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  1. @harpwner is currently working on his next update and I'm sure he'll resolve this issue with it.
  2. I have detailed instructions on page 64 of this thread on how to make this mod work.
  3. @dundun92 Halt anything you are doing with mod for KSP 1.2.2 I have an up to date completed version for you now. You can download it from here. Now you will need to change the localisation again (sorry) but the explosionFX paths can be left as is. I have added the source as well for you to play around with. Let me know if you change something or come up with something else so I can add it to the master file. I'll explain how all the source is working and how to use it the way I have it, let me know when you go to mess with it. Other wise I'll make a new plugin for KSP1.2.2 if I change any coding in it and you will only need to remove the localisation of any future parts which will be a few. (I would do it but my workflow would be screwed if I tried and if you don't mind doing it that's great.) This way you don't have to mess with coding unless you feel like it and it will keep the code clean with a master. With your help I won't have to maintain 4 versions of this thing because if we are going to release it for KSP 1.2.2 might as well and do it for the RBDA version as well which I have to compile still. This mod is not RBDA compatible yet but shouldn't take much to make it compatible it just looks like dll name was changed is all so I'll get started on that soon. I'll need the link to where ever you host it at. Now I'm also starting to think if we are going to do this together that it maybe smarter to set things up on github as it would keep everything in one place. I may start that later as well IDK. PS the mod at dropbox is KSP1.2.2 and BDAc ready as is except the localisation. A new thread should be started here as well for it but I leave that all to you. Have good one!
  4. So you know this stuff is way easier then the Oribter modding was.
  5. Thanks for that @harpwner I apologize if I have made you sound like that, it wasn't my intention at all. I'm still pushing this mod and will continue to do so. If you need any help at all with it hit me up, I'm no expert either but I'll help out any way I can. So you are aware the bug of explosions following vessels and a couple other crazy little things are still happening, but these are known issues in BDAc #171, I believe you already know that. It's only happening if you are in control of the active vessel that fired the weapon and are moving. Anything stationary or AI controlled seems to be working as expected. I hope the BDAc team is able to fix it soon because it kills making videos, but it's still fun to watch the AI go at it. Great mod can't wait for your next update I'm missing the B-83. P.S. I agree this thread should be about NKD only and will be from me now on. I'm also offering help if you decide to do the localisation thing. I can translate to Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese if you decide to. Also wanted to add don't push the long range stuff much past 90 km they don't act right all past that.
  6. Hey me too I love that game. No nothing just make sure you have C# of course which I believe is there already in it. Once you open the project it should set everything up it'self. I open it by going into the source folder and clicking the project there.
  7. The source folder is setup with everything I have in it and built with Visual Studio 15. Remove the references to UnityEngine, Bahaturret.dll, and AssemblyCsharp on the right side. Then add back the references for KSP 1.2.2. Bahaturret.dll is in your KSP/GameData/BDArmory folder the other 2 are in the KSP/KSP_x64_Data. The only thing that should need changed is scroll down the NSIExplosionModule.cs and find Time.time and change it to time.time then just build it. Don't error check first something with the Cat filter shows as errors but if you just build it no errors trying to figure out what is causing it but it works so. This will keep everything for you except of course the localisation stuff. Just to refresh you. Feel free to ask me anything I'll help everywhere I can.
  8. Let me know the link to it so I can add one to Curse, SpaceDock and this thread. Lots of people are asking for it. Then I can remove the 1.3 version of NKD and be done with that. Thanks for doing it. I have one question are/did you recompile the source or just modifying the configs to work? Also wanted to add that all parts of any mod seem to be compatible with any version of KSP just not the plugins if you didn't know already.
  9. @dundun92 I'm going to be running a version for RBDA as well. I have a couple more things to change then I'll release it. If you want to host a current version for KSP 1.2.2 I would have no problem with that. I have no plan to change the source for awhile but there will be quite a few weapons.
  10. LOL yeah that part sucks but it's all in the dictionary file top section. so you know in the config under the author section my cat filter is using it like a tag system if you plan to recompile it it will need them you can also add to it.
  11. Work around to make this mod compatible with KSP 1.2.2 is to go into config files of weapons you are wanting and copy the explGroundPath and explSoundPath in the NSI module and paste them into the MissileLauncher module, Then change the explGroundPath to explModelPath leave explSoundPath as is. Now you won't have the extra effects but you will get the mushroom cloud fx of the nukes. The source code is in the download now and it just needs compiled for KSP1.2.2 for the category filter stuff or a couple parts are missing and BDArmory for it as well for the extra explosionfx stuff of mine. Now I believe the only thing that needs changed for the BDA part is Time.time needs reverted back to time.time. Feel free to do what you like with it.
  12. I was simply demonstrating that it wasn't a bug in BDA. @harpwner continually tells people things are wrong with other mods that aren't and I correct them. I fixed no bug at all, because there is no bug that caused vessels to be destroyed outside of the blastRadius and I told him about it once in a polite way thank you. I don't continuously bash anyone at all. I state my opinion and that's all, no different then anyone else. I like this mod and use it as well is why I even follow this thread. I have no reason to pat myself on the back, because I haven't really done anything different from anyone else, my mod is nothing amazing at all it just adds more weapons. And no offense taken, everyone has their opinions of things, but so we are clear I have not once mentioned my mod in this thread. I have continuously helped others get this mod working, even going as far as giving detailed instructions on how to do it and I made it work in KSP 1.2.2. Have a good one
  13. I don't think it's a bug in BDA... Target is the VAB building 88 km away.