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  1. The third attempt at an unmanned Laythe landing and I learned from the past two mistakes and the USI Survivability pack helped alot even though it is not updated for 1.3 yet it still works plus the floatation device makes an awesome heatshield Houston we had landed!
  2. Second Laythe landing attempt turns out the design of the first lander made it impossible for the engines to be on the middle so it would somersault, this lander fixed that but unfortunately it decided to land on the side of a mountain and topple over. Nice shot of Tylo though.
  3. Still working on a proper Laythe lander (The first unmanned test crashed into Laythe's ocean) but for now a picture of a Polar landing on the Mun and well those new uniforms are not cheap so we had to cutback on the Lunar program. If too dark to see the flag is the Terran Empire flag.
  4. The images from Bacchus 2 arrived (Finally had time to do a Jool system mission) and with the Atomic engine it had enough Delta V to take pictures and scans of the other Moons. After Bacchus 2 completed it's mission of scanning the Joolian System it was intentionally hurled into Jool because of fears that bacteria could contaminate the Moons.
  5. While waiting for the Bacchus 2 pictures to arrive at Kerbin, I decided to do a sequel of the first pic I posted of Gemini and Salyut. June 8, 1978: As a last attempt to rescue Skylab NASA asked the USSR to use one of their Soyuz craft to dock and raise Skylab to a safe orbit. The USSR agreed on the condition that NASA has to use their budget to build the Soyuz rocket, it was hard but they had to agree. July 1, 1979: The modified Soyuz with 2 Cosmonaut pilots and 2 American Engineers was launched. July 2nd: Soyuz has rendezvoused with Skylab. ....And we have contact! The crew has started on repairs. July 5th: After the repairs were done the Cosmonauts raised Skylab to a safe stable orbit and then the crew decided to relax and have a nice cold drink.
  6. Thought I had SVE working but turned out it was the Bouldergroup which was part of the EVE config which says not that on the install for SVE, plus it caused my PC to lag. But I did manage to get a picture of some new suits for future mission and all i got to say is poor Bob he drew the short straw so now he had to be the red shirt.
  7. Another Dyna Soar flight this is my first full orbital flight with it. Still trying to get SVE to work only the rings of Jool are currently working no clouds or Auroras. Still not great on landing it good thing this is Sandbox mode.
  8. I flew a Dyna Soar. This angle reminds me of the F117 Nighthawk. The cockpit with about 98% of the dials and gauges usable. Warning to those without a joystick or controller, it is very hard to glide,
  9. The Bacchus probe has made it to Jool and took some pictures of Jool and it's Kerbin like moon Laythe, then it did some radiation, solar wind and others test, then a full surface and terrain scan of Laythe. Never let Jeb install a camera. Kerbin? Final picture before the deborbit to collect atmospheric data.
  10. I was originally going to Dres but I found out that I had a window to go to Moho, Sorry Dres.
  11. Happy Independence Day let's all celebrate even if you're not from the US or Earth. PM me if you want the flag pack which includes alot more flags like the Benington, Sons of Liberty and a improved Star Spangled Banner Flag.
  12. parts

    My first interplanetary trip with Nuclear Pulse.
  13. I decided to fly Vostok and one thing I love about the RN mods is when reentering with Vostok and Voskhod you will make artificial comets.
  14. I took a little break from sending Kerbals to space and decided to build a Zeppelin with the Heisenberg mod. Not really a takeover but for the past month I have been thinking of a storyline where Kerbin is in a Civil Cold War between the United Federation of Planets(Star Trek) and the Democratic Order Of Planets(Futurama) with certain figures like Werhner Von Kerman have remained neutral. Short summary is while both factions are similar they have different opinions for example DOOP supporters highly disagree with the Prime Directive stating it is flawed and the Federation is full of members who are hypocritical about it plus if a planet and it's species are gonna die then how is it interfering with development of a planet if there is not gonna be a planet. Federation supporters think that Doop helping out primitive planets is while thoughtful but also wrong at the same time and that planets need to develop on their own. That's all I got so far, it was just something I was thinking.
  15. I returned to Duna and this time I landed on the northern ice cap.