDA BDA Vessel switcher BDA vessel mover Tweak Scale SM Marine SM Armory Procedural Wings Old school turrets Never enough dacka NAS Maritime pack Mouse Aim flight Kerbin Side Hyperedit Kerbal constructs Kerbal foundries Kerbal Joint reinforcement KAX Future weapons Hanger extended Fire spitter Destruction effects CAL collision effects Aviator arsenal Aviator copits Air park Airplane plus WW2 Warships Its a lot of mods i know but i've edited them a lot by nerfing guns and buffing guns so there's no point in downloading them i will send you mod pack DM/Comment me if interested PS. the war will be in 1.2.2 not 1.3 because ive not tested these mods for 1.3 just 1.2.2
  10. So I can change very basic stuff in BDA but I was wondering how to get it so that a part fires say 8 shots then needs to reaload. The reaload will be it cooling down from over heating but I'm new to configure files and if someone could help I'd really appreciate it. thanks in advance for your help
  11. Thanks so much I relized I forgot to press save ops thanks for the help do you have eny ideas for good ksp war mods in 1.2.2
  12. hi I'm new to the ksp moving comunity and I downloaded this mod and kerbal constructs and stated building bases but when I clicked make staunch site I filled in the info but the save button wouldn't work please help I really want to build base but I can't save mine.