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  1. Hello, and I want to know what the dimensions of the MK1-2 command pod are because I'm making a mod with a pod that needs to fit inside the SDHI BPC. Thanks, Bottle Rocketeer
  2. In one of Porkjet's posts in the "How to make colors seem flat" thread, he talked about highlighting the edges and making the "shadows", which you also talked about in your video. Overall, very nice job!
  3. @Kurld Can I please use your plugin in my mod, which needs to put a KASA logo on one of the SDHI protective panels, but they can only be attached in 3x symmetry, not individually.
  4. @nascarlaser1 Once you start using Blender for 3D modelling, rememdlber one tip, always UV unwrap manually, NEVER use autoUV!
  5. @mabdi36 You could use an online generator or export from Space Engine
  6. You could just install the app on your phone, which works, but has outdated scenery that looks like its from version 0.20
  7. I actually solved it yesterday because I remembered that my first Mun landers had two stages of different diameters, and they had interstate fairings. The later missions didn't deploy the fairings, but, what I did was put the fairing deploy stage later in the staging sequence than the ascent stage stage separation.
  8. I agree. I just found this amazing tutorial!
  9. I've been trying to make the SLS Spacecraft Adapter in my mod using stock fairings, but when I decouple the first stage then, the second stage doesn't separate What can I do to make it work? Bottle Rocketeer
  10. If you want to replace it, just use a MM config
  11. Yes, I too, didn't know how to make firespitter configs at first. I spent more than a month already making the mod that this will be part of: Kerbobulus Space Program
  12. In the download link, in the search bar right before "/download" add
  13. I'd like for the view to be that of the actual astronauts" in the real LEM or at least similar, but I still like the current one, the reason I read these posts is to look at the images of the fancy new parts
  14. Hello, y'all, and I now released a mod for this! You can get it here!