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  1. Handy thread on here, let's you know what's working with latest release and what's not.
  2. Same, might just have to bite the bullet and do it myself. Was just wondering if someone had already done it I have tried that but end up with a whole bunch of missions I don't want to partake in. That and for some reason I completed the leave atmosphere and make first orbit missions, but the launch first vessel won't complete. So it won't unlock the following missions. Weird
  3. Sorry I'll make things a bit clearer. With the contracts packs there is a natural progression to them, but being that i prefer sandbox, I'm just looking for the same thing but in written form. Basically, an itinerary of sorts of missions to do from launch first vessel to building bases on other planets and everything in between. I thought I'd find something like this in the Challenges & Mission ideas section but there doesn't seem to be anything that comprehensive in there. Basically looking for structure to the game while in sandbox.
  4. Hey all, is there a place on the forums where I can find written progressive contract ideas? I know there's mod packs out there but I play sandbox. Just wondering if this was a thing. Cheers
  5. Thanks again bud, pack looks fantastic. Nice job to you and the modders involved
  6. Hey tom, getting exacly the same thing. Did you find a reason for it?
  7. Haha, nah no rant mate. Just been away from the game for a few years and forgotten how to kerbal. Thanks for that, will check it out and try to restore some dignity later tonight Much appreciated
  8. First of all, I'm an idiot! Secondly, is there a step by step install tutorial video somewhere (including KSPRC install ) for this mod. I understand this is basic stuff for most on here but not so much for myself. Appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of said video if it exists. Cheers Idiot
  9. Thanks mate, was late when posting, should've seen this first.
  10. Hey all, Just started playing again after about two years away. installed a bunch of mods using CKAN but keep crashing. Got this: Oops! Crash report folder named "2017-06-19_ 194312 Next to game executable. I've found that folder and it brings up a whole lotta stuff that means nothing to me. I can paste if necessary but it's quite a lot. Mods I've installed : Background Resources, Chatterer, Community Category Kit,Community Resource Kit, Contract Configurator, Contract Pack: Bases and Stations, Contract Pack: Clever sats, Contract Pack: Field Research, Contract Pack:Kerbal Academy, Contract Pack:Tourism Plus, Crowd sourced Science, Distant Object Enhancments, Distant Object Enhancement Real Solar System, Docking Port Alignment Indicator,Docking Port Sound FX, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Environmental Visual Enhancements- Stock Planet Config files, EVA Parachutes and ejection seats, Kerbal alarm clock, Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, KSP AVC, LCD-Launch Countdown, Module Manager, TAC Fuel Balancer, TAC Life Support, Toolbar, Tragectories, Transfer Window Planner, TriggerAu Flags, Waypoint Manager. Any ideas as to why I get this or if any of these mods are in conflict with one another? Thanks for any help.