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  1. Thanks @Scarecrow that really helps me out.
  2. @Scarecrow Does that rocket have problems with wobbling in flight?
  3. I couldn't find a thread about Duna rockets, so I made one.
  4. Ok so i am planning a Duna trip but I have no clue what a typical rocket looks like for this. I am close to done with the tech tree but I just need to know what a typical duna rocket looks like. Edit: It is a Duna and back mission with only three kerbals, and it is just for science.
  5. Does it matter where in the stack I put a reaction wheel?
  6. Went to Minmus and the Mun and got some really good new things from R and D.
  7. How do you add a picture
  8. Ok so I need some help. I have been sending lots of missions to the Mun (R.I.P. Valentina Kerman), and I keep tipping my lander over. I use a service bay to fling me back up, but how do I avoid tipping it in the first place? Also, on re-entry to Kerbin my first mission worked but the second one I almost instantly exploded. Any help on that?
  9. Get to the Mun without going into orbit first.
  10. Is it though and will it blow up my vessel?
  11. Just wondering because I heard they made it on purpose.