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  1. As far as I know, KJR does not do any changes to your craft that would persist between reloads. Each time your craft is loaded, the joint strengthening is applied again and only remains so for as long as the craft is in physics range. Also, according to GitHub, Ferram didn't do any functional changes for this release. So it should work exactly the same as my recompile or the previous official release for 1.2.2. Although he did add slightly different version check into the code and hopefully KJR will now also work for people who reported that my recompile did nothing for them.
  2. There can't be any issues if you delete the /GameData/KerbalJointReinforcement folder and then install the official release. Or just overwrite all the contents of that folder. I'm not sure whether CKAN will offer an automatic update. For me it showed that the plugin was autodetected but I can't remember whether I originally had it installed with CKAN or it was just copied there.
  3. No but you can continously adjust the final ascent angle value to keep the time to Ap value whatever you want it to be.
  4. Here's another spaceplane entry for this challenge. It has more than enough delta-v to land on Duna and also get back to Kerbin with fuel to spare. Click here to view the full commented Imgur gallery
  5. I also interpreted the challenge as you did - that oxidizer is allowed for any time else other than the actual deorbit/landing on Duna.
  6. Did a bit more testing. Previously I had 'Planetary warehouse' enabled only on the storage of my mining base. Now I also checked it in my main base and am no longer getting the previously mentioned issue. So currently planetary logistics looks to be clearly the better-working option. Should probably ship a nuclear reactor in and move my mining base outside of the main base's physics range to also gain a couple of FPS in the process.
  7. Did some poking around in the code and it looks like the planetary logistics has a 5% penalty for pushing resources to storage. Although that's small enough to not make much difference at all. Edit: it looks like the penalty should also be applied for pulling from planetary. So 10% total for transferring from one base to another.
  8. The reasoning behind my decision was to have all the power generating done only in my main base. Power can be transmitted wirelessly up to 2km away. Also, nuclear reactors need maintenance once in a while. Although it looks like they can run on the same batch of fuel for more than 10 years.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean but I'll try to explain it better. * 2 bases in 1km proximity of each other * Main base has all the resource converters * Mining base mines different kinds of metal ores because main base's biome does not have those * Parked next to main base is a Karibou rover with a pilot * Ores from mining base are pulled to the main base's storage and used by the resource converters * Mining base produces more ore than is consumed by the resource converters. Excess ore is pushed to planetary storage. * Issue: going to KSC -> warping time forward multiple days -> returning to my main base -> metals is set to 0. I can also briefly see that metallicOre is set to 0 in my main base and then it is again pulled from the mining base.
  10. Does the resource generation catch-up mechanic have issues with >150m local logistics? I have a small metal ore mining base about 1km away from my main base in another biome. The Karibou rover logistics and resource production are definitely working properly when the base is in focus. But when I go to KSC and run the time forward 40 days, it looks like no production has taken place in the background because both metals and materialKits are now 0, although previously I had a positive amount of both in store. If I run time forward only 1 day, I get the correct amount of resources added to storage. 1 day looks to be time where all the metallic ore stored on my main base gets processed to metals. I also tried time warping 2 days and materialKits storage increased but metals was now 0. Am I doing something wrong here or could it be classified as a bug?
  11. Actually you can get away with only 1 kerbal when you park a Konstruction vehicle next to your kerbal. Each one of these parts can increase the weight that your lone engineer can move around with KIS. Doing a simple vehicle with a single crane already adds 6 tons to the weight a single kerbal can carry and can be parked up to 16m away. Some of the parts have even higher mass bonuses (like the forklift at 22t) but the influence radiuses are smaller. The bonuses also stack with multiple instances of the same part. So 2 cranes would be 12 tons at up to 16m away. Forklift + crane would be 28t in 6m radius but 6 tons at 16m radius. The actual values for different parts can be found in this file. grabMaxMass is the added lift capacity and maxDistance is the radius of influence.
  12. Does the MJ's 'execute node' functionality use some custom code for keeping my craft pointed at the maneuver node or something in the stock game handles that? I'm asking it because some of my big crafts tend to start oscillating continuously with greater amplitude around the node marker. The amplitude needs to be manually damped from time to time to make the execution anywhere near accurate. So I'm wondering whether it could be fixed in MJ or I'm stuck with whatever the stock game does.
  13. Updated previous post and added link to download source code along with licence. The dll download link is still valid.
  14. So here's my entry - The Flying Goliath. Just take the Goliath engine, strap on a couple of wings, small fuel tanks, a seat for the pilot and it's a go. It actually flies pretty well for what it is. It does require quite a bit of trim to fly straight but then again, it doesn't really need SAS at all. When at altitude all pitch control was done with trim.
  15. Can't really imagine how it could possibly work for you in 1.3. The code has a check for the version of the game and does not really do anything when the version is not 1.2.x. So unless you somehow managed to hack your 1.3 KSP to show as 1.2.x to mods, KJR is not applying any of it's joint-strengthening magic. Or you just have some other mod installed that does something similar to KJR (not sure whether there are any).