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  1. Isn't Q A usually towards the end?
  2. While I'm certainly not happy that it has been a year without an update to fix a single issue on the PS4 version, the situation seems to be different than most other games. I don't completely blame Squad, they simple just chose very poorly when finding a dev to handle the port. The fact that they recognized that Flying Tiger completely butchered the port. Then they parted ways and chose a new dev to pick up the pieces shows they care. They care enough to have someone redo what another dev completely [ruined]. Its been a painful wait, I just hope that the new build was worth the wait and we get a much better experience when all is said and done. After all it is a great game and I'd love to see continued support for the console versions.
  3. Was at Universal last week and was able to catch the launch while at the park. Pretty far away, but it was still cool to see it going up.
  4. Thanks for the reply's. I don't really mind having to start over if I have to, just if I knew we did I'd put my current caree on hiatus and maybe start planning how I'd want to tackle starting a new one. I may just start a new career either way. Looking forward to the update, and I really hope we eventually get the DLC.
  5. PS4 Kerbal player here, was just curious with the upcoming update does anyone know if our old save files will be obsolete? Will we have to start fresh? Also is the Making History DLC definitely coming to consoles? Haven't seen that actually confirmed anywhere.